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Ether Online: A New MMORPG Game Built on The Ethereum Blockchain

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Ether Online is one of the very first MMORPGs in the world based on blockchain technology and another startup which is realizing the potential of combining gaming with the Blockchain.

In the game, users get unique digital assets in the form of equipment and pets. The users completely own all these digital assets, with the ability to buy or sell them. Thanks to blockchain technology, all trades are safe and each exchange shows publicly on the immutable ledger.

Ether Online

Who Is Behind Ether Online?

The company that developed Ether Online is R2Games. It specializes in developing and publishing games for both mobile devices and browsers. Its most popular games include Clicker Heroes on mobile devices and Wartune on Facebook, with more than 60 million total players. As such, R2Games has extensive experience in delivering a fun user experience for players on its platforms.

Is Ether Online Already Functional?

Yes, Ether Online already has Version 1.0 out, known as “Pet Rush.” You can already register and become part of the alpha testing while enjoying the interactive gaming experience. You will then get an email once the game is live, so you can be one of the first to play the finished version once alpha testing is complete.

Pet Presales

For those who plan on using Ether Online, you should not miss the pet presales since this will be the only chance to get certain pets. This is an exclusive part of the Pet Rush version of Ether Online. There is no prediction as to what the pets will be valued at in the future since it depends on numerous factors. Once you buy one of the exclusive presale pets, you can use it just like your other ones but with the knowledge that very few other players will have them.

Pet Presales

Warbear costs 0.66 ETH and boosts your health by 40 percent. Guardian Gorilla costs the same and improves your defense by 40 percent. For 0.99 ETH, you can get Royal Eagle with a 50 percent boost to your critical rate; Fortune Fox with a 30 percent increase to attack; or Raging Tiger with a boost of 20 percent to health, 10 to attack, and 20 to defense.

What Can You Do with Pets in Ether Online?

Pets are a key part of Ether Online as you bring one of them into battle with you to help you fight and become a leader. Pets will also bring a huge boost to your statistics. If you choose, you can also sell a pet to another player for a higher price than you paid. Just keep in mind that each person can only purchase 10 pets at the most.

What Is the Equipment in Ether Online?

When fully launched, there will be more than 500 unique pieces of equipment to find in Ether Online. You can buy the equipment with a small quantity of ETH and ERC-721 tokens. All equipment is part of a smart contract, so the transaction is secure and immutable. As with pets, you can either choose to use your equipment or sell it.


There are five colors of equipment based on their rarity. They range from Legendary in orange all the way to Common in white. The second-rarest type is Epic in purple, followed by Rare in blue and Uncommon in green. All pets are Legendary. If you have three pieces of equipment with the same rarity, you can craft them to go up a rarity level. For example, three Common equipment pieces would become one Uncommon piece. Additionally, every piece of equipment improves at least one statistic: critical rate, health, defense, and/or attack. In the future, Ether Online will be adding a Gem system for the ability to customize and enhance equipment. You can buy equipment in the Marketplace or by opening a chest, which you will buy with ETH and GAS.

What Is the Marketplace?

A key aspect of Ether Online is the Marketplace, which is where you can buy and sell pets and equipment. At any time, you can return to change your selling price or eliminate your items from the listing if you no longer wish to sell them. You will find such items as pants, shoes, hats, hair, boots, and armor in the Marketplace, as well.


What Kind of Battles Does Ether Online Offer?

There are several types of battles to participate in with Ether Online. PvP mode ranks players based on battle power, which is determined by equipment. You can challenge the other players of a similar battle power. When you win a battle, you get points, and you earn more points the stronger the opponent was. You do not lose points if you lose the battle.


There is also a PvE mode, which is when you fight the monsters you find on the world map. Defeating a monster will give you a reward, and the monsters become harder to beat when you become stronger. There are also World Bosses, which appear once daily at specific times. Players who are eligible can work together to defeat them and earn Gem chests. There is a leaderboard displaying who causes the most damage to the boss. You get a higher ranking and greater rewards for delivering higher damage. This is the only spot in Ether Online where you can get Gems.

PVE Battles

How Do You Sign Up for Ether Online?

To use Ether Online, you will need to have the MetaMask plugin installed on your browser. From there, all you have to do is click the link on the main page for “Join Alpha Testing” and follow the prompts to register.

Does Ether Online Offer Any Bonuses?

Since Ether Online is still in the early stages and will become more fun as more players join, it offers bonuses for referrals. Once you register, you can get a unique referral link, and friends can accept your invitation by following the referral link and registering themselves. Once their account is activated, it counts as an accepted invitation. Once you have five accepted invitations, you get one chest for free, up to five chests.


Ether Online offers a chance for those who love playing MMORPGs to incorporate the blockchain into their gaming experience and pay for in-game items using cryptocurrency. It is accessible to all via the MetaMask plugin, and the team behind it has a great deal of experience in producing successful games.

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