Introducing Ethersport ICO: A Blockchain Sports Prediction Platform

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EtherSport combines a love of the versatility and decentralized nature of the blockchain with an appreciation for sports. It is a completely decentralized platform for sports prediction that is based on Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology. EtherSport allows users to bet on sports, no matter where in the world they are.

Ethersport Website

To deliver fair, transparent results, the lottery mechanism works with Ethereum contracts so there is no risk of corruption. Other benefits associated with EtherSport include the simpler registration process, the anonymity, the lack of hidden fees, the prompt prize payouts, and the clear, open processing of transactions across currencies.

Who Is Behind EtherSport?

Co-founder of EtherSport Timofei Bezruk has over 20 years of experience in gambling and business, plus experience in the market of securities and debt obligations. Another co-founder and the CEO, Alex Tsymbal, has several years of cryptocurrency business experience and an impressive portfolio. Another co-founder, Leon Astrakhanskyi, is also an investor. He has extensive experience in a range of businesses, including blockchain and online lottery projects. The CMO, Julia Polonska, has 15 years’ worth of experience with business development, creation, and management companies.

Ethersport Team

Overall, the group of professionals delivers decades of experience in software development, gaming, marketing, and management. Advisors include business advisor Hansko Leek, technical advisor Frank Bonnet, marketing advisor Mike Balagna, gaming advisor Melcom Copeland, security advisor Gene Libov, business development advisor Gary Baiton, and advisor Max Krupyshev.

What Is ESC?

ESC is the EtherSportCoin, and this ERC20 token is built on the popular Ethereum platform. During the ICO, investors can buy tokens to help deliver the funds EtherSport needs to get everything up and running. In the near future, the tokens will have numerous purposes.

The ESC tokens are the currency of the platform and what users will utilize to buy lottery tickets. The tokens are also an investment that rewards dividends in the form of 15 percent of the money raised from each lottery. You can also trade ESC on exchanges as a speculative commodity.

Those who invest in the ICO will even get a permanent profit from every single lottery, making it financially savvy to invest. The pre-sale began on Nov. 13, and the ICO began on Nov. 21. The ICO will end on Dec. 20, or at the point when all tokens have been sold.

Ethersport ICO Details

What Sets EtherSport Apart?

Compared to other sports betting platforms currently available, EtherSport makes it incredibly simple to register. Additionally, privacy is ensured as users do not have to share much personal information, and this data is never held by a third-party system, such as those with other platforms.

While some betting platforms place limits on the amount that an individual can win, that is not the case with EtherSport. Even if you prove to be very talented at EtherSport, your reward amounts will still not be limited. You also won’t notice any limits on the bet amounts. After winning, it is cheap and quick to withdraw your cryptocurrency.

Because of its use of blockchain technology, EtherSport provides a transparency that is unparalleled. The results are fully transparent, as is the payout system. There are also absolutely no hidden fees or manipulations. The low fees are clear from the beginning, so you know exactly what you will receive and what you pay.

Lottery11: The First Ethersport Game

EtherSport is set up to deliver nonstop games all day, every day. A new lottery ticket will come out every four hours. The system has the most popular sporting events from around the world, so you are sure to find the one you are most passionate about. The system is also very easy to use. All you have to do is get a lottery ticket with the line of your chosen sporting events. Predict the results and wait to see if you win a prize or jackpot.

The very first game mode to be developed is a simple Lottery 11. In this lottery, you see 11 unrelated events in a range of sports, from football to tennis to baseball. You simply choose which team will win or if there will be a draw in each match (a total of three options).


What Do Lotters Do?

In EtherSport, lotters are those who create the lotteries. They start the process by publishing their lottery tickets, which players buy and fill. As a lotter, you earn 15 percent of all funds collected from sold tickets for that particular lottery. As such, it can quickly become a simple yet profitable way to earn money.

How Are Profits from Lotteries Divided?

To ensure that everyone involved in EtherSport makes a profit, the system is set up to divide the earnings from lottery sales in a transparent way. 55 percent goes to the players in the form of winnings. Another 15 percent goes to EtherSport to keep the platform functional and pay its employees. Another 15 percent goes to the lotters, as previously mentioned. The final 15 percent is distributed among the token holders. This final component is why participating in the ICO will deliver benefits for years to come.

Lottery Profits

What Does the Roadmap Look Like?

Early in Q1 of 2018, EtherSport will launch the Lottery 11 program on the test network. This beta version will let players manage their wallets, as well as participate in the lottery. At this point, the focus will be on fixing bugs and getting user feedback. Later on in Q1, Lottery 11 will be launched on the main network. This is when players will buy tickets with their ESC tokens.


In Q2, EtherSport will launch peer2peer betting capabilities on the test network. This beta version will allow players to bet against each other, choosing their events as well as setting their coefficients.


While there are numerous betting websites for sports, few are even remotely similar to EtherSport. Most traditional sports lottery websites have secrets from users, but EtherSport’s blockchain technology allows for complete transparency. This transparency should inspire confidence in players to use the platform without any surprises. It presents a very useful investment opportunity during the ICO, in particular, as those who invest will earn profits from future lotteries. Because of this, it is best to join the project early, although it can make sense to invest at any point.

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