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Know What EverLife.AI Can Help You With When You’ve Turned Old

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Modern human life is not easy, and nobody will deny this fact. We are living in a technological world where we are so busy with the devices than the living things. After all, this is what technology and science are about.

Human lifespan has become so limited that lives seem to an end before it even begins. Many people strive to achieve something great in their lives before they reach an age where they can’t do anything. They have only a few years to build a legacy to get remembered afterwards.


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Legacy is about giving people and society a reason to remember you for the years to come. It has a sense that your name and contribution to the society made an impact that will be remembered even after you.

But the fact that people actually live for only a few years makes it impossible to do everything they want. Thanks to EverLife.AI to make it possible!

What EverLife.AI does?

Legacy relates to the activities you get involved in while you are alive. The emotions and inspiration you put into people all lead to creating memories that people would look at someday.

EverLife.AI is an AI avatar that an individual can create on the EverLife.AI network. This is your own immortality as the avatar learns by interacting with you. It’s something like you transfer everything that is into a computer. Through this interaction, the Avatar learns essential skills that can be used to do tasks. Your loved ones will keep earning from this.

EverLife.AI is a combination of the world’s top and most important technologies which include artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, P2P networking, and smart contracts. The technology transforms YOU into an immortal YOU where you will keep earning for your family for a long time.

The components

This network is built by using some of the most amazing components of the world. They include the following –

  • Conversational dialogue model: As the name suggests, this is all about conversation and the ability to communicate. The network is built with a generic deep learning neural network. In simple words, this is a network that can learn how you communicate and emulate.
  • Natural language processing: There is always intent in conversation, and that is what this feature is about – to identify intent and extract the necessary field of data.
  • Skills interface: This is also about the avatar being more useful to the owner.
  • Omni-channel: Unlike any other technology, communication over multiple channels is enabled. This means you can connect to social media, email and other channels of communication including websites.

Final thought

EverLife.AI is like your conscience kept alive forever. It means everything you are doing now should not stop because of death or because of old age. This technology is a game changer for every human being today.

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