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Exchange.Blue: Exchanging Perfect Money for Bitcoin and Vice Versa

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With the growth and increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies worldwide, Exchange.Blue has launched a new secure platform that allows users to exchange Perfect Money for Bitcoin.

Exchange.Blue, a Bitcoin exchange started by a team of young cryptocurrency experts, has launched a new online platform that allows users to exchange Perfect Money for Bitcoin or sell Bitcoin for Perfect money in a quick, easy, and secure process. The new P2P exchange platform comes as a blessing to many Perfect Money account holders who previously didn’t have a direct way of exchanging USD with Bitcoin straight from their accounts.

Exchange Blue

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The new service by Exchange.Blue has bridged the gap between Perfect Money and cryptocurrencies. It is a move that has been welcomed by many users of Perfect Money as an innovative, fast, and safe entry into the cryptocurrency world.

Perfect Money is one of the most popular global financial services with online wallets that users can rely on to make international money transfers and payments online. The service provides secure instant funds transfer between account holders wherever they are located globally. Thousands of businesses today process payments in a more organized and secure process via their Perfect Money accounts. Individuals can also shop and pay bills through their personal Perfect Money online wallets. The entry of Exchange.Blue has now extended the use of Perfect Money to the world of cryptocurrencies. Every Perfect Money account holder can now buy Bitcoin directly from their account or sell Bitcoin and have the money deposited in their Perfect Money account.

One of the greatest advantages of using Exchange.Blue is the fast almost instant exchange process. Buying Bitcoin with Perfect Money via Exchange.Blue is actually a very simple process. The customer is only required to fill out a simple form on the Exchange.Blue website with just his or her email address where information about the transaction will be sent, Bitcoin wallet, and the amount of Bitcoin needed then press submit. When the exchange is successfully completed, the exact amount of Bitcoin the customer requested will be deposited to their address instantly. The entire process is fast and seamless.

It is worth noting that Exchange.Blue will not ask for verification when transferring funds from Perfect Money to Bitcoin or vice versa. This is because of the confidentiality and high levels of security involved in both Bitcoin and Perfect Money transactions. In fact, Perfect Money does not provide chargebacks and neither are Bitcoin transfers reversible.

Exchange.Blue uses their proprietary algorithms to calculate the exchange rate based on real-time statistics. The exchange rate a customer is given prior to completing the exchange is only valid for the next 15 minutes. Once the period expires, a new exchange rate comes into effect. That means if the customer receives the funds after 15 minutes, the rate will be recalculated again and adjusted to suit the real-time market rate. However, most exchanges take just a few minutes to be completed.

The Exchange.Blue platform is also secure enough to guarantee customers peace of mind while trading Perfect Money for Bitcoin. They have an active 24/7 live support ready to answer any question or concern a customer may have about their services.

About Exchange.Blue

The online cryptocurrency exchange platform is owned by capital Markets Consulting which is registered in Ukraine. The Perfect Money verified company is a brainchild of a group of young entrepreneurs with cryptocurrency business experience. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between Perfect Money and Bitcoin by providing customers with the safest, quickest, and high-quality exchange service between the two platforms. It was actually founded on a quest to increase the number of online financial processing companies and digital wallets that accept both fiat and cryptocurrencies. With the launch of Perfect Money and Bitcoin transactions, Exchange.Blue is on the right path towards revolutionizing the digital currencies industry.

“Our vision is to grow into one of the most trusted companies in the financial exchange industry.” Says the company’s CEO. “We are currently working to achieve this goal by nurturing one customer at a time as we continue to improve the solid foundation of our company, which is based on honesty, innovation, security, and timely service.” According to Exchange.Blue CEO, time is money which is they have professional agents on standby at all times of day and night ready to help customers with timely processing of exchange orders.

Exchange.Blue has been providing their customers with the best rates in Perfect Money and Bitcoin exchanges and they plan to continue in the same spirit. Besides having the most competitive rates, the exchange platform is also known for charging the lowest fees possible. They have reliable transaction security levels. They don’t share their customer details with other third parties and all transactions are handled anonymously. Customers are never asked to provide personally identifying data such as names and addresses. Their move to incorporate Bitcoin trading into Perfect Money is a step in the right direction for more cryptocurrency acceptance in the mainstream business environment.

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