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Exercising the AMOS Way

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AMOS is a blockchain-based e-commerce platform that envisions to encourage more people to be physically fit. The core business proposition of this ecosystem is – Get Paid to Exercise.

According to Statista and the U.S Labor Bureau Estimates, more than 20% of all Americans exercise every day. In terms of numbers, this percentage corresponds to 60 Million Americans. Riding this growth is the proliferation of smart devices like smart watches, portable EKG, fitness bands etc. According to experts, the growth of smart health devices can sum up to USD 1.5 Trillion by 2019.


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On the other hand, every year, more than 6,76,000 people in the USA die because of lack of exercise and/or inactivity. As the way we work changes throughout time, more and more people are living a sedentary lifestyle. According to various studies, more than 30% of all office workers spend 9 hours and more sitting at their desks daily. This means that the risk of dying with diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, etc., will rise sharply in the years to come. AMOS aims to encourage more people to be active to improve their overall wellbeing by making exercising fun, more accessible and efficient.

Components of AMOS

The core structure of AMOS rests on two prominent components:-

Blockchain Technology

The AMOS solution is hosted on a blockchain. As more and more organizations and individuals embrace the idea of blockchains and crypto-currencies, AMOS’ solution will be even more matured and up-to-date to the technology trend.

Partnership with Strength Master Group

Joining force with the Strength Master Group, a health and fitness company based in Taiwan,  AMOS will set up a range of Smart Gyms across the globe. It’s essential for AMOS to have an offline presence in the market together with the online platform.

Smart Sport Watch

Gartner estimates that in 2021, the total turnover of smart watches alone will reach USD 18 billion. AMOS has also programmed and developed an effective and interactive Smart Sport Watch that will allow users to share their fitness data with other users as well as the company’s database. Based on the data received, AMOS will offer valuable insights to the users for them to get the best fitness results. Players can also make friends and form communities on this platform, competing with each other and giving suggestions to each other. Additionally, players can use AMOS tokens to exchange products and services, sponsor events, and make other transactions on the AMOS crowdfunding platform.

Smart Gym

AMOS has partnered with Strengthen Master Group to build smart gyms across the globe. The equipment in these gyms are IoT enabled, tracking progresses of users and providing valuable feedback to them. Moreover, activities within the smart gyms can be tracked and managed via AMOS apps, including checking in and out of the gym,  making reservations and paying for courses . The platform has leveraged AI and big data to analyze user activities in order to offer appropriate and useful feedbacks.

AMOS – Bringing out a smarter way to stay fit

AMOS brings a unique blockchain-based ecosystem to encourage people to exercise more often and stay fit. Users are incentivized with the AMOS tokens when they burn more calories and do more physical activities. AMOS encourages users to take part in all kinds of sports activities, thereby offering financial as well as health benefits.


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