Foreground aims to change the way that affiliate marketing works. It connects publishers and advertisers on the traditional internet and the decentralized web, which is rapidly growing. For those running ICOs, Foreground provides instant affiliate campaigns that only have three lines of code. Foreground uses its own blockchain-based affiliate product for powering its ICO.

Foregound ICO

“The exploding ecosystem of decentralized apps is going to need a monetization solution,” continues Feiner. “The ICO market alone is $3 Billion and growing, but doesn’t yet have access to even the most basic affiliate tools. Foreground is the only solution that makes advertisements and affiliate marketing work seamlessly on the blockchain, allowing us to serve one of the fastest growing markets in the tech space.”
Rick Feiner, Founder and CEO

Foreground has a token sale which starts on November 28th, find out more about this blockchain-based affiliate marketing company below.

What Experience Does the Team Have?

To further inspire confidence in Foreground, keep in mind that professionals in the field of software development built it. Foreground was developed as part of the Umbrella of Productive Edge. Productive Edge is a Chicago-based Digital Transformation Consultancy with a full stack that consistently provides complex software solutions for clients worldwide. The creators have experience in numerous areas, including the blockchain, cloud computing, big data, and virtual reality.

The team in Chicago behind Foreground includes Rick Feiner, who is the founder and CEO. Shane van Coller and Sergey Illin are technical architects. Scott Nelson is in charge of business development, Michael Grandy is the designer, and Evan Roth is the technical advisor.

Foregound Team

The Product Is Ready

An important aspect of Foreground is that although the ICO is about to begin, the product itself is completely ready for launch. The ICO will fund its continued development, but there is no need to wait. This is a sharp contrast to most ICOs, where the funds raised will be used to develop an idea. Since the product behind Foreground is already complete, there is no risk of it not coming to fruition. It is already there, and investments will not be wasted on a failed project.

How Can Advertisers Use Foreground?

Foreground gives advertisers easy access to defining payment terms, seamlessly tracking spending, and creating promotions. All of this occurs on the blockchain for security, ease, and transparency. The platform does more than just providing a registry filled with publishers or a market to bring to user attention, like other similar programs do. Instead, Foreground offers a complete cost-per-sale network (CPS), without any need to engage a middleman.

The platform behind Foreground is designed to work with advertisers regardless of the type of goods they sell online, whether this is a physical good or even ICO tokens. No matter the advertiser in question, Foreground connects them to a large pool filled with publishers. This is done via the Ethereum blockchain, which serves as the interface, providing security.

Foreground provides advertisers with a guaranteed ROI and helps sell more of the product, even in the case of tokens. All payments are automated via smart contracts for further ease of use.

How Do You Become an Advertiser with Foreground?

Becoming an advertiser with Foreground is incredibly simple. All you have to do is send an email via the section on the Foreground homepage, and you will receive all the relevant information right away.

Foreground also makes it incredibly easy to create a promotion. At the beginning of the form, it reminds you of crucial details, such as that it is permanent and will be on the Ethereum blockchain, making it public. Foreground will gladly offer support as you set up your promotions to ensure that you do not make any mistakes, or you can choose to complete the setup process on your own if you are confident.

How Do You Make Money as an Affiliate or Publisher?

Anyone is able to get their unique Foreground referral link and become a publisher or affiliate. As you use that link to bring traffic to the advertisers, you will earn Ether. The process works just like it would with any other advertisement on your website. It is straightforward, and the Foreground team is there to answer any questions that arise along the way.

What Is the DEAL Token?

The DEAL token is the token behind Foreground. It is used to give advertisers discounts when they use the Foreground platform. Each DEAL token represents 80 percent off the Foreground Fees, up to a maximum of 0.5 ETH. Advertisers will want to invest in DEAL tokens because they provide extensive savings and ensure the platform receives funding to continue its functionality.

There is a maximum of 675,675 tokens in the total supply, with 500,000 (74 percent) offered to the public. A further 10 percent of the tokens are allocated to each the development team and partnerships. Four percent go to strategic incentives, and the last 2 percent are for bounties. The minimum is 1,500 ETH, while the hard cap is at 25,000 ETH. The coupon value is linked to the Ether price.

Deal Token

The token sale for DEAL begins on Nov. 28. Once used, the DEAL tokens will be burned, and no new ones will be made following the initial offering. It is also worth noting that early purchasers will get bonuses as DEAL increases in price as the sale continues.

What Does the Timeline Look Like?

Foreground is already ahead of schedule as one of the very few products within the blockchain space that is ready to make revenue and for deployment. This means that its transition into the multibillion-dollar marketplace is already on its way.

To give you an idea of the progress already made, the first lines of Foreground code were written on Jan. 20. On May 4, the team presented the prototype at the Chicago Ethereum Meetup group. By November 2017, Foreground was in beta and included features that were specifically created for ICOs and token sales.

Version 1.0, which will be a completely full version based on the beta, will appear in the third quarter of 2018. Future versions will then be added on a timeline to be determined. These versions will include advanced features, as well as support for second-layer solutions.



Foreground is unique in the world of ICOs and blockchain-based platforms in that it is actually already developed. The fact that the product is ready to launch inspires confidence and should encourage more investors to take part. The platform itself is also very useful, allowing advertisers to increase their return on investment while providing benefits for anyone who wants to get involved as an affiliate.

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