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FundFantasy: Online Peer-to-Peer Platform for Investment Contests

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Despite the high popularity of the online trading market, it is notorious due to numerous scandals and fraudulent transactions. However, this sphere remains very promising for the implementation of solutions based on blockchain technology. Most of its participants are novice traders who seek to increase their capital through simple trading operations. In this case, the actual possession of cryptocurrency assets does not bring them any benefit.


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The creators of the FundFantasy project offer a unique gaming platform for traders, based on blockchain technology. It allows solving all the known problems of the two most popular spheres of online activity – gambling and trading. It represents a safe and responsible environment that turns investment into a convenient, simple and fun gameplay.

Problems and solutions

The main source of income stock, futures and currency markets are inexperienced traders. The inapplicability of the concepts of responsible play and the possibility of self-exclusion are the most important problems in this sphere. Margin trading is the most risky and simultaneously potentially profitable type of activity that newcomers choose and often burn out. Brokers offer a common solution – to start with a large capital, which, due to ignorance, is picked up by inexperienced traders. The FundFantasy platform allows its participants to receive large gains and save their capital, regardless of factors such as volatility or the “black swan” issue. Thanks to it, both experienced players and newcomers on the market are able to avoid the so-called “jackpot problem” and get large winnings without risking their capital.

About project

The FundFantasy is a unique online peer-to-peer platform for investment contests. The duration of each one can range from one hour to a year. Everyone can take part in the contest in one of the presented ways:

  • A paid ticket, the funds for the purchase of which are included in the prize fund of the current contest.
  • Portfolio of the user with the choice of various assets: shares of companies, products, cryptocurrencies, and fiat money. In order to protect and fair participation, user portfolios are published only after the start of the current contest.

The FundFantasy platform is the only one of its kind, so it has no competitors yet. It is intended for both online traders and for fans of the gambling industry. Traders will have the opportunity to plunge into the new world with an exciting and promising gaming process, coupled with minimal risks. Gambling lovers who wish to demonstrate their skills in economic analysis or want to be acquainted with the world of investment will be involved in the unique gameplay of the platform with solid prizes in the form of a platform token and popular cryptocurrencies.

Platform details

The platform is already created and functions, the alpha version will be submitted in the near future. Its interface allows participants to create various contests with a full description, which includes the following information: the cost of participation (ticket), the prize fund, start and end dates and so on. All information is freely available to potential bidders. The control over risks is caused by the fixed cost of the ticket. The value of assets is determined on data obtained from official competent sources. User portfolios become available only during contests.

The FundFantasy platform is not a buyer of any assets on behalf of users. It operates only on market data for financial calculations. To manage such processes as making deposits, buying tickets, holding contests, receiving prizes, withdrawing funds, decentralized smart contracts are used. This allows you to automate the work of the platform, to avoid the negative consequences associated with the human factor. Each participant of the FundFantasy community will be able to create their own competitions, attract the audience and even receive interest from the winning funds.

To participate in contest, the user must create his portfolio by selecting the most suitable asset from the list of available ones and purchase a ticket. The principle of distribution of funds obtained from the sale of tickets:

  • From 90% to 95% – the prize fund of the contest;
  • From 5% to 10% – for the development of the FundFantasy platform.


Tokens FUNDZ is a digital coin of the FundFantasy platform, characterized by the following features:

  • Compliance with the ERC20 standard;
  • Compatibility with tokens using Ethereum blockchain;
  • Use of the deflationary model;
  • The total volume of tokens is 80,000,000 FUNDZ, there is no possibility of issuing new coins;
  • Token sale price: 1 ETH=1,000 FUNDZ.

Road Map

Stages of the project development:

  • Formation of ideas and concepts, attraction of initial investments – 2016.
  • Development of the software part of the product, launch of the alpha version – 2017.
  • Public token sale: from February 25 to March 25, 2018. For public sale, 70% of tokens are available (56,000,000 FUNDZ).
  • Upgrading the platform, licensing and product launch – until the third quarter of 2018.

Project team

The members of the team working on the project development are experienced specialists in such areas as economics and finance, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, trading, IT and others. Project co-founders:

  • Tal Zander – specialist in such fields as Finance, Business Management, Online Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Accounting and Sales.
  • Daniel Vaisman – cryptoeconomics specialist and blockchain enthusiast.
  • Tzahi Kanza – an expert in strategic planning, international business activity, products planning etc.
  • Asaf Yosifov – blockchain freak, manager of a large number of successful projects.

All members of the team set goals of further development and popularization of the unique FundFantasy platform, which can radically change the idea of ​​online trading.

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