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Introducing Gainmers ICO: AI-Powered P2P Social Betting Platform

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Gainmers is a peer-to-peer sports book powered by artificial intelligence and running on the Ethereum Network. Gainmers aims to resolve the common issues with traditional betting sites by offering users an engaging community, lower fees, and better odds. Essentially, Gainmers sees an opportunity to bring betting and social interactions to the blockchain to improve the industry of sports betting for all parties involved.

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How Does Gainmers P2P Betting Work?

The main function of Gainmers is its peer-to-peer betting. In this setting, the returns and odds are determined by the number of players who gamble on a particular event. This is in sharp contrast to traditional bookmakers, who have unfair odds. Instead of those traditional models, users get returns in a transparent manner. There is the choice of either creating a private room, so users can play with friends or betting on a public pool.

P2P Betting

How Does Gainmers Include a Social Aspect?

To further stand out from traditional betting as well as other online betting websites, Gainmers aims to include a strong social component. While most existing platforms make betting a solitary activity, the team at Gainmers feels that the overall experience will be better in a community.

As a community, Gainmers users will have the ability to interact and engage with other players, significantly increasing the user experience and value of the platform. To further this social aspect, each user will get their own profile that lets them add friends, post in various forums, and chat. They can also participate in the trust market.

What Is Gainmers’ Trust Market?

The trust market is another unique component of Gainmers, letting players buy tips from more experienced players, improving their own skills and their chance of rewards. This is an opportunity for less-experienced players to hone their skills with advice from others. It also provides experienced bettors the opportunity to get compensated for their efforts.

Trust Market

As users play better, Gainmers will compensate them for their analysis efforts related to results for any type of match. As you show your success on the platform, you will be able to promote and then sell your predictions in other events, generating an extra revenue stream. When users improve their accuracy ratio, they can improve their rank on the bettors chart. This higher ranking will lead to improved values received for predictions thanks to the higher reliability and accuracy of past predictions. Essentially, Gainmers rewards you for correct predictions not only in the winning of your bet but also in the ability to sell your advice to other users.

How Does Gainmers Use Artificial Intelligence?

The team behind Gainmers sees artificial intelligence integration as a way for the platform to scale up past just P2P relationships. This will actually be a feature that has not been seen on other betting platforms. Artificial intelligence will come from the AI bet bot, Betty. This feature should empower tipsters and users to make better decisions. It will also provide them with access to more advanced data. Best of all, this data is easily understandable by the average bettor and tipster, even without previous knowledge related to the particular e-sports or sports category.

As users place bets, Betty will analyze the statistics as well as sentiment. Using this analysis, the artificial intelligence will learn from the past results, allowing it to make future predictions with a higher rate of accuracy. This will be done for both e-sports and sports events.

What Types of Betting Will Gainmers Support?

The team behind Gainmers sees online betting platforms as the future, specifically for betting on both e-sports and sports. Like many others in the industry, Gainmers assumes that this type of betting will soon be more popular than traditional betting. In addition to sports and e-sports betting in general, the list of specific wagers for Gainmers is extensive. Sports to be supported include tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. Just some of the e-sports include Counter-Strike, StarCraft, DOTA2, and League of Legends.

Sports Betting

In addition to betting on sports and e-sports, the platform will support the streaming of favorite events. Therefore, everyone can feel connected and engaged with the community.

Who Is Gainmers’ Target Audience?

While everyone interested in betting on sports and e-sports is the target audience for Gainmers, the team plans to specifically focus on the Latin American and Asia-Pacific markets. This decision comes from the fact that both of these markets are previously untapped and growing incredibly quickly.

What Is the GainToken?

The GainToken, GMR, improves the user experience. Those who hold GMR tokens get additional benefits, including the right to match a bet against the other competitors. Additionally, they can witness events in real-time and vote on them. Token holders also have the ability to host private betting competitions. They even earn rewards from getting referrals.

There will also be competitions only open to holders of the GMR token. These competitions will include the distribution of exclusive products, which can include exclusive promotional goods and/or tickets to events and tournaments related to e-sports and sports.

Gainmers feels that by incentivizing the use of the GMR token, there will be a constant flow of these tokens, both in and out of the platform, which should help enhance the traditional betting experience currently offered.

When Is the Token Sale?

The GMR token sale lasts from April 9 to May 6, 2018. Contributions will be made in ETH, and there is a total supply of 100 million GMR. Sixty million of these will be distributed during the token sale. A further 15 million is reserved for future investment rounds as well as prizes. Ten million is reserved for each team management and developer incentives, and sponsors and advisors. The final 5 million is reserved for bounties.

Token Sale

Early contributors will receive more GMR for each ETH they contribute. Those who contribute one ETH get 1,992 GMR in the first week, which drops to 1,826 GMR in the second week, 1,743 in the third, and 1,660 in the fourth.


Gainmers has the potential to be an exciting betting platform for those interested in a range of sports and e-sports. Unique features, like the AI bet bot and trust market, will help set it apart, as will other social factors, such as forums and chats. This is a project to watch for those interested in online betting that utilizes the blockchain.

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