Introducing Global Blockchain: Investment Company for Blockchain Technology

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Global Blockchain is designed with investors in mind. This company gives those who want to invest funds the ability to do so across a mixture of assets within the blockchain space. Those assets in question have been strategically chosen by the team behind Global Blockchain Technologies (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) with the goal of balancing growth and stability. The portfolio behind the investments combines blue-chip holdings, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, with “smaller-cap” cryptocurrency holdings, including those which other investors cannot yet own.

Global Blockchain

Who Is Behind Global Blockchain?

The team behind Global Blockchain is made up of industry pioneers. You will notice those with years of experience with blockchain projects since they were early adopters and founders. Other team members were involved in the ICO revolution. Since the team includes those who have been around since the birth of the blockchain, they have the knowledge and experience necessary to accurately vet prospective holdings with technical viability and business sense in mind.

At the head of this team is Steve Nerayoff, a senior advisor for Ethereum – a cryptocurrency that has risen 94,000 percent since its ICO. He designed the Ethereum crowdsale, which funded the Ethereum project, and went on to advise the Lisk cryptocurrency, now with a market cap of $526 million.

The Team

Rick Willard, another veteran of the crypto world on the Global Blockchain team, was the co-founder of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society. He has advised countries such as Luxembourg on blockchain strategies and is one of the foremost experts on cryptocurrencies globally.

Other notable names on the remarkable Global Blockchain roster include, Kyle Kemper, executive director of Blockchain Association of Canada, and Michael Terpin, co-founder of BitAngels, the first network for angel investors in the crypto world and Shidan Gouran, a blockchain expert.

How Does Global Blockchain Appeal to Investors?

Global Blockchain should appeal to investors due to the highly experienced team and its connections in the blockchain community. Because of those connections, the portfolio can include early-investment projects you wouldn’t have the chance to get involved with otherwise. The knowledge of the team also means that investors get to rest easy knowing that the investments are in qualified projects with strong projections for growth. Best of all, investors don’t have to do any of the research themselves; the team takes care of it.

Additionally, Global Blockchain has its own in-house innovation incubator that provides resources, which, in turn, maximize blockchain technology potential, improving the growth of that tech. Just some of those key resources include legal support, technical development personnel, and initial capital. Thanks to the resources, the ICO can take place as soon as a product is viable.


Simply put, Global Blockchain assists investors by taking away all the hard work of researching various cryptocurrency investments, instead providing them a secure way to make the smartest investments in an online brokerage account. The typical investor simply does not have the industry knowledge necessary to make an educated decision about which blockchain and crypto projects to invest in. Some might not even know how to access ICOs.

What Does an Investor’s Portfolio Look Like?

With Global Blockchain, users can invest in a range of assets related to cryptocurrency in a single location. These include cryptocurrency mining, a basket of blue-chip crypto holdings (Ethereum and Bitcoin), a basket of crypto holdings with smaller caps, access to pre-ICO and ICO financing, and blockchain startups that are developed with the in-house studio of Global Blockchain to develop decentralized applications.

As further capital enters Global Blockchain’s portfolio, the team plans to deploy it into multiple silos. These include mature blockchain currencies, ICOs, pre-ICOs, blockchain startups, and current growth tokens that have market caps of $100 million to $1 billion. Once fully evolved, Global Blockchain anticipates being the very first global investment company with exposure for the complete blockchain system along with token diversification and startup equity.


Ideally, 50 percent of the portfolio will be currencies that are a means of network payment and 25 percent each of currencies that are a medium of exchange and currencies that are part of decentralized applications. The platform will allocate the assets equally across in-house projects, blue-chip coins, growth coins, and equity investments.

Global Blockchain was also one of the first buyers of Kodak Coin, a brand-new token from the famous camera and film company. Global Blockchain was offered 8 million KodakCoins as part of a pre-ICO sale, which the company secured at a huge discount for only $2 million. In connection to its KodakCoin investment, Global Blockchain is partnering with Overstock.com and its subsidiary tZero to facilitate the KodakCoin ICO.

Global Blockchain is also targeting video game economies. In-game economies for massive video games like Second Life, Eve Online and World of Warcraft represent huge possibilities. The economy of the  game Second Life, for example, could be worth as much as $500 million, and users spent $60 million in real currency in 2014. The economy of the game EVE Online was worth $55 million in 2016. And now,  the currency of World of Warcraft is worth more than the currency of Venezuela. Global Blockchain could bring turn that virtual money into tokens and trade them via the cryptocurrency market.

Why Does the Portfolio Include Blockchain Startups and ICOs?

Although similar platforms invest in current ICOs, Global Blockchain feels that this is not enough and that current teams remain one-dimensional. The skillset of the current teams is based on development without the follow-through needed to ensure success. To be a successful coin, the Global Blockchain team believes that they must have building, distribution, and branding. They also feel that the industry can greatly benefit from a development lab that is led by a team that has real-world experience. Finally, Global Blockchain believes that corporate governance standards will arrive in the blockchain, and when this happens, only developers who are professionally managed will survive.


While most cryptocurrency investment companies focus on ICO investing, Global Blockchain will focus on the “best-of-breed” cryptocurrencies. These have a proven long-term value plus seed-stage equity investment in the ventures they deem to be a good fit for the ICO fundraising model, the token economy, and decentralization.

How Do You Invest with Global Blockchain?

You can find Global Blockchain in the form of a security that is publicly listed. You can find it on listings for Canada (CSE: BLOC), the United States (OTC: BLKCF), and Europe (BWSP.F) from brokerage houses or via online discount brokerages. This means that within just several clicks, those from around the world can easily invest in Global Blockchain. The company also hopes to list in Australia and Asia, as well, so it will be tradable 24 hours a day.

What Are the Main Goals of Global Blockchain?

The core team of Global Blockchain will incubate between six and 12 tokens every year, following exhaustive research. The company itself will provide the critical early funding, then maintain a major equity stake. Every business will get its own dedicated team, with the ability to be spun off and then listed separately to provide share-based dividends to shareholders. Finally, Global Blockchain aims to be the first to fully utilize the current capital markets and currencies with help from a team with varied and useful experience.


For those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology but are unsure of how to do so and do not want to deal with too much risk, Global Blockchain is the perfect choice. The diversification of the portfolio mitigates the risk, while the experienced team takes care of the research necessary to find crypto assets with the potential to boom.

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