The exchange offices working mechanism is well known as most of us at least once in life used their services for the exchange of different currency for fiat money or the other ones. The global popularization of the decentralized trade has led to the appearance of many of online exchanges, where digital assets withdraw is carried out by the same principle, however, one of the components is always an untraditional currency – cryptocurrency.

GOEX Exchange

Please Note: This is a Press Release

To point out, that exchange rate on the similar online platforms depends on the current state of the market, but also, on the exchanger policy. So, for most online exchanges providing similar services is the only source of income. They carry out the exchange for the most favorable terms to themselves and unprofitable conditions for clients, and the provided rates of cryptocurrency purchase/sale in these cases are not optimum. In this regard, the founders of the GOEX project have decided to unite the investment platform and own exchanger within one platform, providing thereby for the users rather favorable conditions for the cryptocurrency exchange.

To work successfully, the exchanger has to operate the considerable means in a turnover. The popularity of the GOEX platform grows and the funds increase, thus, the investment program of the project with a conservative marketing will help to provide the necessary level of means for implementation of the required volume of exchange transactions. Nowadays, the GOEX exchanger shows good results, despite a rather small period which has passed since launch: the GOEX online platform realizes from 50 to 170 exchange cryptocurrency transactions per day (the maximum number of 204 transactions per day). This fact demonstrates that users choose GOEX, so the exchanger provides better terms of the cryptocurrency exchange which should be considered separately.

GOEX advantages

Let’s start with the fact that GOEX ensures the safety of the carried-out transactions. So, unlike the centralized exchangers, while working with the GOEX platform it isn’t necessary to maintain a certain balance and to keep cryptocurrency on the website which is potentially vulnerable to the hacker’s attacks. Within this online platform, any person just sends an amount of cryptocurrency which has to be spend, to the certain account, and GOEX transfers the equivalent amount of chosen cryptocurrency to the user’s wallet after confirmation.

Let’s take a look at the speed of the exchange transactions. GOEX provides the fastest process of cryptocurrency exchange. The platform speed depends on the basic speed of convertible currencies confirmation. Also, large purchases via GOEX aren’t impacted to a tendency of the market prices change. A completely different situation happens when you work with the centralized exchanges.

Taking into consideration the main terms of exchange, GOEX charges a rather low commission for a transaction and provides one of the best rates on the market. Favorable rates of cryptocurrencies are provided via the expense of dynamic rates. The fixed rates are absent on the GOEX platform, otherwise, the project should undertake market risks and high volatility rates risks which automatically would lead to the commission increase. Within the GOEX system, the market engine works which goes through the prices of cryptocurrencies purchase of various exchanges and it finds the best terms. So, the system searches for more than hundred market ways, providing the best possible price at the moment.

The procedure of exchange transactions via GOEX

It is necessary to note separately a rather modern and simple design and interface of the GOEX website, where the user is offered to carry out exchange operations. It is intuitively clear and simple in use. Unlike many other exchanges, GOEX doesn’t demand to carry out registration passing process that also considerably simplifies the use of this service.

The first thing which user sees is the window for the exchange transactions on the GOEX homepage. So, if the person has Bitcoin, and he wants to exchange it for Ether, then it is necessary to choose Bitcoin as the initially sent currency, and Ether as the received cryptocurrency. Further, the user specifies the address of the wallet to receive the Ether in the top (the appointment address) and the address of the Bitcoin wallet (the return address). Then it is necessary to press “I agree to Terms” and then click the Start Transaction Button. GOEX creates the address of the Bitcoin deposit (it is the address to which the user sends Bitcoin from the Bitcoin wallet). Then the user sends a desirable quantity of Bitcoins to this generated address. Literally, in several moments after transaction confirmation, Ether will be directed to the user’s wallet. The GOEX carries out the exchange of such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. However, this list will constantly extend, and it is planned to support the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Feedback is very important in similar projects, but often it takes a long time to get the answer from any large cryptocurrency exchange service. In case of any questions or problems, GOEX carries out first-line support for users which is provided 24/7. GOEX operators resolve any arising issues during an hour. More information about GOEX can be found on the official website of the project where everyone will be able safely and quickly realize a cryptocurrency exchange at any time.

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    I want to denounce, as a Goex client.

    I can not access my user account on Goex, since January 14, 2019.

    Steve, his technical person, does not give me a solution.

    The last sentence that puts affected users is:

    We solve all problems in turn. Your turn will come soon. Wait. You are very much, we try to solve every problem carefully. We recruit an additional team to solve all problems as quickly as possible.

    I am forced to make this statement and express it as a Scam

    I have all the recorded conversations and photos, as proof that I am a Goex client


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    Alert! Do not invest more than 0.5 BTC or your account will be locked.


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    Same problem for me. This is SCAMM site.


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    goex is a scam. if you invest more than 0.5 btc in one investment. u will locked out of your account on a due day of you frozen account finish. if you complain about your problem on a telegram chat , the admins will call u idiot scam and ban you from the group. there are more than 200 big investors already been scammed by goex and banned from the telegram . Steve will give same answer with same spelling mistake to everyone. nobody returned to their account. if you are hearing nice things on their telegram chat , they are small investors or goex workers


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    In Spain we are gathering people to denounce Goex, anyone who resides in Spain to contact me.

    En España estamos reuniendo gente para denunciar a Goex, cualquier persona que resida en España que se ponga en contacto conmigo.


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