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Government-Regulated Exchange Launches Campaign Promoting Crypto as a Culture

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Kriptomat, Europe’s government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange has launched a marketing campaign promoting cryptocurrencies as a movement and a culture. The campaign, titled “Everybody Deserves Crypto” focuses on the core benefits that cryptocurrencies offer individuals and society as a whole, including personal sovereignty, economic justice, and social equity.


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The campaign video shows footage of the Hong Kong protests, which is widely seen as a demonstration for sovereignty, freedom, and democracy. The video shows imagery of thousands of people occupying the Hong Kong streets, while the voice over declares, “everybody, everywhere deserves freedom, fairness, and fulfilment”.

The campaign’s blog post also shares the team’s concerns that excessive marketing around the speculatory nature of cryptocurrencies is creating strong opposition among business leaders and government officials.

“We are very pro-government. We all know freedom can’t exist without democracy and we believe that’s what crypto really stands for,” said Srdjan Mahmutovich, CEO of Kriptomat. “Blockchain technology, when used correctly, is the most democratized form of asset management in the world.

The core idea we want to spread is that crypto’s true value lies in the freedom, fairness, and fulfilment that it offers us all. Very few people understand that blockchain provides some of the best solutions for corruption, monopolization, and wealth inequality, which are problems that many businesses and governments are trying very hard to solve.

If we, as a community, can elevate the conversation towards the most important and compelling aspects of cryptocurrency, we have a far greater chance of completing this paradigm shift.”

To help encourage constructive discussion around the long-term adoption of cryptocurrencies, the Kriptomat team has launched a social media competition challenging the crypto community to share their comments on what value they believe cryptocurrencies offer society.

The winners of the competition will recieve unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that can be used as gaming items in over 20 games.

“We would also like to share that we are not trademarking or claiming ownership over the slogan ‘Everybody Deserves Crypto’. If you are a thought leader, a marketer, or even a competitor, we encourage you to join this campaign to elevate the conversation,” said Dejan Davidovic, COO of Kriptomat. “We can clearly see that Bitcoin, the MVP for cryptocurrencies has been a great success. This technology works amazingly well, now it’s time for regulators to step in and integrate it into society. However, many of the institutions and governments who will ultimately decide whether or not blockchain and cryptocurrencies are successfully adopted, are yet to understand their benefits, we need to revitalize our message to reach a critical mass of support. In our view, this campaign and campaigns like it, are vital for the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.”


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