Hashtoro: Cryptocurency Cloud Mining Plans for Bitcoin, Litecoin, ZCash & Ethereum

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Hashtoro delivers cloud-based cryptocurrency services that businesses and crypto investors alike can take advantage of to mine cryptocurrency. The company’s services are designed to appeal to those who want to mine cryptocurrency but cannot afford the necessary mining equipment or simply do not have room for it. Hashtoro also aims to appeal to those who simply want to diversify their portfolios across various mining platforms.


Hashtoro feels that its infrastructure is important as it allows for blockchain technology development. The company also feels that its ability to offer cloud mining helps reduce the barriers to entry that stop many first-time miners from being able to participate.

Hashtoro Features

Hashtoro offers instant activation, making it possible to mine altcoins and bitcoin with its cloud mining service as soon as the company receives payment. Users get daily payouts. Additionally, withdrawals from Hashtoro are quick and easy. These withdrawals also include the option of reinvesting.

To help clients keep track of their earnings and more, Hashtoro includes detailed statistics that are simple to use and available whenever a client wants access. Hashtoro is also highly secure, with protections for funds and a strong security protocol.

Hashtoro Features

Hashtoro Hardware has its hardware in various European datacenters. Each of these data centers is in a country that is loyal to the cryptocurrency industry, and the placement across multiple countries is a strategy that diversifies risks. The company does not disclose the exact location of its mining farms due to security concerns.

Currently, the combined capacity of data centers is 35 MW. This makes it possible for the company to place either 40,000 Bitmain Antminer L3+s or 25,000 Bitmain Antminer S9s. The software used by Hashtoro is built on top of the latest machine learning algorithms along with neural networks. This strategy allows for increased profits for miners.


As mentioned, the software that Hashtoro uses is based on neuron network models and machining learning algorithms. This helps Hashtoro take the right pool to maximize profit, leading to maximum earnings for the purchased hash rate. There are easy-to-access statistics regarding the income forecasts and daily assessments.

Hashtoro Monitoring

Available Cryptocurrencies

Hashtoro offers mining for four different cryptocurrencies, each of which has its own methods, hash rate, charges, and more. These include Zcash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Hashtoro Mining Plans

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin cloud mining from Hashtoro uses SHA-256 and has a minimal hash rate of 500 GH/s. There is a service charge of €0.0180 per 100 GH/s per day. The automatic payout is in BTC, and Hashtoro uses Bitmain S9 SHA-256 as the hardware. Plans are available for one year, two years, or unlimited. There are a limited number of one-year plans for €4 per 100 GH/s, €6.4991 per 100 GH/s with two-year plans and €8.5 per 100 GH/s for unlimited plans.

Ethereum Mining

The Ethereum mining from Hashtoro has a minimal hash rate of 5 MH/s and an automatic payout in ETH. There is a service charge of €0.0100 per 100 kH/s per day. Hashtoro uses GPU rigs for this mining. There is a limited number of one-year contracts at €10 for 1 MH/s, two-year contracts for €12 for 1 MH/s, and unlimited contracts for €15 for 1 MH/s.

Litecoin Mining

Hashtoro’s Litecoin cloud mining is done via Bitmain L3+ Scrypt with a minimal hashrate of 20 MH/s. The service charge is €0.0150 per 10 MH/s per day, with an automatic payout in LTC. There is a limited number of one-year, two-year, and unlimited plans, which charge €10, €12, and €15, respectively, for 10 MH/s.

Zcash Mining

The Zcash mining from Hashtoro uses Bitmain Asic Z9 hardware and has an automatic payout in ZEC. The minimal hash rate is 400 H/s with service charges of €0.0060 per 100 H/s per day. The limited number of one-year, two-year, and unlimited plans are priced per 100 H/s at €10, €20, and €30, respectively.

Payment Methods

Hashtoro accepts payment for its cloud mining services via either BTC or credit cards. If you opt to pay via credit card, you will need to check the bank statement to find a confirmation pin. Enter the pin that appears on the statement via the confirmation page for the transactions to confirm. There are five days to confirm a transaction.

Reinvesting Profits

In addition to the option to withdraw profits, Hashtoro lets you reinvest it to purchase additional hashrate. To do this, click “Reinvest On” and choose which mining contract you want to use the funds to purchase. After this point, the system will automatically purchase your selected hashrate plan when your balance reaches the minimum payment for that plan. At any point, you can click “Disable reinvest” to turn this option off.

Hashtoro Security

As mentioned, Hashtoro does not reveal the exact locations of its mining farms as a way to minimize security threats. Additionally, the company is certified with the PCI-DSS standard. All client data has protection via a reliable security protocol. Finally, funds are stored in a cold purse, which does not connect to the network.

Renewable Energy

Because of the vast amounts of energy required for cryptocurrency mining, Hashtoro makes sure to power its company hardware using only renewable energy. Additionally, the hot air that miners generate flows through a set of heat exchangers to reach warm water. This water is then pumped into the community heating system nearby. As such, Hashtoro is among the most ecological cloud mining services.


Hashtoro is a cloud mining service that makes it possible for anyone to begin mining cryptocurrency without having to deal with the high costs of mining equipment or finding space for that hardware. Hashtoro offers mining for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, and Litecoin and has multiple data centers in Europe, along with a high level of security.

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