Beginner’s Guide to HitBTC: Complete Review

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HitBTC markets itself as the “most advanced Bitcoin exchange,” and it has a long history, in operation since 2013. HitBTC has the markets you need to trade such currencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero, and USDT, among others. HIT Solution Ltd., a Hong-Kong-based company, runs HitBTC.

HitBTC Review

The development of HitBTC was the result of collaboration between experienced traders, finance professionals, and software developers, leading to an advanced platform that can meet everyone’s needs. The system’s core matching engine has innovative features, including advanced order matching algorithms and real-time clearing. It has also received praise for high availability, uptime, and fault tolerance.

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HitBTC Features

HitBTC offers numerous advantages for traders, including a high liquidity and the cutting-edge matching engine technologies mentioned above. There are also low fees, strong security measures, no limits on deposits or withdrawals of digital assets, over 150 instruments to choose from, and the most advanced FIX API and REST API.

HitBTC Website

Additionally, HitBTC does not require registration, delivers full access to trading, and has unlimited top-ups for your balance.

  • High liquidity
  • Cutting-edge matching engine technologies
  • No limits for deposits/withdrawal of digital assets
  • Low fees
  • More than 150 instruments available
  • High level of security
  • The most advanced REST API and FIX API

HitBTC Trading Tools

Some exchanges only let you trade without much information. However, HitBTC delivers most of the information that you will need to decide before trading. Those who are more experienced with trading will appreciate the various charts and graphs that HitBTC offers. Beginners who are unsure of what to make of the information or how to go about cryptocurrency trading will appreciate the information on the blog, which includes plenty of trading tips.

HtBTC Signup

Registering a new account with HitBTC is relatively simple. Click “Register” in the upper-right corner of the website and fill in the required information. You will need an email address and to set up a password. Go to your email and click on the link in the message from HitBTC to confirm your address and activate your account.

HitBTC Account Signup

HitBTC Deposits

To deposit into your HitBTC account, you first must generate a wallet address. You can click on the “Deposit” button, which is green. From there, you choose the row corresponding to the currency you wish to deposit and click “Fund.” You will now get a wallet address, both the string of numbers and letters and a QR code.

HitBTC Deposits

Remember that every asset in the account has its own unique address. Certain currencies include additional identifier fields, like the Message for XEM or Destination Tag for XRP. You should make it a point to always include these when you initiate your deposit. If you don’t, you will need to contact support. Once the funds get to HitBTC, the bottom of your accounts page will display a pending transaction, and the currency will be available soon after.

HitBTC Withdrawals

To withdraw coins, go to the “Accounts” tab. Look to the “Withdraw” column, which includes one button for every currency in your account. To withdraw, the coins must be in your main account, so complete a transfer from the trading account if necessary. Then, you can click “Withdraw.”

Choose the quantity to withdraw and paste in your receiving address. Always double-check the address since you cannot reverse the transaction. Keep in mind that certain digital assets need more information for a sending transaction, so take extra care. An example would be with XMR; you must specify the payment ID as well as the wallet address. The only minimum withdrawal amount is more than your network fee value, which you can view right below the field for “Amount.”

HitBTC Withdrawals

After selecting “Withdraw,” type your authentication code, assuming you enabled two-factor authentication for withdrawals. You will see a notification that you must confirm the withdrawal via email. Go to your email address and open the email from that is labeled “Withdraw request.” Click the link to confirm to send the transaction and return to your account page.

You can view the withdrawal in “Reports – Payment History” or in “Latest Transactions.” During processing, there will be three yellow dots. Once processing completes, these dots become a green mark.

How To Trade on HitBTC

To begin a trade, you must first move funds from your Main HitBTC account to the Trading account. On your “Accounts” page, click on the blue arrow between your two accounts. You will be prompted to input the amount to move and then click “Transfer.”

Once the coins are in your account, it is time to set up the order. Go to your trading screen by clicking “Exchange” and choose your trading pair from the “Instruments” section.

HitBTC Trading Screen

Now, you can choose which type of order you want to complete in the Buy and Sell boxes. The website gives you a brief description of each – market, stop, limit, and stop limit – if you hover over the relevant question marks.

HitBTC Buy & Sell

You can see your history of trades within a given market by looking at the “My Orders and Trades” section. You can also manage trades across markets by clicking on “Reports.” From there, go to “My Orders,” and you will be able to view orders, see their status, cancel an order, export trading history, and perform other tasks.

At the bottom of the trading screen you can see the order book which shows the latest sales, market depth and prices that people are buying and selling your selected cryptocurrency at.

HitBTC Order Book

Order Types Offered by HitBTC

Market orders allow you to sell or buy the instrument of your choice at the market price, which is the best available price when you place the order. Totals and fees are estimates since this price varies in real-time.

Limit orders let you execute a trade at a price you specify or better. So, limit orders to buy are for the limit or a lower amount, while limit orders to sell are for the limit or a higher amount. This is ideal if you know the price at which you are willing to trade. When you create this order, the funds are reserved in your account and you can view them; they also appear in the order book.

Stop orders execute trades at specific prices. This is slightly different from limit orders because once the market gets to the stop price, the stop order actually turns into a market order. These orders don’t show up in the order book until they are activated and don’t require any reserved funds.

Finally, stop-limit orders let you make a limit order for a specific price. When it reaches this stop price, your stop-limit order turns into a limit order. With this type of order, you specify the stop price and a limit price. Reaching the stop price is what triggers the limit order, using your selected limit price. Like stop orders, this order won’t show in the order book until activation and doesn’t require any reserved funds.

HitBTC OTC Trading

OTC trading, or over-the-counter trading, lets users make high-volume trades without using the public order books. In other words, investors make a deal with their counterparty directly, and the market price of the token or coin does not become affected. HitBTC does offer OTC trading thanks to a partnership with Trusted Volumes. This is only applicable for trades with a volume of over 100,000 USDT (or its equivalent), and there is a commission of 0.1 percent.

OTC Trading

Trusted Volumes current monthly turnover exceeds $1.5 Billion in cryptocurrency assets so if you have large amounts to sell this is a better option than selling on an exchange as large sells can trigger price drops.

HitBTC Fees

Like any cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC must charge fees of some sort to make a profit and keep running. HitBTC users the maker-taker model to maximize liquidity while narrowing the spread on their markets. As a reminder, “takers” are those who take liquidity away from the book, placing an order that matches immediately with one of the existing orders. “Makers” are those who provide liquidity by creating a limit order under the asking price for buying or above the top bid for selling.

HitBTC Fees

Consider an example where BTC has the current sell price of 10,000 USDT to illustrate the difference between makers and takers. If you place an order at that sell price, 10,000 USDT, you are a taker. Your order is completed immediately. If, however, you choose a 9,950 USDT limit buy order, you would be the maker.

Takers get charged a 0.1 percent fee on their trades. Makers have no fee at all, a rare offering among cryptocurrency exchanges that provides HitBTC with an advantage over the competition. In fact, makers actually get a rebate from their trade of 0.01 percent. This rebate is designed as a reward for providing liquidity.

HitBTC’s Market-Making Contracts

To further benefit market makers, HitBTC offers Market-Making (MM) Contracts. These are monthly contracts that come with rebate bonuses and cash incentives. Market makers get daily performance reports with high levels of detail. Each contract only works with a single trading pair, and there are several categories of contract. However, market makers can only take one contract from each category. The contract specifies your volume range on the sell and buy side, as well as your maximum spread.

When you fulfill the contract at the end of the month, you receive a rebate bonus (between 0.01 and 0.04 percent) and a benefit of 1,000 to 10,000 USDT. Since you can have one of each type of contract, it is possible to get up to 0.1 percent in rebates plus 21,000 USDT monthly. You can get more information about the Market-Making Contracts or take one by contacting HitBTC.

HitBTC API for Trading Bots

The API for HitBTC is robot-friendly, so you can use your trading bot if you have one. The API also has low latency data, as well as execution feeds.

Bitcoin Trading Bots

HitBTC Affiliate Program

HitBTC offers an affiliate program, which rewards users who bring new people to HitBTC. Affiliates get custom links they can use to invite friends to join HitBTC and start trading. Once your friend starts trading, you can get as much as 75 percent of their trading fees as a reward. In this way, you get more profits if you bring in more users and they have a larger trading volume. HitBTC even has various tools for affiliates to let them track which link brings in the most affiliates. You can create multiple links; name each one based on where you use it; then track signups, earnings, and turnover. You can withdraw your rewards once you reach 0.01 BTC, and you cannot withdraw 0.1 BTC at once.

Is HitBTC Safe?

HitBTC did experience a hack back in 2015 shortly after it launched.

As an experienced exchange, HitBTC takes security seriously. It has multiple strategies in place to keep your information and account safe. HitBTC strongly encourages users to take advantage of the two-factor authentication. It also uses cold storage for most of its funds and relies on advanced encryption technology to hide your information from hackers.

HitBTC also makes several recommendations for users to further protect their account. It suggests creating a strong password that you change every several weeks. You can set up the two-factor verification via the “Security” tab of “Settings,” activating it for withdrawals, logging in, and/or adjusting your settings. For added security, the exchange sends you an email notification whenever your account is accessed from a new IP address.

There is also the option to terminate all sessions, which will automatically log out all your active sessions, except for the one you use to perform this action. You can find the option in the “Security” tab. On a related note, you can enable automatic logout, which is once again on the “Security” tab. You can choose how often you are logged out automatically, with options of 30 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 day, 7 days, or never.

If you ever have any doubts about your account security or whether you were hacked, you can also view your latest activity in the “Security” tab. This includes such actions as withdrawing money, enabling or disabling two-factor verification, changing your password, and signing in.


HitBTC has been part of the cryptocurrency community almost since the beginning, giving it plenty of time to iron out any issues with the exchange. It also has a lot of useful features, such as numerous trading options and tips, plus a user-friendly interface.

Some things to bare in mind are the fact that some users report slow withdrawal times and the verification process can be slow and cumbersome requiring scanning and sending of personal documents. There are also some bad reviews online left by HitBTC customers which mention problems with customer support with extremely long waiting times to problems such as withdrawals etc.

Overall, HitBTC is possibly worth consideration if you are looking for a well-established exchange with high volume and liquidity or need access to an API. Customer support certainly seems to be the area where the exchange is lacking.

Important Update: 21/8/18

There have been a growing number of complaints by users of accounts being frozen and withdrawals being prevented. You can read some of these on the r/HitBTC subreddit. As you can see, there have been a large amount of negative comments left on this post which have been countered by a number of users, these all use email accounts at which leads us to believe these are an organized attempt from people at HitBTC to counter the negative sentiment online about the company.

We would not recommend our users to trade on HitBTC at this time until things become more clear.

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Ease of Use






Customer Support


Payment Methods



  • Range of Markets
  • Well-Designed Interface
  • Reasonable Fees
  • Well Established
  • High volume and liquidity


  • Poor Customer Support
  • Verification Can be Slow
  • No Fiat Payment Options
  • Bots Trading on the Exchange
  • Slow Withdrawals

Important Note: There have been reports of scammers approaching companies via Telegram, LinkedIn and Other Social platforms purporting to represent Blockonomi and offer advertising offers. We will never approach anyone directly. Please always make contact with us via our contact page here.


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    • Avatar

      Negative reviews about hitbtc are true for the time of verification they froze my LTC I suffered losses

  1. Avatar

    I like this article! I have more than a year of trading experience in Hitbtc. Therefore, I can confirm almost all the good things that are written about this exchange. Some things were missed, but in general everything is true!

  2. Avatar

    Hitbtc has a high transaction speed. Even faster than many well-known top-exchanges.

  3. Avatar

    Guys, I used the other two exchanges before, but only this exchange is more or less normal! Although there are problems here, but this is better than what I have encountered on other exchanges. Perhaps you can find the best option, but Hitbtc is a good one! Checked by own experience!

  4. Avatar

    I need help with my account. I have done everything required to start trading but my exchange tab is blank so I can not even access the information to buy. This has been on going for days now since my set up.

    What must I do?

    • Avatar

      Zoe, you should contact Hitbtc support team, they are very helpful.

  5. Avatar

    I’ve spent a lot of time searching for the exchange which would suit me. Hitbtc is one of those. Like the way it operates. And interface is very easy. Everyone can manage dealing with it.

  6. Avatar

    I like this hitbtc site for trading different crypto-currencies. I often use it. But why so many? I got tired searching for what I need. But devs think that even 600 altcoins are not enough for the exchange.

  7. Avatar

    Rian I agree with you, but I think it is a good thing that they have so many of them…

  8. Avatar

    HitBTC seems to be a good alternative for some ordinary traders. I mean those who needs to move their money from time to time… i don’t know when it comes to the real trading. I’ve never been a professional trader.

  9. Avatar

    Bow, it is good for trading. I can tell you. If you want to become an experienced trader, you should read more on that subject. There are a lot of forums now. Also some YouTube channels are good.

  10. Avatar

    My business with Hitbtc lasts for 5 months. I’d say other exchanges don’t provide such a good quality of service.

  11. Avatar

    Choose HitBTC to start your business. It seems that only there you can find so many different cryptocurrencies, tokens and coins. They also regularly add new trading pairs.

  12. Avatar

    The exchange has a very convenient toolkit. Highly recommended for both beginners and skilled traders.

  13. Avatar

    Have been using this platform for about a week or so. Yet, was not able to find out what some of HitBTC functions were created for. Maybe trading and me are not made for each other.

  14. Avatar

    Hitbtc is one of not so many reliable exchanges.
    But be careful while trading on other platforms! Always choose big and reliable exchanges like Hitbtc. Don’t make my mistakes!!!

  15. Avatar

    The good point is that they have fiat currencies there. This is very convenient because there is no need to use an additional exchange.

  16. Avatar

    Recently I started investing in cryptocurrency, a bit later decided to try trading. It all stands almost on the same line. This exchange is said to be the safest one, that’s why I chose it.

  17. Avatar
    Hazem Samman Reply

    I don’t believe its a scam but suffer serious deficiency in their level of support and commitment toward traders.

    Hitbtc management have decided to suspend withdrawals of thousands and thousands of traders and hold their funds (you could be the next) and took them in an ride called KYC/AML process which involve providing sensitive data including but not limited to passport copies, selfies, utility bills, credit card, bank statements, source of funds, history of trading, screen shots of trades made in the past…etc, which has proven to be a very long and potentially endless process due to the amount of time taken by their support and security teams to respond and move to the next step before they go back to square one and repeat the cycle again and again, I hope this is not intentional, if you are in the same miserable situation do not drop your funds and move on, this is your hard earned money which is own by you and not Hitbtc… are not alone, there are thousands and thousands of traders suffering the same situation since several months, continue chasing, hoping that this will get back your hard earned money.

    Having said that Hitbtc is a truly advance trading platform which combine advance feature with the ease of use which turn crypto trading into amazing experience, however, what is the point of trading when your funds get blocked for several months if not forever.

    If you are new to the crypto space don’t let positive reviews fool you out, they could be fake, make your own study.

    Best of luck to all

    • Avatar

      Hazem, I can not agree with you. They do have this verification process but it is not as long and complicated as you describe it. It’s a simple thing that you have to respect if you want to be protected. Just provide the normal proofs. That’s what I did – yes it took some time but I succeeded.

  18. Avatar
    Hazem Samman Reply

    Hitbtc is locking traders funds?

    Is that true? Lets find out ourselves, perhaps looking at a source of a proven credibility, what about reddit? or maybe Hitbtc official reddit account, that would be flawless I guess, there is a link on hitbtc home page anyway; Just had a look on it and found 25 posts published in the last five days, more than half of them posted by traders unable to withdraw their funds….telegram, they have only announcement channel, twitter, there are lot of horror stories, If you don’t want to believe that you are potentially the next victim, search Sicarious on twitter who have 50 thousands followers and what he tweeted and asked the whole crypto community for help, read about the miserable situation his 65 years old mother went through with Hitbtc…..they don’t feel ashamed, if they have feelings, they trap poor people and suck their blood.

    The best place to store your funds is an external wallet controlled by you and not an exchange which may disappear in a day and night, some of you who has been long enough in the crypro space are aware of how many exchanges shut down all of a sudden and claimed that they got hacked!

    It is bad to loose money whilst trading, but stealing your hard earned money is worse and more painful, and I don’t wish anyone to suffer that or learn it in the hard way.

    Best of luck to all

    • Avatar

      Don’t be so angry. And try to divide those fantasies from reality.
      I’m sure that none of the exchanges would use such an awful strategy to rob people. Or it might be a fake one platform….dunno. It seems that nowadays copycats can copy almost everything. Maybe it’s not the case… In my opinion, Hitbtc is one of the most reliable exchanges.
      I myself use HitBTC as an extra exchange and visit it 1-2 times a week and try to avoid all this fuss in the mass-media. Profit which I can gain stands above the flood in Reddit and Twitter. And especially the stuff McAfee is feeding all the Internet.
      Wallets are great but they’re created for different purpose. You’d better don’t mix together wallets and exchanges.
      Also, as you said, ‘exchanges shut down all of a sudden and claimed that they got hacked’. I DO NOT think HitBTC would act like this. It would fight back just like this McAffee-case the Internet is going crazy about. Nth but an old man attracting and interacting the cryptocommunity.

  19. Avatar

    The exchange itself is quite large. Liquidity is high enough.

  20. Avatar

    This exchange HitBTC is a complete fraud and scam. I lost my phone and my 2fa authenticator. I gave them all information that only I could have, recent transaction hashes my photo ID and they have kept my hard earned money. If you look at many reviews this is happening over and over with them. The good reviews seem to be fakes generated by HitBTC. DO NO TRADE WITH HitBTC you will loose your money

  21. Avatar

    I have many reasons to believe that you won’t find a perfect exchange (checked by personal experience). There will be disadvantages everywhere. About HitBTC I can say that it’s just a common crypto exchange.

  22. Avatar

    People write different things. Hitbtc is not as bad as some people say.

  23. Avatar

    I learned about Hitbtc only 2 months ago. The exchange is great. It’s the first exchange with such a big number of coins and tokens. You can argue with me, but my opinion is that this is the best exchange at the moment.

  24. Avatar

    HitBTC is a complete fraud and scam the people responding to these comments are paid employees of HitBTC. They have locked me and hundreds out of their accounts stolen our identity and kept the money for themselves. DO NO USE HitBTC it is a SCAM EXCHANGE.

    • Avatar
      Allen Brown Reply

      I’m afraid you’re wrong. I’ve heard of their AML policy and it supposed to mean that HitBTC wants to protect their traders. It’s a trustworthy exchange which has gained a good reputation among those traders.

  25. Avatar

    The big plus of Hitbtc is that the fees are lower than on many other exchanges. I make 10-20 trades per day, imagine how much I would pay if the fees were 2 or 3 times higher? Yes, there are disadvantages here too, but I use it because of these low fees.

  26. Avatar

    HitBTC responds to all negative reviews immediately by giving false information about this SCAM EXCHANGE. They will lock you out of your account keep your Money and bribe you to give them your photo ID, that they sell on the web, and they also want utility bills and other bills to prove who you are. DO NOT USE THIS EXCHANGE it is a SCAM. THEY WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY AND LOCK YOU OUT.

  27. Avatar
    Hazem Samman Reply

    Jones, I totally agree with you, Hitbtc reputation has been badly affected after they started the awful practice of blocking and holding traders funds, they are indeed imposing fake positive reviews to stop loosing customers, perhaps they are insolvent.

    • Avatar

      It has been about 4-5 weeks and no reply to my requests. I have given them all the necessary information. This EXCHANGE HitBTC IS A SCAM. Read all the negative reviews that they try to hide with false positive reviews. Many traders maybe even thousands have been locked out of their accounts. HitBTC keeps the money then sells their ID information on the web.

  28. Avatar
    Hazem Samman Reply

    Hitbtc are loosing customers everyday!

    They are indeed insolvent, Binanace trading volume today is $1.1B, and Hitbtc went all the way down to $260M, no wonder they are blocking traders funds and suspending withdrawals….

    Don’t let fake positive reviews fool you out!

    • Avatar

      Hazem, it’s clear to everyone that you do not like HitBTC. Yet, there’s no need to decieve the readers. When we go to CoinMarketCap we can easily find out that the real numbers are $900M and $280M.

      • Avatar
        Hazem Samman Reply

        No My dear

        Reported trading volume as of today 6th Aug is $266,648,446 and Binance is $901,648,668, the link below from coinmarketcap will help you to obtain the actual numbers from a reliable source!

        • Avatar

          Yesterday I saw the different numbers with my own eyes. They might keep falling as well. Yet, it’s not a point to blame the platform for deceiving people. According to the table with the volume of trading, you might call SCAM any exchange except Top-5? No way. HitBTC still enters the Top-10.

  29. Avatar
    Hazem Samman Reply

    Important information to all including those imposing fake positive reviews for Hitbtc favor although they are known to be the worst on this planet!

    The company operating HITBTC named as Hit Solutions Ltd has already filed for dissolution and has been officially dissolved on 02 January 2018, check the below from an official British governmental portal…..

    Check here:

    Don’t we deserve an explanation from you HITBtc regarding your status? specially the thousands of traders with their money trapped in Hitbtc?

  30. Avatar

    Don’t know what this guy is talking about. I can easily operate all my funds. For example, yesterday I successfully withdrew my NXT.

  31. Avatar
    Hazem Samman Reply

    Jerome V, thanks for your comments, Hitbtc doesn’t target accounts holding small funds, I suggest that you make your own due diligence rather than relying on others reviews; You may spend a minute and read the horror stories of tons of traders on the official reddit account of hitbtc and you’ll find out your self…

    Alternatively you may check on Hitbtc twitter, unfortunately most of the posts made by traders who had their funds locked and unable to retrieve them, and I don’t wish anybody including your self to suffer such miserable situation.

    Don’t let positive reviews fool you out, they could be fake…

    There are lot of decent exchanges out there…most important don’t loose your money because you trusted in others review, when you get trapped no one will help you.

  32. Avatar

    Hazem Sammam, thank you for your answer. I can not call my funds ‘small’…but each person has his own opinion about that. At present day we can not go anywhere without coming across horror stories, so I’d better listen to your other advice and continue checking this exchange myself. Moreover, I agree with some of the reviews posted here. Will you call me a hitbtc agent for that in your response?

  33. Avatar
    Hazem Samman Reply




    Binance $1385M
    OKEX $1320M
    HUOBI $958M
    HITBTC $289M with 750 markets and all are dead…..



    • Avatar

      According to the Coinmarketcap (, at the moment HitBTC is still in Top-10 between ZB.COM with $386,234,616 and Upbit with $232,967,522.
      The HitBTC lovers are not blind and do see that the exchange is losing its volume. There’s no need to shout in CAPS about it, dear.

      • Avatar
        Hazem Samman Reply

        No my dear, People aren’t blind and they are not from another planet, everybody have access to internet….reported volume is still showing Hitbtc in the 12th Rank, see the below your self.

        The ranking you’ve used eliminates larger volume trading platforms such as Bitmex and Bitforex and this doesn’t provide the actual ranking?

        Sorry to share with you a fact that without looking at ranking if the reality is painful to some people, as of today Binance, Huobi and OKEX which used to be comparable to Hitbtc are trading four five times the poor volume of Hitbtc and this is clearly showing on coinmarketcap; are you going to deny this fact as well?

        Hitbtc needs to work harder into restoring their image which got completely compromised by their own hands…

        It is clear that Hitbtc are active socially and they use the media to impose fake positive reviews and claim that they have superior support while everyone knows that they are the worst on this planet.

        Having said that I’ll be the happiest trader in case they got their issues fixed and went back to the top position that acquired in the past, honestly I’m not optimistic!

        • Avatar

          Hello, dear! Seems we’re having some kind of a comment battle here. Interesting.
          Well, I hear your arguments and see that I was a bit wrong. Trading volume and rank are different things. And I won’t deny your words…today.
          So you say it righ: restoring image is a hard way to go. There suppose to be a good strategy. Yet, I know little about it. Trading is just my hobby, not my life.
          By the way, do you have an account there? It seems to me, the answer would be no. That’s why I’d advise you to register there and have a look from the inside. I do not ask you to make a deposit or provide your IDs there… Just read the news and up-to-date informations that devs share with traders. You might change your too-much-aggressive-mood to some other.
          I’d prefer to stay optimistic, though.

          • Avatar
            Hazem Samman

            Wade, thanks for your positive thoughts, I enjoyed reading your reply.

            We share the same thoughts, obviously we see the same future, it is great to experience growth and nothing is better than taking the benefits, for you and your little ones;

            Cryptos value has grown thousands of times, imagine $13B in January 17 and $750B after twelve months.

            In My view, those holding what worth $50K of Crpytos are set for the whole life…it is obvious that few digits will be added to value sometimes later, how soon?

            We are climbing another mountain which has a higher top, people would love to enjoy the journey….giving them better experience throughout delivering quality of service is a win win, no doubts.

            I hope this will encourage our old friends to look around and adapt to the changes and cope with the increasing demand without causing inconvenience, I hope this is being taken positively for their own benefits and the traders at the first place.

            Best of luck to all.

  34. Avatar

    The more negative comments I read, the more I start to consider these comments as shill actions. McAfee calls HitBTC scam, here people shout scam… But why? None of my friends had problems with the platform.

  35. Avatar

    I can confidently say that no exchange even comes close to HITBTC in terms of security, and community initiatives.
    Also, like I said, their mobile apps are an absolute delight to use.
    Even during the crypto mad rush in December 2017 when most exchanges closed their doors, HITBTC was the last exchange that stopped taking new registrations.
    I’d say, to conclude, if you have not use HITBTC yet, you should start right away.

  36. Avatar
    Kory Stewart Reply

    HITBTC is my favorite Bitcoin exchange because of its clean design and easy usability.
    It is a Estonian-based cryptocurrency exchange that provides you the option to trade more than XXX cryptocurrencies at a time. They are well-regulated and compliant with all of the current EU rules, so crypto users need not worry about the safety of their funds.

  37. Avatar

    Always remember to follow their Twitter in order to keep in touch with the latest news. They post there more often and reply for some complaints too. Got mine resolved.

  38. Avatar

    I think hitbtc is the best cryptocurrency exchange of all available. Personally I had no problems with it. I registered a long time ago, in August 2017. All transactions come almost instantly and are paid too. The interface pleases the eye, and understand the functionality of a few minutes. To the support team, fortunately, did not have to address, so how they work there, I do not know. I know the exchange is a large influx of new users, and one way or another exchange need to be careful not to launder money scammers and terrorists. Recommend.

  39. Avatar
    Andy Amble Reply

    Hitbtc is a total scam, avoid, they steal your money and identity

    Those posting positive reviews are Hitbtc staff

    Do your own due diligence, check what is being posted on the official Hitbtc twitter and Reddit accounts.

  40. Avatar

    Everybody knows that its a scam, they are dying anyway; Agree, the only ones posting positive reviews are their own people.

  41. Avatar

    Andy why do you call it scam????? i trade there from time to time. Not the best exchange in the world and fees could be a bit lower… but it’s definitely not scam.

    • Avatar
      Andy Amble Reply

      Hi Stanly, read here

      Better for you to Withdraw your funds before it is too late

  42. Avatar

    I have changed the third transaction on the exchanger DASH to Bitcoin yesterday. The transaction was a long time, I wrote them on Facebook, I immediately replied that they have problems and that everything will work in an hour. They didn’t lie, everything changed, everything is normal now. Respect support for a quick response.

  43. Avatar

    Andy they do have problems from time to time… I know that… But it is not fair to call it scam. I trade on hitbtc from time to time as i said. Its service is not so bad.

  44. Avatar

    I also can not understand why do some of you call it a scam. I decided to try this platform as you can register on hitbtc just in 2 clicks. Furthermore, I found a very simple and convenient menu. But what is more important is that the hitbtc Exchange ensures the security of cryptocurrency trading through the modern encryption methods, such as 2step authentication, automatic account logout and available cold storage. The first withdrawals arrived rapidly, so I was thinking to keep on using this platform. That’s just my thoughts and it’s your right to decide.

  45. Avatar

    This cryptocurrency trading exchange has its strength in its low fees for operation, stable uptime, high liquidity, fiat transaction among others…

  46. Avatar
    Hazem Samman Reply

    Hitbtc, comprehensive review

    -Hitbtc Support: Non existent, No support email, no call center, no online support, telegram is only announcement channel, Hitbtc filter direct messages on their twitter for not getting overwhelmed with tons of traders complains.

    -Security: Funds isn’t safe, thousands of traders had their funds locked by the exchange without justification, read on the Offical Hitbtc Reddit account.

    -Liquidity: Potentially insolvent, trading volume has dropped dramatically, other exchanges at the same size trades four times more the tinny volume of Hitbtc, check on coinmarketcap

    -Markets: wide variety of coins, unfortunately majority are dead with almost zero daily trading volume, check market overview on Hitbtc website

    -Convenient of use: No mobile application, and no plans to invest and cope with the technology advancement.

    -Reputations: lot of warnings is being published everyday related to locking traders funds.

    -Social activity: The exchange is running a network posting fake positive reviews.

    -My recommendations: Avoid, there are lot of other decent exchanges.

    -My Advise: Make you own due diligence, don’t let reviews fool you, they could be fake.

    -Special request: For those who had their funds locked by Hitbtc, don’t drop your hard earned money, and for the sake of traders funds safety, spread the word and let everybody knows about their awful practices; sooner or later they will be forced to release your money and pay you compensation.

    Best of luck to all

  47. Avatar
    Hadi Hamid Reply

    HitBTC are involved in activities such as not crediting clients’ deposits, traders balance disappearing, withholding withdrawals, and Hitbtc doesn’t seem to be willing to respond, clarify or justify their acts, they can’t deny the thousands of open tickets but keeping silent to gain time; Could be something big behind such suspicious activities….I’d stay away!

  48. Avatar

    You ask why does it take much time for the HitBTC support to reply? Well, I think it depends on the question, mine was resolved just in a few days. Hopefully, will get my money soon.

  49. Avatar
    Alfredo Ehret Reply

    Hitbtc is a European-based exchange owned by Hit Techs Limited, the company is registered in the UK under the name of a Russian citizen who own 75%, the company have been resolved and moved to Hong Kong earlier this year, probably under the same ownership and management; Hitbtc didn’t talk about such important move; however, information related to the European Hit Solutions limited and their current standing is available on an official British Governmental portal.

    Hitbtc have launched margin trading lately and unfortunately their trading volumes dropped dramatically down to almost one fourth compared to similar exchanges at the same size such as Binance, Huobi and OKEX.

    Possibly obligations toward third parties, or perhaps suffered major losses which caused insolvency, there is no other reason which explain withholding withdrawals and locking traders funds, regardless what excuse is being given by Hitbtc.

    I’m aware of traders who managed to withdraw their funds successfully, and there are others who couldn’t make it specially those who made larger withdrawal, although it is their own funds but Hitbtc locked them out and freezes their funds, we are talking about thousands of traders.

    I have decided to avoid Hitbtc at least for the time being.

  50. Avatar

    For those who had their funds stolen/locked by Hitbtc, Please report HitBTC to the HONG KONG POLICE CYBER CRIME department at

    This site will provide a form to fill out and it will generate date and time stamp along with a reference number and an email receipt; it is important to write briefly, indicate your ticket number and value of funds which has been blocked, make sure to mention Company Name: Hit Solution Limited, CR No.: 2510720. Registered / Principal Office: Unit 19, 7/F., One Midtown No.11 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong.

    Hundreds of traders has filled the form so far; situation will become very serious and most likely Hitbtc will be forced to release your funds and perhaps pay you compensation…..don’t wait…

  51. Avatar
    Oliver Dale Reply

    Important Update: 21/8/18

    There have been a growing number of complaints by users of accounts being frozen and withdrawals being prevented. You can read some of these on the r/HitBTC subreddit. As you can see, there have been a large amount of negative comments left on this post which have been countered by a number of users, these all use email accounts at which leads us to believe these are an organized attempt from people at HitBTC to counter the negative sentiment online about the company.

    We would not recommend our users to trade on HitBTC at this time until things become more clear.

  52. Avatar

    Let me get the facts straight (Especially in my case) – HitBTC is not a scam. They might mess up payments here and there, sometimes are slow in responding and even more so in resolving issues – but you do get your money in the end. I’d been waiting for 2 weeks to get my BTC withdrawal, which was cancelled in the end. The support team suggested me to be patient I got my money in 3 days. So just be patient, follow up closely with them and don’t despair.

    • Avatar
      Oliver Dale Reply

      This is another fake comment using a email account and same IP address as previous posters.

  53. Avatar
    Real investor Reply

    Everybody in the comments lying like shit. HITBTC be off some bullshit!! holding peoples Neo tokens for over a week and not give any announcements whatsoever. they shut transactions offline and didnt say NOTHING no notice or nuffin. Bamma ass exchange i swear

  54. Avatar



    I’ve recently been victim of HITBTC shady KYC/AML practices so I will describe precisely how this exchange arbitrarily freezes user accounts.

    How does actually HITBTC attracts new victims?

    * By declaring UNLIMITED deposits and withdrawals (
    * No limits details for GENERAL or VERIFIED accounts found on []. Btw even their rebate system is dysfunctional.
    * No details about the limits for verified or unverified accounts found on []
    * “It might take from 3 to 5 business days to get your account verified” found on []

    What happens when you try to withdraw?

    * HITBTC completely freezes your account. You will not be able to withdraw nor trade.
    * Support will ignore your tickets unless you will spam all over the internet about the issue.
    * If you will be lucky enough and get response from the support you will be asked to provide KYC/AML documents.
    * On any other exchange support would request ALL needed KYC/AML documents in 1 email. But HITBTC is really unique – they will request 1 or 2 documents per email per week.
    * The KYC/AML document requests are often opaque and repetitive.
    * If you will be even more lucky and you bite through “introductory KYC/AML procedure” you will be asked to prove source of funds – transaction by transaction. Very often it’s impossible to get transaction details.
    * Of course such practice is clear attempt for embezzlement.
    * If you believe you have become victim of this HitBtc fraudulent practices report it:
    * []
    * []
    * []
    * []
    * []

    * Additionaly you can help cryptocommunity by sharing your experience so that no more traders fall into the HitBtc trap. Following links are top Google results where you can give feedback about HitBtc:

    * []
    * []
    * [;u=194708;sa=showPosts]
    * []
    * []
    * []
    * [](search for hitbtc and paste your comment)
    * []
    * []
    * []
    * [;u=194708]
    * []
    * []
    * []
    * []
    * []
    * []
    * []


  55. Avatar
    Hisham Subih Reply

    Signed up and left straight away, nothing attractive alts markets looks like grave yard with absolute zero volume. not worth risking my life saving.

  56. Avatar
    Richard Godard Reply

    I`m a cryptocurrency trader and I’ve been trading on HitBTC since 2016, Lately I made a website to show some features and advantages of using Hitbtc; I tried to withdraw some of my funds and surprisingly Hitbtc locked my account and suspended withdrawals, it wasn’t limited to that, someone hacked my website which I no longer control. do not trust Hitbtc.

  57. Avatar

    My account have been locked too, I filed a complain to the authorities in the UK and Hong Kong, there is a huge number similar complains along with legal cases raised against those scammers, and their situation is getting worse everyday. take my advise and file a complaint just to reserve your right, I am confident that they will refund and pay you compensation soon.

  58. Avatar
    hadi Hamid Reply

    Golden days of Shitbtc has gone forever, everybody has become aware of their fraud and scam even those who doesn’t trade, their markets are grave yard with zero trading volumes….only Shitbtc bots trades some BTC’s and ETH’s which have been stolen from traders to show some activities……..soon Shitbtc will disappear, either they’ll claim that they got hacked or the authorities will shut them down….Good bye Shitbtc we don’t want to see you anymore….

  59. Avatar

    You always know something shady when not enough information available publicly, no details on their organization, owners, stack holders, not even contact details, never heard about any of their staff made an interview or spoke in public, and that’s a very bad sign, looks like a scam, quacks like a scam and swims like a scam, It is indeed a scam exchange.

  60. Avatar
    Hazem Samman Reply

    Too may traders have filed complaint to Hong Kong Police cyber crime department and some of them have received confirmation that the police is handling their cases; If your money have been blocked/Stolen by Hitbtc, Use google and search for Hong Kong Police, Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB), select e-report and file a cyber crime complain, Do not wait.

  61. Avatar
    Hazem Samman Reply

    Please use this link to report the money which have been blocked/stolen by Hitbtc.

    Make sure to add the company details which is as follows

    “Hit Solution Limited, CR No.: 2510720. Registered / Principal Office: Unit 19, 7/F., One Midtown No.11 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong”

    Filling the report is quite simple and will take you few minutes, a reference will be generated and the investigation team will reach you out in few days as confirmed by many traders who filed complains.

    Best of luck

  62. Avatar

    Thanks for the info, I reported them and received email from HK police, seems to be serious, lets see how it goes.

  63. Avatar
    The Accountant Reply

    Only few instruments are active in Hitbtc, all others coins trades bellow 1 BTC and almost 0$ a day, traders are no longer interested in using Hitbtc, this is because of their fraud and scam, their greed and theft had killed their own exchange; Hitbtc you’ve damaged the whole crypto concept, please leave and do business in something else.

  64. Avatar

    Sending them passport copy and credit card statement is not a joke, if Shitbtc imposed you to do so call your bank and block your card immediately

  65. Avatar

    If you fall in Hitbtc trap and you had to send your personal details along with credit card and bank statements, you could contact one of the three credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian) and put a 90 day fraud alert on your credit profile, which will require additional verification for new accounts or account changes to be made in your name. But to protect against check fraud, you simply have to monitor your statements closely or otherwise change your account number.

  66. Avatar
    The Accountant Reply

    No one on earth trust this Scam Russian exchange, it would be your mistake to send them copy of your passport for your full personal details, utility bill for your detailed address, social media accounts to hack your email, bank statement to enable them issue fraud checks under your name, use Hitbtc and you are done my dear!

  67. Avatar

    Still don’t believe HitBTC is a scam exchange?

    Legal name in the UK: Hit Techs limited, registered capital asset (one GBP=1.31 US$)

    Legal name in Hong Kong: Hit solution ltd, registered capital asset (10000 HKD=1275 US $)

    How it is not scam?

    • Avatar


  68. Avatar
    Hazem Samman Reply

    Those who had their money stolen/blocked by Hitbtc, make sure that you file a complain and register a case with Hong Kong cyber crime police, the process is straight forward, you may use the below link

    indicate the stolen amount and make sure to write the company details

    “Hit Solution Limited, CR No.: 2510720. Registered / Principal Office: Unit 19, 7/F., One Midtown No.11 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong”

    Filling the report is quite simple and will take you few minutes, a reference will be generated and the investigation team will reach you out as confirmed by many traders, this has proven to be fruitful and effective.

    Alternatively you may use the following direct contact:

    Hong Kong Police Mr CHU of Crime Investigation Team 6 Tsuen Wan Police Station
    DPC 58396 Mr CHU DIT 6 TWDIST email: Tel: +852 3661 2418 Fax: +852 2405 5407

    It is important to file a complaint to reserve your right to claim refund and compensation before the police shut them down, always keep screen shot showing your blocked balance.

  69. Avatar
    Hazem Samman Reply

    The KYC designed by HitBTC is a fraudulent scheme
    The KYC designed by HitBTC has proven to be a fraudulent scheme to hold traders funds on an indefinite basis, even though users are complying with everything which is being asked of them.

    HitBTC has no ID policy to get customers on board before the u-turn gave them an excuse to withhold withdrawals and block funds, KYC malpractice is not only an excuse to steal traders funds but potentially a Identity theft which is a bigger crime.

    If you fall in Hitbtc trap and you had to send Name, address, citizenship, photo ID, credit card, bank statements along with your social media accounts and forced to connect without VPN, you could contact one of the three credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian) and put a 90 day fraud alert on your credit profile, which will require additional verification for new accounts or account changes to be made in your name and protect you from fraudulent bank checks, remember that you did provide photo copies of your ID’s or passport for your full personal details, utility bill for your street address along with your social media accounts which hackers can easily exploit leading to more serious security problems, and privacy intrusions, which could affect your finances as well as your reputation.

    Just a glance at the online forum Reddit, Bittrust, Blockonomi, Twitter, Facebook and many other confirms widespread customer concerns, number of complaints is growing each week, and a community of fellow unhappy traders have come together to try and warn other crypto investors not to be scammed.

    • Avatar
      Kenny Ackerman Reply


      I just got scammed out of $12,000.

      Any tips on what I should do.

  70. Avatar

    Very poor exchange and evrytime is limit to buy and sell…Kucoin is the best

  71. Avatar

    I think that you are mistaken about them. Instead HitBTC could be called one of the most safest exchanges we have heard about: as I know, it has never had any serious problems like hack attacks. Also I am from France and in my country a lot of people use HitBTC and nothing bad happens. What could this mean? As for service itself, I had a problem with withdrawal once but the support helped me in no more than 20 minutes. All in all, I got no issues buying and trading with this platform, like the ability to exchange fiat to cryptocurrency.

    • Avatar


      Thanks for the heads up. I just got scammed by HITBTC. Now I have to worry about identity theft.

    • Avatar

      You are mistaken!!

      HITBC is stealing money from everyone!!!

      What a shame. This is what HITBC sends me after all that? What a joke! Why don’t you send me back my $12,000 and kick me off your system…BUT IM SURE HITBTC would rather steal my hard earned money, and everyone else’s.



      In accordance with the requirements of current anti-money laundering; proceeds of crime and counter terrorism financing legislation, we are required to establish and record evidence of the identity and source of funds for our clients.

      Therefore we kindly ask you to provide us with the origin of the following transactions:

      The source of funds report has to describe all the actions you have performed with these funds before sending them to HitBTC, e.g. purchasing them, exchanging, transferring from one address to another. Kindly present the chain of such events in chronological order. Please attach screenshots, which will confirm each step.

      Note that screenshots of public blockchain explorers data are not accepted. You’re expected to provide the screenshots of your actions in the crypto services that you’ve used.

      For example, in case you have obtained these funds on another crypto trading platform, please provide us with the screenshots of your deposit, trading and withdrawal history on that platform. So that the history of the funds in question would be clearly displayed.


  72. Avatar

    HitBTC seems one of the best to me as a trading platform. Also, it appears to have good security when it comes to 2fa removing process by their support team – rest assured that no scammer will be able to identify himself as the account owner.

  73. Avatar

    HitBTC will be good if they stop locking traders accounts and take them into endless KYC process which has affected thousands of traders as I can read on the official Hitbtc Twitter and Reddit accounts, unfortunately Reddit have suspended Hitbtc account lately for the obvious reasons!

    The other part, Hitbtc should stop imposing positive fake reviews as this seems to be the way Hitbtc have taken to restore their image.

    I’d suggest traders to follow the advise if the author of this article which recommend avoiding Hitbtc for the time being until Hitbtc release the thousands of traders accounts which have been frozen.

  74. Avatar

    Experience comes with time. A very few people find a good exchange without trying another ones. Although why are you writing that you have some problems with Hitbtc, I don’t understand… Hitbtc is one of not so many safe exchanges. Been using it for one and a half year…

  75. Avatar

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for resolving my issue with email confirmations. Everything is up and running again, no problems depositing and withdrawing my crypto.

  76. Avatar
    Marry Luis Reply

    This platform is my favorite one. I made a lot of profit here, lol. It is convenient, user-friendly and cheap (you may even trade without fees). Thank you guys for running such a great service!

  77. Avatar

    That’s the best exchange I’ve used compared to any other. Their website is fast and what’s most important the support responses fast.

  78. Avatar

    Seriously? How can you even think of endorsing HitBTC?

    Low fees??? What a joke. I just transferred everything I had out of BitBTC (except some NANO because of maintenance, and 1 satoshi that will remain as a reminder of a scam.

    Tokens mysteriously disappearing.

    Although I do like the logo: get out as fast as you can.

    • Avatar
      Oliver Dale Reply

      We don’t endorse them at all, maybe you missed our update to the review:

      Important Update: 21/8/18

      There have been a growing number of complaints by users of accounts being frozen and withdrawals being prevented. You can read some of these on the r/HitBTC subreddit. As you can see, there have been a large amount of negative comments left on this post which have been countered by a number of users, these all use email accounts at which leads us to believe these are an organized attempt from people at HitBTC to counter the negative sentiment online about the company.

      We would not recommend our users to trade on HitBTC at this time until things become more clear.

  79. Avatar

    I also lost my phone, and also need to reset 2FA. I gave them pictures of me holding my passport, along with a signed/dated notice. I also included a screenshot of what my current portfolio should be (coins/amounts).

    This STILL was not enough. They are asking for transaction hashes, which is troublesome for me to get because I don’t know the address it was supposed to deposit to. I use multiple exchanges (close to 6) and last deposited over a year ago to HitBTC. Asking for transactions is too much; I was able to regain access to my Coinbase (GDAX) and other exchange accounts, but not HitBTC. I feel like they are going to extreme lengths in order to essentially hold my funds hostage.

    TLDR; stay away from HitBTC. They’re by far the worst exchange I’ve used

  80. Avatar

    Like this article and completely agree with the author. HitBTC has the simpliest registration and a great number of tools. Can confirm high liquidity low fees. And the security lvl is also high: have never heard of any troubles with it.

  81. Avatar

    very poor exchange… suck.. if we change setting whitelist address cryptocurrency, withdrawl disable 2×24 hours even admin can’t enable… default is whitelist turn on..
    very very bad exchange..

  82. Avatar

    To my mind, this platform is not a scam. It has always been user friendly. They also have this AML policy. My personal experience says that the exchange is safe.

  83. Avatar

    Total scam exchange, I’ve used all top exchanges and this is the only one I’ve lost money with. New to. Trading? Use any exchange other than hitbtc. Their withdrawal fees are the highest I’ve ever seen. Their trollbox is also used by a small group of users for pump and dump scams on unsuspecting users, point this out and you’re banned.

  84. Avatar

    I’ve been trading here for a while and can say that HitBTC has almost get reeded of the “Poor Customer Support” as the author says. Support works much faster now.

  85. Avatar

    Great review, thanks! And here’s some new details: the Customer Support is not poor any more as the support works much faster thn it used to. And withdrawals also take accurate time.

  86. Avatar

    I haven’t experienced any issues with HitBTC for two years that could make me want to leave the exchange.

  87. Avatar

    I am sure that HitBTC is honest with its users. They always answer all questions – both in simple tickets and in public appeals.

  88. Avatar

    I’m an old Hitbtc user and have no plans to move anywhere else. This place feels like home thanks to Trollbox and its local folks.
    Troll Tip: always DYOR when it comes to trading.

  89. Avatar

    Horrendeous! Customer Service is NON-existent, NEVER replied to my emails and close the account without warning, and refuse to open/keep the demo open. I am a live account holder who needs continuous access to demo account but it keeps getting closed down. Instead of looking into my complaint, the rude chat bot-like customer ‘service’ agents keep closing down the chat. My request is not unreasonable, but I am met with pure hostility by any customer service agent. I was only able to recover some of the money lost through (Recoveryexperts0 at Gmail) Also, their knowledge is abhorrent. It’s impossible to get a quick answer to any simple question. Really painful experience, especially when I have open positions in my trading account and need a real answer. STAY AWAY!

  90. Avatar

    The subreddit got banned because of how toxic it became against the platform, I used to visit it just to read the people had to say and, you know? most of the complaints boiled down to people not wanting to submit their KYC, imagine that! I understand people not wanting to give away their info, but it got pretty ridiculous pretty fast imo

  91. Avatar

    Very complete rundown of what the exchange is about, thanks for putting it together! I’ve been using hitbtc for a few weeks now and so far so good, I must admit the platform is a bit slow at times but considering how many features they have I guess it’s expected

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