Hodium: A Next-Gen Crypto Asset Investment Firm

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The crypto world is growing quickly and Hodium is working to be a part of next-gen crypto investing. The company is registered in the UK and allows its clients to make a return on their crypto holdings every day.

In addition to being savvy crypto investors, the team at Hodium is dedicated to the advancement of cryptos as a global payment platform.

Hodium has assembled a team of crypto investment professionals that know how to create returns on a daily basis. The company also created a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that sifts through an almost unbelievable amount of market data 24/7.


The result of this conglomeration is a business model that may become a trendsetter in the investment industry.

For people that think a guaranteed return isn’t possible in the investment markets, think again. You might be surprised to learn that professional trading operations at major investment banks can turn a profit most days, and in some cases, big market moves can fuel absurdly high returns.

Hodium is bringing this trading model to the average crypto investor and also offering some pretty sweet incentives to anyone who helps the company grow its reach.

Hodium Aims to Level the Playing Field

One of the biggest advantages of the cryptocurrency space is the lack of centralized players who more or less control the market.

Don’t kid yourself, the shadowy owners of the US Federal Reserve (that’s right–it is a private company with owners) are stacking the deck in their favor. In fact, they are printing the deck, then stacking it against you.

The folks at Hodium are totally opposed to this socioeconomic model and want to leverage modern trading technology for anyone who wants to see their crypto holdings grow.

Thomas Hansen, the CEO at Hodium commented that,

“I believe that the single most important driver of Hodium’s success has been our unwavering commitment to our principles and foreward-looking attitude of discovering the new era of finance. That mission inspires investors to go above and beyond their responsibilities every day, to solve the most difficult problems, and to join together as One Hodium to help people invest for digital assets and achieve their most important financial goals. We’re witnessing an international collabration of those who are satisfied with the idea of leading a movement towards cyrptocurrencies and have faith in their functionality.”

It isn’t difficult to see that the head of Hodium is working to make the crypto markets more functional, and provide liquidity to an asset class that has exploded in popularity over the last decade.

No Market for Little Guys

Unlike the established financial markets, the crypto markets still see their fair share of volatility.

The reason?

There isn’t a cabal of central bankers and money center banks setting the prices of every major asset class, and removing the possibility of a market pricing mechanism.

If you want to know why living standards are falling in established economies, and most stock markets are at all-time-highs, look no further than the (US) President’s Working Group on Financial Markets—AKA, the “Plunge Protection Team.

Unless the banking bosses “OK” a hit on an asset, there is no way any serious volatility will enter the market.

Some recent examples include the Argentine Peso or the Turkish Lira. As soon as the currencies went for a wild ride to the downside, trading desks at money center banks were jumping on the trade, and making hundreds of millions in profits…in…one…day!

Of course, you won’t be able to make trades like that on your own. Try to trade like the money center banks, and you will find that your macro trading options are few, and most come with double-digit swap rates on any asset that has enough volatility to make you any real return.

Tokens at the Speed of Light

If you are wondering how you can get exposure to the kind of trading tech that makes major banks piles of money on a daily basis, Hodium might be your best bet.

Hodium uses the same kind of data-driven quant analysis that big banks have access to as a part of their trading operations, which is why it is able to guarantee a return on investors’ tokens. The company is also offering anyone who wants to help them grow a great return via an affiliate program that will pay between 10-20% on any new business you bring through their door.

As Hodum said in its whitepaper,

“…we think the true potential of cryptocurrencies will be revealed once the individuals are provided a high monthly interest return from their investments in digital assets. Thus, we’ve combined our crypto trading knowledge with mustknows of traditional investments according to the best risk management strategies.”

Because there are no big players in the crypto markets who are looking to suck the volatility out of the markets, Hodium will probably be able to create returns for its investors that will likely rival the returns that a trading desk at a major bank can create from the established markets.

About Hodium

Keeping Up With the Market

It is hard to think of a week where there isn’t news of a major exchange hack or some piece of crypto kit that was compromised by hackers.

From the standpoint of safety and investability, Hodium is excellent.

The team at Hodium has a deep understanding of safety in the crypto markets, and the investment process with the company is very user-friendly. Investors can deposit tokens with Hodium, and are paid a return on a daily basis. There is no lock-up period for funds, and tokens can be withdrawn from a Hodium account at any time.

Additionally, there is no fee to withdraw tokens which makes Hodium a good solution for parking uninvested tokens, as the platform will pay a return on the tokens regardless of the market’s direction. Instead of putting tokens into a stablecoin, Hodium investment deposits will endure that the tokens create a return.

Investors can deposit BTC, BCH, ETH, LTD, Dash, and Doge, which makes Hodium a versatile platform for just about any major token holder.

Far from being a ‘black box’ operation, Hodium provides its clients with research and market analysis, which they can use for other trading activities, or just to learn more about the crypto markets. Hodium also has a 2FA authentication system that clients can opt to use, in case they want an extra layer of security.

The Markets are Ready for Innovation

It would be easy to paint Hodium as a crypto-specific platform, but that would overlook the real nature of its vision. It is worth reading the company’s whitepaper, and understanding where fiat currency, digital currency, and cryptos fit in a longer evolution of human trade.

The ability for everyday people to access cutting edge trading technology is an great idea. It allows people to take advantage of the same market-beating techniques that major financial institutions use to generate income nearly every day, and whomp the portfolio performance of the retail investors they prey on.

Hodium has a range of features that demonstrate its team understand both trading, and the potential pitfalls that exist in the crypto markets.


Nicholas Say was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has traveled extensively, lived in Uruguay for many years, and currently resides in the Far East. His writing can be found all over the web, with special emphasis placed on realistic development, and the next generation of human technology. Contact

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