How to Mine 0xBitcoin: Complete Beginner’s Guide

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0xBitcoin is unique ERC20 token. ERC20 tokens, are tokens that run on top of the Ethereum network, and are stored in a Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet. 0xBitcoin is a token that has the same supply and mining algorithm as Bitcoin. It also is one of the only ERC20 tokens that uses Proof of work. To sum it up, 0xBitcoin is a Bitcoin like token, that works with Ethereum smart contracts, because it runs on the Ethereum network.

How to Mine 0XBitcoin

Now that we know the details about 0xBitcoin, let’s get to mining some 0xBTC.

Some General Mining Tips

So before we start this tutorial, I have two tips for making the most out of your mining experience. First make sure you have the latest drivers for your GPU’s. Secondly, most mining software will get flagged as a virus from virus scanners. Because of this, if your mining on your normal everyday use or gaming computer that has an antivirus installed, you will want to exclude the mining software from the antivirus. What I like to do, is I make one folder and then put all of my mining software in sub folders. I then exclude the top level folder from the antivirus and that excludes all the mining software.

Mining Pools

The first thing we need is a mining pool. You can solo mine, but the payouts could take months depending on how powerful your mining rig is, and the mining pools usually charge a very small fee (1% or less). Using a pool will allow you to receive consistent payouts, multiple times per day.

For this tutorial we will use The pool charges 5%

Now that we have a pool, lets start mining!

GPU Mining – Nvidia

For GPU mining there are many programs for Nvidia, but the one I have found to be the best is COSMIC V3. The miner has a 2%, 1.5% or 1% Dev fee, depending on which build you download. This mining software is compatible with Windows and Nvidia.

You can find the official page and the download link at

Once downloaded, it is really simple to use.

First double click the exe file. Then you have to enter a series of commands, for the miner to start mining.

Here is a list of all of the available commands

First we need to enter

“account select your_eth_address”    This will use an existing eth address.


“account new”       If you want to create a new eth address.

If you used “account new”, make sure you type in “account list” to view the public and private key.

Now type in “pool select”

Then type “pool mine cuda”

The red arrow indicates the total speed.
The blue arrow indicates the detected GPUs.

GPU Mining – AMD

For GPU mining there are many programs for AMD, but the one I have found to be the best is MVis-tokenminer. The mining software is compatible with the Windows and Linux operating system, as well as AMD and Nvidia. The mining software has a 1% Dev fee. This mining software is compatible with Windows and Linux, however there are only precompiled binaries available for Windows.

You can find the official page and the download link at

Once downloaded, it is really simple to use.

First open the tokenminer.ini file

Change “Host=” to “Host=”

Make sure the RPCPort is set to “RPCPort=8586”

Add your Ethereum account where it says “MinerAcct=0x”

Now create a new batch file (or script file if using Linux) inside the folder where the miner is and paste this into the batch file

tokenminer.exe -G -P --opencl-platform 0

Double click the batch file to run the miner, and you should see something like this

The red arrow indicates the GPU’s in your system that will be used for mining.
The blue arrow indicates the total speed, each GPU speed, each GPU temperature and each GPU fan speed.

If there are problems, you may not have enough virtual memory. You may need 16GB of virtual memory (for Vega GPU’s you need more like 16GB per GPU) to change this go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> System and the click Advanced system settings on the left. From there, click settings under the advanced tab. Next click change, and then on the third screen, uncheck automatically manage, choose custom size, and type in the size (in MB) for both text boxes. Then press the set button, and then the ok button.

General Troubleshooting

One thing to monitor for is stale or rejected shares. If you see a lot of stale shares, you may want to try a server that is closer to you. If you see a lot of rejected shares, try to lower the intensity of the miner if available.

How much 0xBTC will I earn per day?

To figure this out, you would go to and use their calculator. The calculator does provide a rough estimate, so you may get paid a higher or lower amount than what the calculator actually says.

Most of the values are already correctly entered, and you only need to edit a few values.

Hash rate: Enter your total speed for all of your mining computers. This would be the “total speed” value in your mining software. Make sure to add up all of the computers your using for 0xBitcoin mining.

Pool fee: Enter the pool fee + the miner software dev fee. For our example you would enter 5 + 1 = 6

Then press the use current diff button

We can quickly see how many coins we will make in certain time frames. Keep in mind you also want to weigh the daily payout with the market cap. A low market cap coin may be really profitable one day, and then could have half the payout tomorrow.

That’s it. You should now be mining 0xbitcoin! Make sure to type in your public key into the mining pool’s dashboard, to keep track of your statistics.

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