DigiByte (DGB) is a fast-growing global blockchain for security and decentralised payments used in 82 countries. DigiByte has many features, including lightning speed transactions with minimal or nonexistent fees. You send and receive DigiBytes to or from any DigiByte address in the world in a matter of seconds without having to register or have hidden charges. DigiByte also allows you to secure your data, documents and contracts in a way that has never been possible before.

Digibyte is a very fast cryptocoin which is a cheap and easy to mine currency at the moment. We will learn how to mine Digibyte in Windows 10, using a GPU on an Nvidia video card or AMD video card.

Join a Mining Pool

The first thing to do is join a “mining pool”. There are several “mining pools” which work without problems. Two excellent mining pools for Digibyte are https://dgb.miningfield.com/ and https://dgb-groestl.theblocksfactory.com/.

Before signing up, it would be recommendable to have a Digibyte digital wallet (they will ask you for the wallet address). If you do not have one, you can download one here from the official website. If you have an account on an exchange, such as Bittrex, you can also create a wallet there and mine directly to it.

To mine in certain pools, you need to optimize the miners with Myriad-Groestl which is DGB algorithm:

Create a Worker

We will be using Miningfield for this tutorial. After you have signed up for an account and logged in, on the drop down menu, you will find the “My Account”, and then you must go to “My Workers” to create a worker.

A screen will display a box with the title “Add New Worker”. Enter the username and password you want in the text boxes, and hit the “Add New Worker” button.

Download Mining Software

The next step is to download the miner, CCMiner is best for Nvidia cards and Claymore for AMD Cards.

Once you have the zip, extract it to a folder on your PC.

Create .bat File

This step is where things get a little tricky. Now you must create a CCMiner config file which is saved with a .bat extension.

Create a text file in notepad and enter the following information:

ccminer-x64 --algo=skein -o stratum+tcp://eu.miningfield.com:3398 -u username.worker -p yourpassword

To create a . bat file, simply open up notepad and save the file in the same folder as your mining software with a .bat extension ( change “save as type” from text to All files ). Save the file, we will fill in the information in the next section.

Save bat file

Then, modify the URL to any of the ones that appear in dgb.miningfield.com. Example: “url” : “stratum+tcp://us.miningfield.com:3397”

Finally we will change the line of the “user” and the “pass.” The “user” is the user name of your dbg.miningfield.com account (in step 1) plus the name of the worker you created (in step 2)

Example: username.worker

“username” is your account username at Miningfield and “worker” is the worker name you created before.

The “pass” is the key to your worker Example:

“url” : “stratum+tcp://us.miningfield.com:3397”,
“user” : “username.worker”,
“pass” : “mypassword”

Start Mining

Run the .bat file you created which will start the CCminer application, and if all goes well, the MH/S and the blocks will appear.

One of the best things about mining Digibyte is that you can continue to use the PC while running the miner because it does not slow (lag) the machine, which means you can keep working on it in other programs.

You can also mine from the pool https://dgb.miningfield.com/ with CPU, but some people do not see it profitable. It is a matter of trying to configure according to the characteristics of your CPU and looking at the capacity of hash/s you can get.

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  1. My .bat file is not working. window disappear as i click that file.


    1. Are you using ccminer ?
      Can you post your .bat contents and I’ll take a look ( delete the password )


    2. ccminer window disappear Solution:
      1- Edit “ccminer.conf” then Match it with “mybat.bat” file:

      “algo” : “skein”,
      “url” : “stratum+tcp://us.miningfield.com:3397”,
      “user” : “YourWorker”,
      “pass” : “YourPassword”

      2- After save the changes open”ccminer-x64.exe” and it will work well 🙂


  2. your bat file example for ccminer and thats why we cant mine with Claymore. please add Claymore bat file example


  3. Hi Tried above steps , still not working, all the screens get disappeared.


  4. I keep getting this I am assuming an error but it says “auto block 5099777, diff 40453.826”. Anyone know a fix?


    1. Fixed it myself had to just make a second worker and log out and in again on MF for it to work in case someone else has this issue. Doesn’t make sense to me but it is working now so all good 😛


    2. use –algo=skein in end of line instead “”–algo=skein”” in Article


      1. ok its not author but this page comment system. its making double dash to single.
        I meant was “”-–algo=skein””


        1. Ive updated the post so you can see that correctly now, thanks.


  5. ccminer window disappear Solution:
    1- You don’t need to make “mybat.bat” file!

    2- Edit “ccminer.conf” file then change these points:
    “algo” : “skein”,
    “url” : “stratum+tcp://us.miningfield.com:3397”,
    “user” : “YourWorker”,
    “pass” : “YourPassword”

    3- After save the changes open ”ccminer-x64.exe” directly and it will work well 🙂


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