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iCod: How Digital Profiles can Become Smart

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The activity of a modern user in the network goes along with the need to create user accounts on different platforms. Subsequently, the user’s interaction with platforms leads to the digital footprint that can be used by attackers to track and harm. Security generating depends largely on the efficiency of user account management and methods of interaction with information. iCod startup community found the solution to this problem.


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What is the complexity of organizing a safe data storage?

Since interaction with web resources is possible on the basis of generated user accounts, the user faces the problem of organizing the management of his accounts. In the case of an attack, in the absence of decentralized management possibility, passwords and access to the platforms can be compromised.

One of the ways to keep your account secure is to log in every time, without storing passwords in browsers. However, this approach also has a number of drawbacks, which include the following:

  • The resource log in will be complicated by the need to enter a password, which will affect the ability to quickly access.
  • The need to constantly enter a password increases the risk of phishing, which also affect the security level.

Moreover, in the case of hacking, password recovery can take a long period of time. The solution to the problem can be the decentralized approach to storing and managing user accounts and other information that the user uses when accessing to the network.

How can iCod remedy the situation?

ICod’s proposal is to create a digital portfolio of profiles, thanks to which the user will be able to effectively manage accounts, while organizing a high level of information security. Technical solutions are based on possibility to use Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies. As a result, the user is able to:

  • Implement a decentralized data storage with cryptography. The approach principle is the distribution of information in Blockchain. As a result, to gain access the attacker will have to hack all the computers of the system members, which is impossible (due to the complexity of organization, due to the need to use a colossal level of the computation capacity).
  • Obtain a single account management center.

iCod also offers the opportunity to move to a new level of security, through the use of biometric data. The possibility of remote identity authentication will allow to expand the list of available services.

What are the advantages of iCod identification solutions?

The generation of a confirmed digital account gives users access to accelerate the process of receiving services. The use of Distributed Ledger and Blockchain technologies allows to reduce the information processing time, while organizing protection against its changes.

Also, the project found a solution that allows to remove the need for a long registration from the chain of the user interaction with the resource. The iCod identifier is an alternative to this process. Its aim is to use existing user information to provide third-party services with the necessary information for registration. As a result, the following advantages were achieved:

  • access time has been reduced.
  • third-party services obtained the opportunity to extract the necessary information, which has the necessary access codes for its confirmation in advance.

Another focus area of the iCod project is the formation of partnerships within an accessible network. Companies interaction based on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies allows to securely transfer, store, and analyze information.

In particular, the user statistics can be used in the system. As a result, companies will be able to analyze the behavior of each project member, which will provide access to the generation of profitable offers (including loyalty programs). Interaction of members within the system will be organized with the help of iCod tokens.

Thus, in the iCod system, the capabilities of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies have been disclosed, as a basis for ensuring the security of the user experience in the network. Additional focus areas of iCod, implementing simplified user identification and opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation of companies, increase the value of technical solutions.

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