The cryptocurrency exchange P2PB2B has added IEO, which is a method of raising funds for blockchain startups. Now traders can acquire tokens of emerging companies and make a guaranteed profit.


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The advantages of IEO and its differences from ICO:

A new way to collect funds is a refinement of the old one. Modified and improved functions were introduced based on the ICO experience. IEO is able to combat several major problems:

  • the rise of fraudulent projects;
  • the complexity of financing/ transfer of funds to smart contracts;
  • asset instability after fundraising;
  • startup scalability issues;
  • asset centralization.

Reliability and protection from scam projects

IEO is similar to ICO, but it is more reliable. IEO is carried out exclusively on trading platforms. Exchanges put up for sale security tokens of projects that have been carefully analyzed.

Security tokens are coins that are backed by real securities. That is, these tokens are a true digital asset. Buying security tokens, the investor becomes a shareholder of a startup.

The exchange team thoroughly analyzes each startup so that a scam project doesn’t get onto the trading platform. Thus, investors needn’t worry about their investments. It is not profitable for exchanges to deceive their users, because their main resource is reputation.


To purchase these coins, you do not need to send your funds to the company’s smart contract. Just go to the exchange’s site and choose a project that interests you. Payment involves cryptocurrencies chosen by the project. To participate in IEO, you need to go through the KYC procedure on the exchange, which is required to confirm your identity.


With the usage of IEO, the company becomes financially more stable. Situations with the token rising and falling over a short period of time are out of the question. Investors do not observe a constant change in the value of their assets.

There are cases when after the release of a project on an exchange, the price of a coin begins to plummet. This is because “whales” that purchased currency of this project at the stage of pre-sale start to sell their tokens in order to get high profits. Due to such market manipulations, many investors lose huge amounts. In the case of IEO, such an event is not possible.


IEO helps a startup to develop and, consequently, to yield greater profits. In the case of ICO, after collecting the funds, the company needs to look for trading platforms on which it is possible to list its token. This operation requires additional costs. If you use IEO, then as soon as the funds collection is over, the token can be traded. This will help the project develop faster and generate income for investors even earlier. The token becomes liquid from the first day of listing because all of its holders are on the trading platform.

Protection of the company from the centralization of assets

In the case of the classical variation of funds collection, “gas wars” are quite common. This is a phenomenon where large investors charge a higher transaction cost so that their request is in priority and they receive the project token before the rest. In the case of IEO, most of the company is in the hands of several investors.

Where IEOs are

IEO is at the moment only available in 2 large markets: Binance and P2PB2B. So far, not many platforms are ready to introduce a new fundraising standard, because it requires additional costs associated with the development and recruitment of a team of specialists who will analyze start-ups. Soon, the number of marketplaces that support IEO should grow because this technology is revolutionary in terms of investment.

The main advantage of P2PB2B as a trading platform with IEO is the ease of entry. There is a classical interface, which is easy to understand. With only $5, you can start trading on the platform. For authorized users, the trade limit is $100,000.

P2PB2B cares about the inhabitants of the CIS. The site accepts hryvnias and rubles for deposit and withdrawal of funds. Therefore, it is much easier for local residents to start trading on this platform.

The exchange is actively developing: in 2 months it has increased its turnover more by than 5 times. This factor illustrates the credibility of the trading platform. The P2PB2B team responsibly approaches the business of satisfying the wishes of its customers.

Promising projects appear on P2PB2B that are very likely to make a profit in the near future. The platform has a team of specialists who are able to identify fraudsters and protect their users.

If you have any questions, you can contact technical support, which is 24/7 ready to answer in 8 world languages, including Russian. This indicates the concern of the P2PB2B team about CIS users. Few exchanges translate their interfaces for Russian-speaking users.

On this exchange, never worry about the safety of funds: 95% of the total capital of the platform is stored in cold (hardware wallets).

To sum up

IEO is a technological development that reduces investor risk to a minimum. Over time, this type of fundraising should replace ICO. After all, it is based on the mutual benefit of both the investor and the project that seeks funding.

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