Crypto Project Says ‘World Class’ Consensus Eliminates Possibility of Network Attacks

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A crypto project finished a brand-new consensus mechanism that will eliminate the possibility of malicious actors attacking its network.

ILCoin was founded four years ago – and it says it was only the 80th cryptocurrency available in the world at the time of launch. The company emphasizes, what started as an alternative to Bitcoin is becoming a platform with a “world-class consensus” called C2P. C2P “will increase the security level of the blockchain to a level never achieved before.”


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The project says it has a team of more than 30 people who are constantly working on delivering improvements to its “constantly developing coin.” ILCoin says it also sets itself apart from companies offering ERC-20 tokens with “over-boosted marketing campaigns” – and says that technology is more important than marketing.

“Better and stronger by the day”

 ILCoin has now been accepted and listed on 13 exchanges – and an agreement with CoinTiger and Bit-Z means that its coin, ILC, can be paired with Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.

ILCoin says that its ambition is to “evolve and become the foundation of a new, global digital currency-based economic system” – and according to its white paper, the company is determined to expand worldwide after attracting majority of users, from  Asia.

The project describes customer service as one of its priorities, and to this end, a dedicated support center has been established to deal with queries as they arise. In a bid to welcome new and perhaps less experienced consumers to the crypto world, ILCoin has also created tutorials designed to help new users “feel more comfortable and confident” when interacting with their products.

Innovations in the pipeline

 According to ILCoin, smart contracts are going to be one of its main emphases in November  of 2019. Its white paper indicates that there is scope for blockchains to achieve far more than performing a small set of simple operations – and sets out a vision where these networks run code, performing “more complex operations defined in fully fledged programming languages.”  Upgrades are also scheduled for its web wallet and Android wallet.

“ILCoin is the currently known best SHA-256-based cryptocurrency. This year, we will complete ILCoin Smart Contract and this step will make ILCoin the best cryptocurrency on Earth in every term, proving that SHA-256 is a base that has more business potential than assumed by most of the people“

assures Norbert Goffa, executive manager and the official representative of ILCoin.

As well as offering a web wallet, ILCoin offers applications for a range of operating systems – including Windows, Mac and Android. This enables users to safely store the cryptocurrency and transfer it “to anyone instantly at virtually no cost – without banks, without chargebacks.”

ILCoin says the time has come for a “paradigm shift” in crypto – one that moves away from tokens which fail to demonstrate real development value and seize precious market share from coins which have the potential to change the world. The company firmly believes that sustainability in crypto hinges upon coins and networks which are established on real technologies – and says that its C2P protocol proves its capability for this.


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