Infinito Wallet: Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet for Multiple Currencies

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Infinito Wallet claims to be the first universal wallet with support for multiple assets. It has support for the top cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, NEO and GAS. Additionally, Infinito Wallet provides access to top smart contract blockchain tokens, including ETH ERC-20 and NEO NEP-5. The list of supported tokens and cryptocurrencies is constantly growing, expanding the reach of Infinito Wallet.

Infinito Wallet

Who Is Behind Infinito Wallet?

The company behind Infinito Wallet is Infinity Blockchain Labs, a leading research and development company that works on the blockchain and focuses on fully compliant services, products, and collaborations.

Over the years, it has won numerous honors and co-organized the Asia Blockchain Education Program, the first formal blockchain educational initiative in Asia. The company has more than 150 in-house researchers, blockchain developers, strategic planners, and marketers. It has partners throughout the world, including in Poland, Kenya, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK, and Vietnam and is part of the Vietnam Banks Association.

Infinito Wallet itself has more than 70 committed team members, including designers, developers, researchers, customer service officers, and marketing and business executives. The wallet is registered in the Isle of Man in the UK and is part of Infinity Blockchain Labs Europe.

What Cryptocurrencies and Tokens Does Infinito Wallet Support?

One of the biggest draws of Infinito Wallet is the sheer number of tokens that it supports. In fact, the wallet prides itself on supporting the majority of tokens available, letting users search, send, receive, or store those tokens. There is also support for multiple coins on an already long list of cryptocurrencies that Infinito Wallet always expands.

What Are Some Key Features of the Infinito Wallet?

In addition to the support for a competitive number of tokens and crypto coins, Infinito Wallet offers touch ID support, making it possible to access the application quickly and easily without having to sacrifice security. To make transactions free from hassle, the wallet also includes contacts management, storing frequent addresses. There is even the option to add messages to transactions to help with recordkeeping. For further recordkeeping, the wallet supports the ability to export your entire transaction history via .csv file then email it to yourself.


Those around the world can take advantage of Infinito Wallet thanks to its ability to support more than 10 languages, as of the end of Q3 of 2018. These include English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese. Those who access multiple cryptocurrencies and tokens with Infinito Wallet will appreciate the ability to seamlessly transition between various wallets to enhance portfolio management and deliver effortless trading. You can even scan a partner’s QR code to show the token via Verisign.

Those who use the wallet to complete transactions will appreciate the revolutionary price optimization technology that delivers the lowest possible transaction costs. These transactions are also incredibly quick thanks to the regularly updated gateway to the blockchain that is maintained 24/7.

Other key features help you manage your Infinito Wallet and portfolio as a whole, including the overview of your portfolio, which will soon be joining the wallet. This comes via a chart that displays your entire portfolio’s value in fiat currency in real-time. It additionally includes an indicator showing the difference in the current price over the last 24 hours. Another feature that is coming soon is the price change alert, which monitors the price changes for you as the user.

How Can You Use Infinito Wallet?

Infinito Wallet is already available for both Android and iOS devices. To start using it, search for “infinito wallet” and download the application from the relevant application store.

Download the app for iOS devices here.

Or download the app for Android devices here.

Once you have the app installed, you can create a new a new wallet and name it. At this point you can then save your backup phrase so you can restore it in future if needed.

Write down your recovery seed and keep this somewhere safe, the app will then prompt you to confirm it be choosing the words from it. Once that’s down you can then set your password.

The app will show default activated coins and you can hit the “+” button to add any other supported coins and tokens.

You are now set to receive payments, choose either the “send” or “receive” tabs to enter an address to send to or view you receiving address.

How Does Infinito Wallet Provide Privacy and Security?

As a crypto wallet, Infinito Wallet takes users’ privacy seriously, including multiple features for security. Private keys remain completely private, with only the user in question having access to them. To ensure it stays this way, both the private keys and passphrases are fully encrypted. Infinito Wallet will not store user data of any type, either, eliminating the risk of hackers getting hold of it.


Added security comes through Infinito Wallet’s transparency and compliance. It is registered in the Isle of Man, so you can count on the wallet following regulations. The source code will also be available, allowing for external audits.

What Does the Infinito Wallet Road Map Look Like?

Infinito Wallet officially launched on Dec. 8, 2017, with support for ERC20 tokens, ETH, BTC, and BCH. On April 30, 2018, the wallet added new smart contracts and coin blockchains. At this point, it became the very first universal wallet in the world with support for both ETH20 and NEO NEP-5 tokens. This is also when integration for DOGE and DASH took place.

During Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2018, Infinito Wallet continues to add more features and expand its partnership network. This phase is when practical blockchain service integration occurs, including ID/KYC solutions and exchanges. The portfolio display will also be improved, and transaction costs will be optimized. Some of the upcoming features will be or were already released within this timeframe, including the history memos and the ability to explore the transaction history. By the end of the year, the wallet source code will also be published online.


In 2019 and beyond, Infinito Wallet will add support for the top cryptocurrency platforms, such as RSK, ADA, EOS, and ETC. It will also develop and implement an in-app exchange that is fully compliant, add the ability to import existing funds and export funds for saving, and enhance the themes.


While many wallets claim to be universal, most only accept cryptocurrencies or a range of token types. Infinito Wallet stands out with its ability to support the most common token types, including both NEO NEP-5 and ETH ERC20, in addition to multiple cryptocurrencies. The wallet is already useful for those with multiple crypto assets, and it will become even more useful once the team adds support for more currencies and tokens and finishes the implementation of the planned features.

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