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InoCoin is Going to 5$ Until End of the Year!

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In this article I will introduce you to a great new project called InoCoin.  The InoCoin Platform prides itself in its slogan: InoCoin – Connecting smart money with innovative ideas.


Please Note: This is a Press Release

When they say that, they really mean it. The InoCoin Platform is a new decentralized crowdfunding platform where bright, young projects come to life. When I say come to life, I mean they get the funding they need from the hard-working investors using the InoCoin Platform.

As we all know, the main problem new startups have is securing the neccessary funds to make their projects a reality. Well, at InoCoin, they claim to provide both knowledge and help in securing those much needed funds.

Using their platform, every innovative, young project can apply for funding and take the first step in making their idea a reality. But, effort is of course neccessary from the founders. Detailed business plans, financial projections, incentives for investors are necessary as well as good marketing skills for promoting your projects. Those who succeed will get the funding they deserve and those who don’t can always try again, having learned something from the experience.

On their platform the investors are the driving force. They are those who make the projects come to life and decide who succeeds. InoCoin greatly values their investors and they are aware that without them, dreams and ideas would stay just that. InoCoin places no boundries on potential investors. That’s right, anyone can become an investor using their platform, big or small, it doesen’t matter at InoCoin.

Blockchain technology

Like I’ve already said, the InoCoin Platform is decentralized and it’s built on the Ethereum blockchain. Their platform employs a standardized ERC-20 token simply named INO. We will be talking about the token later in the article so don’t go anywhere.
I asked the team at InoCoin why they chose blockchain technology for their project. I was not dissapointed with the answers they provided.

Unlike many other tokens, InoCoin has an official Law Oppinion from huge Istanbul Lawyer group that this really falls into the Utility Token category, which is unique in itself because most of the tokens on the market are without a clear origin, future and real idea, while Ino Coin owns all these qualities.

They say that the usage of blockchain technology makes sure all transactions on their platform are transparent, so the users can be sure that no manipulation is taking place. Furthermore, it provides the neccessary security for the clients funds and personal inforamtion, while lowering the security costs for the InoCoin team. Another reason they state is that blockchain technology greatly reduces transaction times for their clients, which I’m sure is much appreciated by everyone.


The InoCoin team pride themselves in not having held an ICO for their project. They claim that ICOs are fueled by greed and that their main focus in on their product – The InoCoin Platform. Many large cryptocurrencies haven’t held ICOs so why should they. ICOs have start becoming mandatory for every project and I for one, apploud the InoCoin team for focusing on their working product.

Altough they haven’t held an ICO, their INO token is currently trading at a rate of $0.60 per INO. With the current supply of their token beign 200M INO, it puts them at a market cap of $134.1M Not bad for a new project. What is more, in this grave bear market, the INO token has maintained a „steady“ growth. By „steady“ I mean a whopping 250% increase in the last 3 months. There’s not much coins that can say they had a „green“ 2018, let alone the results INO has achieved.

As if that isn’t enough, experts like Ismar Zembo and etc (financial advisor in Malta) are saying that INO is projected to continue it’s rise in the following period. And expectations are until end of the year to get near 5$ with this temps. If you would like to buy INO, feel free to jump on over to . Also, they will be soon implenting a feature so you can buy INO tokens directly off their platform.

So to conclude, I would like to invite all of you that have bright, well thought-out ideas to head on over to and check this great platform out for yourselves. Applying your projects for funding is currently free, but as they say at InoCoin, it won’t be for long. Don’t miss your one chance for making your dreams a reality, go apply at InoCoin, they are waiting for you.

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