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The main feature of this projects that it is used an innovational method for mining Bitcoin, which based on deep daily analysis and control of all financial and technical indicators

So, due to this fact, marketing department is possible to calculate and provide the most favorable prices in the whole cloud mining field.

Smart Mining


Also, a huge part that influence on the packages prices is equipment.

It is almost do not used a brand-new equipment to avoid big expenses on it.

Today, Hash-Rates  geographically  is much wider, more than 20% of it is outside of China and it continues its dynamic growth.


Through numerous experiments and long years of testing, the team of engineers was able to achieve significant results and continues to improve the technology for cooling equipment, allowing on the basis of serial chips to obtain a significant increase in performance.

To achieve this result, innovative technologies were used for mining.

Namely, the CRYOGENIC BLOCKS , which are an integral part of the cooling system, allow to maintain the required temperature of the processors with absolute accuracy to maintain their high performance.

Also a significant role in the cooling system is played by software, the so-called

© Smart-Cooling System. It allows you to analyze and adjust the degree of cooling of the chips. This system completely eliminates the possibility of overheating or excessive cooling of equipment.


Also, an important role in the mining process is played by hardware overclocking software.

© Smart Boost System analyzes the overclocking capabilities of certain components and calculates the safest methods, since the equipment resource is a priority in the process of overclocking it to peak values.

Thus, with the help of a Smart-Boost System system in conjunction with a Smart-Cooling System , it is possible to achieve an increase in performance of up to 60%.

However, this value is systemically limited to 45% in order to maintain stable and uninterrupted operation of the equipment

AS A RESULT, Smart-Cooling System  TOGETHER WITH A Smart-Boost System ALLOWS YOU TO :

  • Increase chip performance up to 60%.
  • Extend working capacity of the equipment
  • Reduce the ability to stop equipment due to overheating to almost zero.

What does the client get from this ?:

  • Most favorable tariffs for packages in the field of cloud mining.
  • A full guarantee of the operability of equipment and mining from it.



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