SynchroLife is a platform for recommending restaurants. With this platform, users can share and socially record restaurants they eat at and then receive personalized recommendations with some help from artificial intelligence. In the future, the team hopes to grow the service to create a decentralized restaurant recommendation platform that is based on the blockchain. It will provide trustworthy reviews as well as information and reward the reviewers via tokens.

Why Use the Blockchain and Tokens for a Restaurant Recommendation Platform?

For some, it may seem odd to create a restaurant recommendation platform based on the blockchain and relying on a token-based economy. However, the developers realized that including these elements will improve the accuracy of the information provided. The information will also be more transparent. Because of its decentralization, SynchroLife should more easily be able to keep up with changing information regarding restaurants, including new restaurants opening and old ones closing.

Because of the token-based economy, reviewers will be rewarded when they make a meaningful contribution to the platform. This places value on each individual’s input and also encourages them to continue sharing accurate, reliable information plus original content. With the token-based economy, users will be encouraged to keep using the platform and help it grow.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Play a Role?

In addition to providing information and earning tokens, one of the components of SynchroLife that is sure to be a hit is the use of artificial intelligence to make personalized recommendations. SynchroLife learns your dining and food preferences based on your actions. Everything from the daily recommendations to rating timelines to search results is personalized for each individual user via artificial intelligence.

How Will Users Earn SynchroCoin?

As you use the SynchroLife platform, you are rewarded with SynchroCoin for your high-quality contributions. Everything from photos of the restaurant and food to restaurant reviews to edits and corrections of restaurant information will allow users to earn tokens. You can also earn tokens by translating restaurant information. Users receive a portion of the fee for advertising from restaurants they contribute to. There are even rewards for eating at participating restaurants, and users can give SynchroCoin to other users as tips.


Is SynchroLife Already Available?

At the moment, SynchroLife is still in the beta version, but you can already begin enjoying its benefits. The beta version of the platform is available as a free download for both Android and iOS smartphones, via Google Play and the App Store, respectively. This beta version does not have tokens or blockchain technology, but these will be added as the platform develops.

Current features include the ability to use SynchroLife in more than 155 countries around the world. The application can be used in four languages, including English, traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. The beta version already includes daily personalized recommendations for restaurants and personalized search results. There are restaurant rating feeds with specific lists for worldwide rankings, countrywide rankings, and those of your friends. Rating and social sharing are simple and already in play. You can also use the beta version of the app to view lists or maps of restaurants that you have viewed recently or pinned. It even allows you to create a food blog instantly.

What Other Features Will Be Added?

The biggest features that will be added to SynchroLife in the near future are the general functionality of the decentralized restaurant information platform and the SynchroCoin tokens within the platform. All aspects of the SynchroCoin rewards and spending will be added, including rewards for contributions and content, as well as those for visiting or buying at affiliate restaurants.

The ability to spend SynchroCoin on gift cards or digital coupons will be forthcoming, as is a cryptocurrency multi-currency wallet to securely hold your SynchroCoin tokens. There will eventually be a debit card based on this cryptocurrency wallet. Affiliate restaurants can look forward to future features, such as cryptocurrency payment tools and those for marketing.

Are SynchroCoins Available? When Is the ICO?

The tokens used in SynchroLife are known as SynchroCoins. The initial coin offering, or ICO, begins Friday, Sept. 22, 2017, at 15:00 GMT. It lasts a full four weeks, ending Oct. 20 at 14:59 GMT. During this time, 55 million SynchroCoin tokens should be sold. You can pay for the tokens in Ether. There was a presale before this, which began Aug. 16.

All funds raised from the crowd sale will be stored within a multi-signature wallet featuring escrow for security. Following the crowd sale, the SynchroCoin tokens will be split based on the quantity of ETH contributed by the individual, including bonuses.

What Can You Do With SynchroCoin?

In addition to providing capital for SynchroLife to develop the platform fully, SynchroCoin tokens will prove useful for each user. You can use the coins to pay for meals at certain affiliate restaurants or buy digital coupons. Restaurants can use the SynchroCoins they earn or buy to pay for marketing and advertising within the platform, as well.

Who Developed SynchroLife?

Tomochika Kamiya is the CEO of SynchroCoin, and his very first company was AI Pacific Ltd. Tomochika actually founded that company in 2005 while still attending Hosei University. That company built and then sold mobile marketing, FeliCa tools, and advertising for Online-to-Offline to 1,400 beauty salons and restaurants. From there, Tomochika was the CMO on one of the largest beauty companies in Japan, leading to a large return on investment. At the moment, Tomochika is the founder and CEO of SynchroLife Limited and GINKAN Inc. and is passionate about the blockchain and its potential.

The current development director for overseas versions of SynchroLife is Hiroshi Mita, who has developed more than 50 apps and has a degree from the Department of Electric and Computer Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

You can find out more about the team behind Synchrolife here.


SynchroLife has the potential for being a truly useful platform, both for users and affiliate restaurants. Because of its decentralized nature and token-based economy, it should be able to provide more accurate information than existing restaurant information directories. It would be unsurprising to see this platform grow in popularity, particularly as more users input additional information, increasing its database.

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