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Investro is the most advanced and user-friendly social trading platform

The platform is fully automated and optimized for trading on many exchanges, as well as for creating your own trading strategies.
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Investro is created by cryptocurrency enthusiasts for traders and ordinary users. The main goal of the project is to provide a tool for effective transactions, which will allow the Investro audience to gain an advantage over other market participants.

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The platform is fully automated and optimized for trading on many exchanges, as well as for creating your own trading strategies. At the forefront are three main components:

1) Automated pool of social trading

2) Complete portfolio management package

3) Built-in staking wallet

The main functions of Invsetro are:

  • Technical indicators of the main cryptocurrency markets, incl. Kraken, Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex.
  • Basic market data
  • Macroeconomic indicators
  • Copy of the strategy of the expert trader
  • Automatic execution of identified social trading opportunities
  • Integration with the currency and stock markets, as well as with additional products – stocks, bonds, currency pairs, CFDs, derivatives.
  • Standalone mobile and desktop application that combines all the features of a bot and platform.
  • Support of multiple order types
  • Fund management
  • Built-in Staking Wallet
  • Complete Portfolio management suite

Today there are many different cryptocurrencies on the market, in which it is rather difficult for investors to navigate, of which there are more and more on the market. Therefore, social trading will help them draw on expert knowledge.

 What are the advantages of Investro’s automated social trading?

  • New users can understand and profit from the cryptocurrency market by gaining confidence when trading in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.
  • Experienced and professional traders can also participate in the market even when they are busy and cannot research and invest time.
  • Universal tools, strategies and mechanisms for trading that can be used on various instruments.
  • Build a community for all traders to share ideas, strategies and improve their trades together.

As such, Investro is a one-stop platform where traders can safely diversify their crypto portfolios with access to neural network-based automated social trading and fund management with performance-based ROI.

Investro Token Utility

The Investro platform completely revolves around the usage of Investro Token – a Utility Token that will be used on the platform to access various premium features, incentivize community sharing and value creation through a dynamic reward system, pay for fees and settlement of profits derived from social trading between members.

  • INF can be used in the voting events related to the Investro Fund platform.
  • To Follow top tier traders, users need a specific amount of INF token to hold.
  • INF will be used to pay the commission/fee to the master traders on the Social trading platform.
  • INF holders get early access to InvestroFund’s advanced features.
  • Automatic staking rewards for holding other crypto assets in a staking wallet. Only for INF token holders.
  • Investro, portfolio management suite, will be available only for INF token holders.
  • INF holders can get 50% discounts on platform fees.
  • Traders need to hold a certain amount of INF to be listed as a trader on the Investro platform.
  • Higher referral commission for INF holders

Investro’s Ambitious Plans

Q4 2020

  • Token generation event
  • Pre-sale
  • Public-sale
  • Main-net launch
  • Automated social trading active for users
  • Token listing on Major exchanges
  • Staking Wallet for INF holders

Q1 2021

  • Portfolio management suite Development
  • API development and testing
  • Connecting API of multiple exchanges with Investro Platform

Q2 2021

  • Social traders Leaderboard
  • Investor and Traders chat system development
  • Android/IOS apps for mobile users

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