Jelurida Joins The Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association As Gold Member

The company recently told media that it will be working with the Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association in various ways.
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Jelurida is teaming up with the Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association.

The company recently told media that it will be working with the Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association in various ways. Its portfolio of projects, such as Nxt, Ardor, and the IGNIS blockchain ecosystem should benefit from the new tie-up.

The Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association (TBTA) is located in Lugano, Switzerland, and plans to spread Jelurida’s tech among local groups, such as universities and regional crypto organizations.

With this wider acceptance of the technology, development is likely to follow.

The TBTA President Giacomo Poretti commented,

“It’s good to see how innovative our partners are in supporting and scaling blockchain projects. Thank you Jelurida for your insightful presentation at our first Think Tank of 2022. We look forward to the next developments and project collaborations between you and our partners.”

Jelurida is working to create a number of next-generation blockchain tools, and is happy to be working with TBTA, and brings a number of expert blockchain minds to the community.

Jelurida Sees Promise With TBTA

With this move, Jelurida becomes a gold member of the TBTA, and will join a range of existing other gold members, including MOOV Airways AG, Interchain Stiftung, EventBoost SA, Elly,, Poseidon Group.

According to a press release,

The Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association focuses on three crucial pillars:

Establishing a concentration of heterogeneous entities, including universities, students, enterprises, investment funds, etc.

Uniting partners through a joint industry approach and engaging them to produce economic value

Fostering better cooperation between partners, even when competing with one another.

These goals are broadly in-line with the vision that Jelurida has for its future. With more devs, and a wider use of its existing tech, anything is possible.

Tomislav Gountchev, Jelurida’s Lead Software Architect & Director, commented,

“Jelurida is happy to join the TBTA and contribute to the success of Lugano Plan B. We are excited about being able to establish Ticino as the blockchain innovation hub in Switzerland in collaboration with the local universities, research centers, and other enterprises.”

In fact, Jelurida has already created a range of powerful tools with Nxt, Ardor, and IGNIS. All of these blockchain solutions empower development, and help the next-generation of of blockchain development.

In many ways, Bitcoin was the most successful proof-of-concept ever.

However, this means that the world’s most valuable blockchain is archaic, and also difficult to upgrade. While this may help Bitcoin to maintain its value, it doesn’t do much for forward thinking blockchain devs.

Better Tools Mean Better Results

The TBTA is sitting at the center of an emerging blockchain development hub. Lugano is embracing cryptos and blockchain at a rapid clip. It will begin to accept BTC, USDT, and LVGA as a means of payment in the near future.

In addition, the TBTA recently hosted the first face-to-face Think Tank event since COVID-19 crippled the global economy. Jelurida was in attendance, and helped to being valuable insight to the meeting.

In terms of a development space, it is difficult to imagine a better place for Jelurida to find both ideas, and technical help to widen its program and platforms.

Long-Term Growth is Here

Jelurida has been able to grow strongly from its founding in 2017.

With its Ardor and Nxt blockchains, Jelurida is well placed to continue and thrive in the global blockchain space. It creates a supportive environment for development, and allows new ideas to easily come to market.

It is clear that while blockchain development does have its ups and downs, as an industry, blockchain is here to stay.

It is very likely that Jelurida will benefit from its recent move into the TBTA inner circle, and more exciting developments are on their way.

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