Join the Utopia Ecosystem and Change Your Future – with Crypton

The 1984 Group created a completely safe and independent ecosystem, the Utopia P2P – and it all started with Crypton.
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After so many controversial and debilitating decisions regarding the world’s economy, people have become disillusioned. Every minor conflict of government affects our lifestyle and it becomes harder to have peace of mind about the future.

The banks are contributing to this too. Every day, thousands of bank accounts are closed without any proper justification. We can never be too sure of a vacation or investment we have planned because we don’t have control over our wealth. Nor is the security any better. The Tech Giants follow every move and listen to every word we say. We don’t have privacy anymore, which is problematic. Yes, we may get personalized ads, but being automatically tagged in group photos is too high a price to pay.

Therefore, the 1984 Group created a completely safe and independent ecosystem, the Utopia P2P – and it all started with Crypton.

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What is Crypton about?

Crypton (CRP) is a stable cryptocurrency developed by the 1984 Group. It is a genuine privacy coin, quite similar to our current digital money, but with a significant difference – the blockchain technology on which it is built.

The blockchain is the most promising technology in the economic field, being the ticket to a more independent world. Its decentralized and distributed ledger system provides users with anonymity, the absence of dependence on third parties, and safety from malicious actors.

All data is encrypted, therefore your personal information is fully secured. There is no central bank that controls your income or charges large fees, and it is almost impossible for the system to be subject to theft.

Note that the 1984 Group took a step further and made a companion for Crypton – a Secure e-wallet with multi-level encryption methods. Consider yourself completely safe, because bad guys need a lot more than just your private key.

Is CRP better than other cryptocurrencies?

Definitely! Just by taking a peek at the numbers, the potential of Crypton stands out. Over 400 new users daily and over 200 thousand clients that already joined – all of that in less than a year.

Crypton can be used for everything, from forex trading to online shopping. But this is not even the best part yet. Imagine how it would be to work completely incognito on devices. We would finally have freedom, and the group has already made that possible – with the Utopia P2P ecosystem.

What does Utopia P2P offer?

Utopia P2P is an impressive decentralized network designed with the purpose of giving people a real sense of freedom. It is a fully incognito ecosystem that gathers everything we need on a daily basis:

  • For communication, it has an email app and an online chat;
  • For the management of our own income, it provides us with the mining option and the Crypton Wallet;
  • For our curiosities and research work, it has an entire online network;
  • For fun, it has various multiplayer games – even Poker.

Your data can’t be stored anywhere on this ecosystem. A revolutionary design choice that can drastically change our future for the better.


After so many years of uncertainty, it is so gratifying knowing that somebody finally took action. Now we have the possibility to escape from this unpredictable world and join a new one, unrestricted and stress-free.

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