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Keep your anonymity with Bitcoin mixer

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Bitcoin anonymity helps to avoid malicious activities

The complexity of encryption is increasing, requiring more computing power and time to mine new cryptocurrency coins, but this fact does not improve the situation with the theft of bitcoins. Although faking Bitcoin is now almost impossible, scammers from all over the world are constantly finding new ways to steal them from both crypto exchanges and ordinary users.

Various Bitcoin analysis tools used by hackers track the transactions of ordinary users to use Bitcoin traceable to identify the identity of the owner of the cryptocurrency wallet and gain access to the victim’s email. After gaining access, almost nothing will prevent fraudsters from taking over your crypto funds.


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For these reasons, Bitcoin anonymity is an important prerequisite for keeping your digital money and personal data safe from third-party access. If your transactions are kept anonymous, this ensures Bitcoin safe.

Realizing this, the developers created the Bitcoin mixer, which allows you to keep your identity and your transactions secret from intruders and other people who may be interested in monitoring your financial activity and the state of your digital assets.

Why is Bitcoin traceable and can it be prevented?

The idea of cryptocurrency is that information about each coin and each transaction is distributed in parts in encrypted form between different participants in the system. Each blockchain node has a piece of encrypted transaction information, but does not have full access to it, thus not having the ability to make any changes to the data or delete them.

This provides Bitcoin safe and itsd value as a digital currency and means of payment. At the same time, all information about the blockchain and the transactions conducted in it is in the public domain, so that each member in the system can verify the authenticity of coins and transactions. Without this, cryptocurrency would not have its value, because it would not be credible, but the same does Bitcoin traceable.

After a series of high-profile large-scale thefts, crypto enthusiasts thought about how to solve this problem and came up with the idea of ??mixing and cleaning coins of different transactions to make it difficult to trace addresses and specific transfers of crypto. So Bitcoin blender became the solution to a problem in a cryptocurrency environment. Therefore, in order to maximize the security of your crypto assets, in addition to the usual security measures regarding your personal data, it is worth using Bitcoin blender to clear your crypto coins.

Resist Bitcoin analysis with BitMix.Biz

One of the most efficient Bitcoin mixer is BitMix.Biz, because it has some cool features that can increase Bitcoin safe as much as possible.

Using Clearnet, Tor (http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion) or NoJS version (without JavaScript), you can receive an immediate transfer of your digital funds, due to the fact that the cleared crypto coins are already prepared and you do not need to wait until the confirmation of all transactions included in the coin mixing process passes.

To do this, go to the BitMix.Biz website, select one of ten proposed interface languages and select the cryptocurrency that you want to clear. At the moment, Bitcoin and Litecoin are available, and in time, it will also be possible to mix Ethereum.

You need to enter the amount of at least 0.005 BTC or 0.015 LTC, enter the address to which the cleared cryptocurrency should arrive. A guarantee letter will inform you that the coins were entered into the BitMix.Biz system. Your money is safe!

Then you can choose manually or automatically in the settings the method of mixing, the amount of the fee for mixing, which can also be selected independently and the delay for the reverse transaction. All these measures make it possible to complicate Bitcoin analysis to hackers as much as possible and thus increase Bitcoin anonymity.

In order to track dozens of transactions through which crypto coins go, it will take several days, and encrypted information is stored on BitMix.Biz servers for up to 72 hours. But you have the possibility to reduce Bitcoin traceable to a minimum by manually deleting your mix data immediately after its confirmation.

The variable fee from 0.4% to 4%, which the BitMix.Biz system takes, will not allow hackers to determine the amount of the transaction and thus accurately identify the wallet from which the cryptocurrency is sent.

In addition, to transfer more significant amounts of cryptocurrency (0.1 BTC or 1 LTC), you can choose the option of randomizing the number of transactions, which means that not one but several incoming transactions will arrive at the destination address. This will increase the time and complexity of transaction tracking several times and leave no chance for attackers.

Using this Bitcoin mixer, you can also additionally attract your customers by installing the API on your website, as well as earn money through an affiliate program, attracting new BitMix users.

How to use Bitcoin mixer BitMix.Biz:


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