Kheper ICO: Tokenizing the Gambling Industry

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Kheper aims to tokenize the gambling industry by integrating the multi-million-dollar industry with cryptocurrency. Kheper hopes to make gambling with cryptocurrency accessible to everyone and they will offer both online gaming and physical gaming.


Kheper is a blockchain software company in Malta. It is working with a range of established companies who have more than 20 years of experience in the gambling industry combined hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue. These partners have experience with growth, business management, legalities, and more. Together, the team can create gaming platforms, commercialize them, remain legally compliant, and tackle the market.

The company chose to put its base in Malta since it is considered the igaming capital and is also fast becoming the “Blockchain Island” as well. There are over 350 gaming houses in Malta, with progress toward achieving similarly high figures for cryptocurrency. There are also many pieces of legislation in place that are supportive of cryptocurrency and clear.

What Problem Does Kheper Hope to Resolve and How?

The team at Kheper sees the high barrier of entry to the gambling industry to be one of its major problems. They aim to lower this barrier to entry for average players by letting them play with cryptocurrency.

The ultimate goal of Kheper is to create a world where gamblers can play from anywhere in the world, including a land-based casino in another country or from their smartphone. All of this gaming will be done via a single e-wallet that uses Kheper Tokens. Via the blockchain, players will have better control of their funds.

What Role Does the Token Play?

A key element of the Kheper platform is the FIAT-Kheper Token (KHP), which provides that low barrier to entry that gambling has not traditionally had. The Kheper platform lets users withdraw and deposit this token, making it possible to join the platform in just a few steps. Tokens can also be used to request quick cash-outs so users remain in complete control of their winnings and funds.

Ideally, Kheper will have just a single token used for gambling online and offline. Eventually, Kheper hopes that users will be able to utilize their KHP tokens for online casinos in addition to physical slots, roulette, and land-based casinos.

What Should You Know About the Kheper Online Casino?

Kheper’s partnership with E-Lab games is letting it develop gaming platform software that will give current online casinos the ability to easily integrate cryptocurrency into their existing business models. The online casino platform has management and monitoring tools that are necessary to run online casinos, so casino owners do not need to look elsewhere for additional tools. Just some of these tools include a payment gateway for deposit and withdrawal of both fiat and crypto, marketing segmentation tools, advanced reporting, and multi-domain authority management. Once complete, the platform will be able to deliver the most popular games from current market leaders as well as innovative games with a crypto theme.


At the moment, the software behind Kheper is still in the test phase. You can view a video of its MVP to get a feel for the product and how far along in development the team already is.

How Will Kheper Integrate Physical Gambling?

The first order of business for Kheper will be the online gaming market, but this will be followed by the physical gaming market. This will be possible thanks to the team’s partnership with Fazi, and it is already in development. Kheper and Fazi are already working on creating the very first physical roulette and slot machines that will run using the Kheper token.


This aspect of Kheper has what it needs to be successful since Fazi is the leader in manufacturing gambling-related equipment, with a specialization in digital electronic roulettes. Fazi’s expertise includes cryptocurrency since it created a Bitcoin ATM in 2014 that is fully functional.

How Will Kheper Work with Land-Based Casinos?

After completing the online casino and physical roulette and slot machines, Kheper will move onto land-based casinos to develop what it refers to as the “ultimate gambling experience.” Players worldwide would be able to use the land-based casino partners to play using Kheper. This would make it much easier to gamble while traveling since there would be no need to waste time or money on exchange rates or international wire transfers. Instead, blockchain technology will manage it all in just several clicks. This will appeal to users who want to gamble in a different country, while casinos will be able to expand by attracting international players.


How Will KHP Be Distributed?

There is a total supply of 3.2 billion KHP. Of these KHP tokens, 47 percent is allocated for the public sale. 20 percent goes to the company with 11 percent for the bounty, 11 percent for bonuses for players, 9 percent for the private sale, and 4 percent for advisors. Funds are divided with 48 percent going to operating costs and IT development, 18 percent to marketing costs, 12 percent to administrative costs, 12 percent to treasure and reserve services, and 10 percent for setup and legal costs.

Kheper Token Sale

The token sale will run until September 20, 2018, and it began on July 23. There is a soft cap of $2,000,000 and a hard cap of $17,000,000. Those from the United States cannot participate in Kheper’s public sale, and anyone who participates must first undergo a KYC verification. During the ICO, the price of KHP began at $0.01 USD, rising at set intervals throughout the sale. The price rose slightly daily by a fraction of a cent for the first few days of the sale. Starting on July 27, the price changes became weekly. From August 17 to 23, the price per KHP is $0.0118, which becomes $0.0120 starting August 24, $0.0122 starting August 31, $0.0124 starting September 7, and $0.0125 on September 14.



You can register on the website for 1000 free KHP tokens, just follow this link to signup.


Kheper aims to make blockchain technology a part of everyday playing, bringing crypto gambling to the mainstream. The project has many experienced partners and hopes to eventually have their token, KHP, be the main cryptocurrency used for gambling both online and offline.

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