Compared to traditional advertising, Kind Ads will offer improvements that will enhance online advertising. First off, there will be far less spam because publishers will have more control over what sorts of ads that will appear on their sites, ultimately enhancing user experiences by offering less intrusive, annoying advertisements. And speaking of the user experience, ads will become friendlier thanks to leveraging ad tech like email, push notifications, and chatbots.


With current online advertising platforms like Google and Facebook, publishers must wait months to receive payouts, but Kind Ads will change that by offering instant payments through the use of their KIND token.

Kind Ads’ aims to solve several important issues that plague the current online advertising ecosystem. The team hopes to make it easier for publishers to make money from their traffic and provide advertisers access to the most effective formats for ads, while also making it possible for app partners to scale without having to build their own marketplace.

What Are Some Key Features of Kind Ads?

One important feature to Kind Ads will be its decentralized reputation and quality scoring for publishers and domains on the Kind platform. The Kind Ads Protocol will use an algorithm to automatically score publishers based on information from oracles (Google Analytics), and will also weigh the effectiveness of past campaigns. Reputations can be improved via third-party staking and off-platform advertisers, subscribers/visitors, and other publishers backing them.

At its core, Kind Ads is a decentralized network that lets advertisers transact with publishers as a way to get access to their subscribers/audiences. This comes in contrast to the current lack of a single place where advertisers can launch a campaign across multiple platforms or publishers.


Kind Ads will also feature a tokenized rewards pool. With this, users can choose how their data is used, and receive token rewards as an incentive to grant additional data use to advertisers and publishers. Both publishers and users receive higher rewards if the user in question is a higher-quality lead.

Since Kind Ads recognizes that not everyone wants to deal with advertisements, it will include a global opt-out list. Users who go on this list will not be part of the Kind Ads ecosystem or see ads from it. This improves the percentage of higher-quality leads in the ecosystem.

Other important features include daily payments and reconciliations, the ability to empower small quality publishers by connecting them to advertisers, offering multiple high-converting formats, and a lack of fees on ad dollars (compared to the over 30 percent charged by most advertising networks).

What Benefits Does Kind Ads Provide?

From a viewer’s perspective, Kind Ads’ improves the user experience when browsing the web, because they will notice more relevant ads via push notifications and email marketing. Because of this, users will have a less intrusive, annoying advertising experience than what is currently offered on other advertising platforms.

Publishers will also benefit from an enhanced user experience and will be paid instantly. Publishers will finally have the ability to provide their users with relevant ads that will not irritate them.

Both advertisers and publishers will save (or earn more) money since there is no longer a middleman cutting into their profits. Cryptocurrency cuts out the middleman so that advertisers and publishers can make direct transactions without having to use an intermediary that charges a percentage for using their service.

How Do You Integrate Kind Ads into Your Platform?

Kind Ads can help publishers integrate Kind Ads seamlessly into their platform of choice. The team has already set up integrations for top publishers, including subscribers, Campaign Monitor, pushcrew, MailChimp, and AWeber.


What Are KIND Tokens?

KIND is the Kind Ads token. It is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain with an open-source smart contract. The token can be used for opting in or out of the ecosystem. It can be used by advertisers to buy ads from publishers and to pay publishers daily. And it also features a rewards pool for users and app partners that pays out daily.

KIND tokens

What Is the Virtual Summit?

Kind Ads is hosting a Virtual Summit on May 4, featuring keynote speakers like online marketing guru Neil Patel (also an advisor to the Kind Ads’ project), and speakers from Shopin, Current,, Crypto20, Simplyvital Health, fr8 Network and more. The speakers are experts who will share insights into where crypto will go in the future, user security, and data rights, among other topics. Expect Patel, who is the founder and CEO of CrazyEgg, to speak, as well as Eran Eyal, the founder, and CEO of Shopin, and Daniel Schwartzkopff, the founder, and CEO of Crypto20.

Kindads Virtual Summit

During the event, you can listen to live speakers, as well as a handful of pre-recorded ones and take part in discussions on the ethics, security, and basics of crypto. There will be live question-and-answer sessions with experts, along with free access to both the recorded and live content.

You can claim a free ticket by signing up here, and you will be entered into a contest to win some crypto swag.


Kind Ads aims to change the way that online advertising works by creating a kinder process for everyone involved. Users will have a better experience online by getting more relevant ads via email and push notifications, instead of interruptions they’ve become used to as they browse.

Publishers will receive instant payments and much happier visitors, and even more profit due to the lack of middlemen taking their cut. Advertisers will spend less on their ads and get better results due to better targeting through the Kind Ads’ Protocol. Kind Ads hopes to provide an improved experience for advertisers, publishers, and those who browse the web and seems to have a solid plan in place to achieve this goal.

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