Crowdsourced justice protocol Kleros has devised a “gamedrop” as an alternative to a conventional token airdrop. The gamified system, based on game theory’s Schelling Point principle, is a first attempt at testing a radically new approach to arbitration…


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Kleros, a new decentralized arbitration system for virtually any transaction on the internet, has introduced a ‘gamedrop’ as an alternative to the conventional token airdrop with the goal of testing the application of the ‘Schelling Point’ principle to collective decision making. By incentivizing people to participate in the program and earn PNK tokens, the company hopes to replace traditional airdrops by a more engaging method of token distribution.

Traditionally, airdrops have issued tokens according to the number of ETH an address already holds or based on simple tasks such as following the project on social media or sharing an affiliate link. Despite completing a successful token airdrop in April, the Kleros team has been exploring more egalitarian distribution methods consistent with the principles underpinning its justice protocol.

In place of an airdrop, the team has devised a gamified process in which individuals are rewarded for demonstrating merit in completing a particular task. This overcomes several of the problems associated with aidrops including bot-based manipulation. The Kleros gamedrop, named The Schelling Game, is based on the Schelling Point concept introduced by Nobel Prize-winning economist Thomas Schelling.

Schelling Point is a concept from game theory which holds that people will settle on the most natural or relevant solution to a problem when denied any means of communicating with their peers. Variations of this concept have been used for everything from attaining consensus between blockchain validators to correctly answering quiz show questions.

Kleros Co-Founder and CEO Federico Ast explains: “If a group of friends got split up in a major city and had no means of contact, the likeliest place they would head to is its most famous landmark at noon. Schelling Point makes this the most natural solution for the group to independently settle on. The Kleros gamedrop puts that theory to the test and rewards players who can demonstrate their ability to think like the crowd while working in isolation”.

An example of this could be along the lines of the following: Two people turn up in Paris and must meet however, they have no means of communication. Studies have shown they would choose noon at the Eiffel Tower as a rational ‘focal point’. Meeting in another location such as The Champs d’Elysees is no better or worse, but the Eiffel tower would be the logical Schelling point in this case.

Nicolas Wagner, Co-founder, Web3 Developer and the creator of the Gamedrop explains: “The gamedrop method is an excellent alternative to an airdrop “by tasks”. It enables better protection against sybil attacks and increases user commitment all while offering a more attractive experience.”

Kleros is inviting participants to test The Schelling Game at game.kleros.io. A series of scenarios are put to players, who are tasked with selecting the response which seems most consistent with those taken by other participants. Anyone with an Ethereum address containing at least 0.1 ETH can take part in the Kleros and everyone who registers to play will be awarded 42 PNK, Kleros’ native ERC20 token.

For each question correctly validated, players will receive an additional 10 PNK, with tokens distributed upon completion of the first round of Kleros’ token sale on July 15. Kleros’ Interactive Initial Coin Offering, like its gamedrop, is designed to create a fairer system for distributing tokens to the community and building a thriving ecosystem for delivering crowdsourced justice.

To learn more visit: www.kleros.io

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