Lamden Tau ICO: Blockchain Interoperability & Development Token

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Lamden is a unique suite made up of tools for developers, designed to improve the speed and ease of developing new blockchains and applications, including customized ones. It works with the Lamden Tau token, which connects the new projects via mainchain cryptocurrencies.

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Who Is Behind Lamden?

The chief executive of Lamden is Stuart Farmer, who has a strong technological commercialization background and has launched numerous “version one” applications for startups. Chief of Operations Nick Huber has extensive experience in category management, as well as sales financing in 3-D printing and technology. He also has been working with cryptocurrencies for over six years. The chief of research and development, Sev Ladtchenko, has a degree in math applications in economics and finance and has led an artificial intelligence research initiative with financial prediction models. Chief of Finance Philip Barton founded the ACAI Network and is the president of the business incubator, and he has an MBA. Mario Hernandez, the chief economist, is working as an aerospace engineer focused on reducing costs.

Lamden Team

Other team members include Lead Advisor Rob Behnke, Insurance Advisor Cristina Dolan, Automotive Advisor Gianluca Ruggiero, Fintech Advisor Leonard Tan, Banking Advisor Gopalan Mukundan, Venture Capital Advisor Noah D. Stone, Internet of Things Advisor Viveik V., Telecommunications Advisor Oyedeji Oluwoye, and Real Estate Advisor Achim Jedelsky. Finally, Jon Werthen Jr. is the partner in digital assets and gaming.

Why Does Lamden Matter?

The team behind Lamden recognizes that until now, blockchain development was a significant challenge. The technology was created by researchers without expertise in commercialization. This translated into much confusion for those beginning to use the blockchain.

Lamden aims to change the way that blockchain development occurs by making development workflows that model the ways that people are already able to program. When paired with Lamden’s open-source software and interoperability token, Lamden should make it easier to enter blockchain and encourage an increase in development. These blockchain development advancements will, in turn, help people around the world, showing the usefulness of the blockchain while inspiring others.

What Flaws with Current Blockchain Applications Does Lamden Hope to Address?

The developers behind Lamden aim to address various flaws that they currently notice with the blockchain implementations available. Some of these flaws are on the side of the developer or service provider, while others are for users.

One major issue from their standpoint is transaction fees. In its whitepaper, Lamden points out that currently, Bitcoin transaction fees are about double compared to centralized systems like PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard. While Ethereum has much lower rates, it simply doesn’t work like Bitcoin as a network for transfer of value; that’s not what it was designed to do. Lamden also hopes to reduce the issue of bloated chains. The whitepaper points out that an Ethereum full node is 242 GB, making it nearly impossible for someone to enter the world of smart contracts development; they are unlikely to have the time or space.

Lamden should also improve scalability by improving the rate of transactions per second. This comes in sharp contrast to the notoriously low rate of throughput for modern blockchains, something that delays transaction times. Lamden will also assist with the efficiency of mining and resources, make it easier to integrate and adopt the blockchain software, and improve the ease of migration and future proofing.

What Is the Lamden Ecosystem?

The Lamden ecosystem is made up of multiple tools, each of which addresses a specific issue with the current crypto development. Saffron is the project generator, Flora is the package manager, and Clove is the chain-to-chain swap protocol.


Saffron is a useful project generator tool that modernizes interaction, modification, and creation with blockchain for development. It has fully standardized block explorers and APIs, plus other useful developer tools. Using Saffron, a business can create its own blockchain based on Ethereum that is completely secure in just 30 seconds.

Flora is hosted in IPFS and acts as a repository for community smart contracts. With this program, users can choose from within a package management for smart contracts. They are also able to connect details and then share a new code of blockchain, both for the community and private. Flora also makes it possible to track shipments of goods using premade smart contracts.

Finally, Clove is a router for distributed blockchains. It works to build trustless chain-to-chain transactions for all types, with high-output payment networks. There are absolutely no transaction fees between blockchains or internally. Because of this, Clove lets companies communicate with others regardless of the programming language. At the same time, it makes business transactions more transparent and effective.

These three tools make up the core of Lamden. They allow for the private blockchain system to grow rapidly while simultaneously assisting with distribution.

What Should You Know About the Lamden Tau Token?

The Lamden Tau token is an interoperable cryptocurrency that uses a Turing Incomplete Smart Contracting Blockchain. This token also features a delegated proof of stake. The presale is running from Oct. 29 to Dec. 1 with an Ether hard cap of 8,504. Each ETH contributed is the equivalent to 11,833.5 Tau, which represents a 22 percent bonus. There is no cap on the contribution limit, and up to 99,119,393 tokens are being distributed.

The token sale date is yet to be announced, and a hard cap will be at $10 million, with the hard cap to be determined based on the price of Ethereum. The presale is underway and runs til December the 1st.

During the sale, each ETH will be equal to 9,713 Tau, and a total of 244,072,645 tokens will be distributed. There will be a capped contribution limit for each individual, and this is based on the total number of registrants.


The Lamden Tau token is the proprietary currency within the Lamden ecosystem. It was specifically designed to create exchange value, as well as communication between blockchains that were previously unworkable. Essentially, by using the token, any blockchain community can interact with any other blockchain within the network.


For companies or individuals who want to take advantage of blockchain advances and develop applications or projects on them, Lamden is an incredibly useful tool. It should prove invaluable to those working on development by streamlining the process.

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