Leonardo Render: Decentralized Supercomputer Solution for Graphical Rendering

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Leonardo Render makes it possible for users to render creative processes with external GPUs, so they do not have to maintain the hardware necessary to provide enough personal GPUs. This service is designed to empower creators who want to speed up or even just facilitate the rendering process.

Leonardo Render

How Does Leonardo Render Work?

Leonardo Render is an institutional-grade graphical rendering solution. It takes the enterprise-level rendering software application and combines it with a blockchain-based protocol. This protocol allows for access to computer power from all network participants. Thanks to this innovative use of blockchain technology, the supercomputer protocol can provide customers the most affordable, simplest, and fastest cloud-based rendering solution.

To go into more detail, Leonardo Render is based on GPUBox, the rendering solution from CTO Marcin Gucki. Corporations, manufacturers, designers, artists, and more can use the desktop application to buy the computer power they need for completing a render. The application assists regardless of the scale needed or the size of the operation, and it does not require sending the full IP to a service provider.

The results of this system are high intellectual property security and an unmatched user experience. Using Leonardo Render’s service is about $0.50 USD per hour per GPU. This represents affordability for users as well as profits for miners since one Leonardo GPU Render miner earns almost $0.50 an hour. Compare this to the average $0.027 USD made per hour from mining Ethereum.

How Does Leonardo Render Differ from the Competition?

The biggest differences between Leonardo Render and the competition are low pricing and high speed. The big solutions currently in existence act as an intermediary to connect users with render farms, which increases cost. They also upload the information to their servers, compromising privacy and intellectual property if a hack occurs. Since there is no intermediary with Leonardo Render, prices are lower. Additionally, no intellectual property goes onto the servers; it always remains on the client’s computer. More solutions are currently being worked on, but these are still far from production or let anyone join the network, which compromises their integrity.


Overall, Leonardo Render provides numerous advantages over the existing competition, such as real-time rendering thanks to its speed, minimized theft of IPs, and no need to upload data to a render farm. This combination results in fewer chances for hackers to access your information. It is also important to note that the project already exists, building on proven infrastructure.

Is Leonardo Render Starting from Scratch?

No, Leonardo Render is actually an existing business that already takes care of rendering for multiple clients. As such, the technology behind the platform and the team working on the project have experience in this respect. This gives the platform a significant head start over other blockchain-based projects that are still in the early planning and development stages.

What Are Some Main Benefits of Leonardo Render?

Overall, Leonardo Render is fast, easy to use, and cost effective. It will begin with 23,000 GPUs, and as more infrastructure joins the ever-growing network, this figure will increase. This translates into a quick process.

In terms of ease of use, Leonardo Render works on a user’s own desktop, without having to use a remote desktop or upload anything. Instead, everything occurs on your own computer with you in control. The system will always keep your intellectual property protected.


For those in search of a rendering solution, Leonardo Render is also very cost effective, offering competitive pricing. The service sits between $0.25 and $0.50 cents for each hour for each GPU, based on the GPU power. That pricing becomes even more competitive when you consider that Leonardo Render includes features others do not offer.

Is Leonardo Render Secure?

It is normal for companies to be concerned about the security of their creative materials, particularly in a situation where computer power is being shared across the network. Leonardo Render is fully aware of this concern, which is why it always maintains confidentiality. While a third party does process the materials, it never gains access to them, so your company has no concerns about the theft of creative materials. Your files never get sent anywhere, always remaining on your computer.

Partnership with Giga-Watt

To help provide the best possible service, Leonardo Render partners with Giga-Watt, located in Washington state. This partnership is the first of its type within the rendering industry, allowing for lower costs and enhancements to speed. This partnership positions Leonardo Render to offer even better product efficacy and value than big names. Renderers of all types will appreciate access to both the lowest costs and fastest speeds available at this time.

Leonardo Render chose to partner with Giga-Watt due to the company’s position as the biggest GPU hosting platform in the U.S., with 23,000 GPUs consuming 4 megawatts of electricity and operating 24/7. This facility also uses multiple company-designed innovations, such as an active air-cooling system, along with extreme flexibility and scalability.

Thanks to the partnership between Leonardo Render and Giga-Watt, the platform is able to offer a high level of security, GPU reliability, and performance plus a low cost in comparison to competitors. The partnership is not new and already shows promise. It has already led to the most advanced cloud-based rendering solution in the world.

LEOS Tokens

The LEOS token is part of the built-in incentive model for Leonardo Render miners. Miners will stake a given number of LEOS, which is a security deposit and provides services. There are 288 million tokens. The LEOS token and Leonardo Render’s use of the blockchain also provide a unique option for miners to profit by rendering instead of traditional mining, improving their profit and offering more choices.



Leonardo Render is poised to dramatically improve rendering by providing a cost-effective, scalable, and fast solution. The solution already exists and has been proven thanks to Leonardo Render’s successful work with existing clients. As the network grows, so will the potential for Leonardo Render thanks to its scalable nature.

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