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Level Up in The Impact Arcade to Deliver Real Change

Impact Arcade makes gaming guilt free by having a player’s achievements in game directly correlate to sustainable development projects being undertaken the world over by social and environmental charity missions.
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Regenerative finance is a hot topic in web3. The latest Messari report calls itself ‘bullish on regenerative finance’ using crypto. And for good reason, the carbon credit market is completely broken, a rife with exploitation. People who want to donate to great causes are snarled in bureaucracy, and the lingering doubt of whether their dollars ever actually reach their intended cause.

Yet it’s not just through unique token models that web3 can bust open regenerative finance and make it work for the new set of challenges we face. Projects like Impact Arcade, a regenerative game studio, are taking an entirely different approach.

Impact Arcade to Make Gaming Guilt Free

Impact Arcade makes gaming guilt free by having a player’s achievements in game directly correlate to sustainable development projects being undertaken the world over by social and environmental charity missions. Impact Arcade has hand-crafted a set of addictive casual mobile games that take their inspiration from some of the most popular arcade games of all time. The difference, instead of bragging rights, you change the world.

Gaming is a $200 billion industry. It is the world’s largest entertainment industry by some margin, and dwarfs the music and film industries combined. It’s a testament to how gaming has taken hold of the new generations’ imagination – and for good reason. Gaming combines all the arts – visual, written, sonic, design – in delivering its media. It’s a fair – though disputed – argument to say that gaming is the zenith of human creativity. And it will only grow. Many analysts predict that it will be gaming, not finance, that is the true handmaiden of crypto and web3, and that the metaverse will be the force that brings decentralised systems into our daily reality.

Most of the time spent gaming is time wasted. Web3 games are popular because they promise to funnel the earnings of their ecosystems into the hands of the players, rewarding and empowering them for time spent playing the game. Impact Arcade has a different approach.

A New Way to Approach Gaming and RegenFi

What if, instead of aiming for a high score, you are enacting genuine charitable donations by participating in their social gaming ecosystem. What if instead of paying content creators or gaming studios for downloadable content, they instead give to charity every time you play their game? That’s what Impact Arcade is going to do. In doing so, they will combine two of Millennials and Gen-Zs’ main interests: gaming and the environment.

The Games of Impact Arcade

Every game in the Impact Arcade pertains to a specific sustainable development goal. The debut game, Impactman, sees players gobbling up ocean plastic in a manner akin to Pacman. Every single time you play a game of Impactman, the amount of ocean plastic removed is shown directly to the player after they finish their game. Rather than a high score, you walk away knowing you’ve done some genuine good.

There are other games too. River Defender is a tower defence game that sees players attempting to stop ocean plastic reaching the ocean and cleaning up local rivers. Kinn is an animal-caring game that helps protect endangered species. While Carbon Crush is a match-3 game that sees players involved in capturing and removing carbon from the atmosphere through the planting of trees.

These activities are managed by the Dollar Donation Club, an established web2 regenerative finance project that helps facilitate highly-vetted micro-donations to projects all over the world. Through Impact Arcade, players can – instead of simply handing over dollars – can instead just play great games. The goal, to create an active player base that regularly donates through feeding coins into the arcade, by creating a set of reward structures that incentivises them to do so.

Doing Right Doesn’t Mean Missing Out

Rewards include fantastic prizes that can be claimed through high-score points, just as you would take your tickets to the prize booth after an afternoon in the arcade. Impact Arcade also operates a Play2Own model, ensuring that regular players can win NFTs, tokens, and take other stakes in the ecosystem as a whole. Although its focus is on achieving sustainable development goals, it believes those that work hard (or play hard) towards those goals should be adequately rewarded. And with Impact Arcade, they will be.

Impact Arcade has received several high profile grants before its launch in 2023. They are a Polygon Village Wonder, which marks them as one of the core focuses of the Polygon Village. They also received a large investment award from Future Quest The grants are indicative of growing excitement of Impact Arcade’s potential to capture a whole new segment of the current market and redirect both their gaming and financial efforts towards essential ESG investing.

The Scale of the Challenge – and Opportunity

Impact Arcade is a totally unique opportunity among the frothing sea of web3 projects currently being built. Nothing and no-one is utilising the power of blockchain gaming and directing it towards the goal of regenerative finance. Its uniqueness alone makes it an appealing opportunity to both gamers and would-be investors.

Socially conscious gamers can, with Impact Arcade, do some good while on their lunch break, on the bus, or anywhere in between. By doing so, they can not only profit (although Impact Arcade is not a play-to-earn platform, ecosystem success will be represented in the tokens players collect), but they can make a difference to the world like never before. They can leverage Impact Arcade’s world class connections in the regenerative finance space to make sure their dollar, their energy, and their effort gets to where it needs to be.

Impact Arcade is shortly due to launch, and has opened its waitlist to early subscribers. If you’re someone who loves games, loves the planet, and loves crypto – then head on down to the Impact Arcade and see what’s waiting for you.

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