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LIGER – “Blockchaining” the entire Crypto Gaming Space

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The exuberant world of Online and Offline Casino gaming, Fantasy sports and Live Sports Betting across the globe enthralls thousands of betters and pushes adrenaline into their lives, keeps them fascinated with hundreds of games and betting slots. Curiosity and adventure keep the games live, but at the same time, the “chancy” win creates doubts in the minds of the better or the player.

Liger Coin

Please Note:This is a Press Release

The desired ecosystem of online and offline casino betters, where they can completely trust the Casino, can skip the intermediaries, get the freedom of playing across borders, and earn exponentially gets fulfilled with- LIGER!

Blockchain technology and the buzz in the air- Cryptocurrency, coupled with Gaming will transform the way the Industry looks like today. The LIGER ICO, will further give opportunity to the Gamers and Participants of being leaders in supporting a dais which is will define the future of Crypto Gaming.

Liger, a technological innovation which uses the blockchain technology to create the ecosystem, includes the wish list of all stakeholders in the Gaming space as it will extend services to the Offline Casinos for the first time along with the Online Casinos, Fantasy Sports and Live Sports betting.

Liger ushers in an era of fulfilment. Be it the Casino Gamer, Owner or ICO Participant with the goal of ‘long term asset creation’, Liger is here to fulfil all the wishes.

Wish list of Stake Holders

Historically mankind has enjoyed betting and wagering as a source of entertainment. Over the years, entertainment has evolved into a $400 Billion Industry,and people thrive on this source of entertainment.

Technological advancement and internet evolution gave birth to innovative online platforms for Casinos, Fantasy sports and Live Sports betting.As with every Industry, the rapid race to remain on top also created challenges that all Stake holders in the Industry started facing.

Disruptive technologies like the Blockchain aimed at resolving these challenges and many Casino coins were dedicated to drastically change the ecosystem. ICOs in this realm created another set of Stakeholders – the ICO participant. All such contributors come looking for positive impact that the projects have and associate with them in the expectation of the underlying business to back their Token’s price increase in due course of time.

Gamer’s Wish list

All Gamers aspire for a solution that provides them a reprieve from the following

  • Intermediaries like Bookies as they fund themselves on the losses incurred by Gamers.
  • Government policies that restrict/prohibit Gaming.
  • Negative credit rating by financial institutions for spending in Casinos.

Casino Owner’s Wish list

The Casino business involves high Opex and Capex. The business with its glamour, also brings in challenges that the Merchants look to have a solution for.

  • High cost of transaction as the conventional payment system has multiple levels of authentication and a fee for each.
  • Intermediaries that not only eat into their profits but also reduce TRUST between the Merchant and the Gamer.
  • High Turnaround time for settlement that blocks the funds.

ICO Participant’s Wish list

With the consolidation of the ICO space and implementation of Blockchain technology, there has been a huge proliferation in the number of ICOs. The participants buy Tokens with their hard earned money and are faced with multiple challenges.

  • Too many ICOs promising the moon and being ‘Paper Tigers’.
  • Incorrect choice of Industry by an otherwise good technological innovation.
  • Vulnerability of the Tokens to volatility of the Crypto prices.

LIGER, with its innovative processes and application of Blockchain for business processes and SMARTCONTRACT for all disbursement is the clarion call to  challenges that the Stakeholders face.

The Gamer gets an assurance of fairness of outcome with the Blockchain being tamper proof along with the Anonymity that the technology provides to be free to wager without worrying about the negative credit ratings or Govt impositions.

The Merchant gets a direct exposure to the vast expanse of Gamers within the Liger Community saving the cost of Intermediaries that leads to improved Trust with his clients. He also saves time and money with instant settlement processes that improves his ROI and reduced fee for transactions using the P2P feature of the Blockchain technology.

The ICO Participant is assured of an ICO that caters to a large Industry and also uses redefines the way the Tokens are insulated against the market volatility through Liger’s Staking and Burning mechanism. They also are assured of fairness of distribution of gains as all disbursement of Liger is through SMARTCONTRACTS that cannot be altered. They get the comfort of a Business and Asset backed (Liger’s Online Casinos) Crypt tokens.

Longer and promising association

The “ZING” doesn’t end there; LIGER builds an ecosystem with additional long-term exciting benefits. Participating in the ICO, tokens and Staking the Tokens be very rewarding for the Token Holders.

Most Innovative Processes of LIGER


Token holders can STAKE their tokens to the Casino. The Casino uses these Tokens to bet. In a quarterly settlement, the overall WINNING amount of the Casino is allocated using SMARTCONTRACTs to various heads and a portion of the Wins are rewarded back to the Token holders for Staking their Tokens. This enables the Token holders an incentive to hold the Tokens for a longer duration and keep earning simultaneously.

Burning of Tokens

Smart contracts in LIGER will ensure a part of the Casino winnings tokens are periodically burned. This will bring down the number of tokens in circulation and keep the value of the token moving up.

Both staking and burning facilitate the LIGER token holder to stay associated for longer periods and earn exponentially.

Live LIGER mobile Apps: LIGER token holder can participate in offline betting or gaming and at the same time see the deals live on the LIGER mobile App, irrespective of their physical presence across any geographic boundaries.It is the unique integration of ‘online participation’ in ‘offline casino table.Both – betting and winning amounts get settled by blockchain and hence are transparent and real-time.

LIGER is undoubtedly a platform which will be loved by the users and service providers as it breaks all the shackles of conventional online gaming and fantasy sports. The uniqueness of dais in terms of speed, cost, easy usage and the choice to the user to always remain on the “Winning Side” is peerless. LIGER will revolutionize the online gaming and bring exhilaration of the highest levels.

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  • Founder – Francis Fitzpatrick
  • Co-Founder -Pratyush Bhartiya
  • Palace Court, Church Street,
  • St Juliens, STJ3049
  • Malta
  • Telephone: +6582559469
  • Email Id:


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    I visited their community on reddit & telegram and it seems that the management team is quite involved with the discussions going on. Innovative staking and burning mechanism coupled with a team that is receptive to new ideas makes this project a powerhouse

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