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LinkDaDa, a Multi-Exchange Trading Interface

Crypto traders can open accounts, trade, transfer, deposit, and withdraw on multiple exchanges through LinkDaDa
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LinkDaDa is a multi-exchange trading interface that allows users to conveniently trade on multiple exchanges with one simple login!

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Crypto traders can open accounts, trade, transfer, deposit, and withdraw on multiple exchanges through LinkDaDa. At present, LinkDaDa is integrated with four exchanges: Bibox, CoinTiger, 99ex (owned by OKEx) and LinkCoin (OTC Exchange). Over the coming months, LinkDaDa expects to be integrated with more exchanges, most notably Huobi and Binance.

LinkDaDa recently completed a multi-million-dollar financing deal with top investors, including Volcanics Venture and Genus Finance, and is expected to complete another 8-figure financing deal in the second half of 2020.

With Blockchain technology and the token economy subverting the tradition of equity financing and restructuring the business model of the whole industry, digital assets, with the advantage of global circulation, are facing an increasing issue with liquidity. After delving into the financial sector on Wall Street for several years, LinkDaDa looks forward to bringing well-known securities products, technology and mature Internet growth teams together. LinkDaDa provides better liquidity for crypto assets, ensuring high-quality projects have better financial conditions and providing investors with a safe and intelligent one-stop service in order to reach millions of registered users in a short time.

LinkDaDa Team

The LinkDaDa team is from the first-tier Internet companies with rich experience and ability in financial industry growth. The management team is from top Wall Street investment banks, including JP Morgan, Bank of America. Merrill Lynch and the technology and R&D core team previously worked for famous Internet enterprises, such as Baidu and Alibaba. The risk control team is from Capital One, the world’s largest credit card issuer. The risk team have been involved in the development of automatic defense system for fraudulent transactions and have rich experience in data modeling and risk management.

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