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LPx is finally here | The first crypto portfolio to invest in the entire Blockchain market

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Investing has forever been a plus for the economy as well as for the investors. There have always been ups and downs is the market with the price of some assets going up while some touching rock bottom. In the end, what matters is how mindfully you have invested and on what.

Just when people thought this is how far money can get they saw the invention of cryptocurrency. Now the cryptocurrency was something that was totally digital and therefore very new to people. But did that stop people from taking interest or investing?

No, This was a great opportunity for the techies to explore the new domain for money and show the skills through mining. Soon enough it became popular among the non-tech geeks too and in 2017 crypto saw its largest boom.


Please Note: This is a Press Release

Following years cryptocurrency was the most popular search term on the internet. People got into the crypto investment like never before but there was one issue. The issue was a lack of time and data to make strategies.

The cryptocurrency market is active all the time and unlike traditional stocks, It does not have a trading time. You may make thousands of dollars when you are sleeping and also lose a huge chunk the next morning. This made investors insomniac and hampered their sleep.

So the question again came to, how to invest if we do not have time?

The solution is having a platform that helps you to trade and acts as your second brain when you are sleeping.

This is how we came up with Libertypool Blockchain Index or LPx.

“Our vision is to become a company that leads the largest number of people to financial independence. Both the right strategy and steady executions are required to produce consistent profits from long-term investment. We are proud of launching LPx that allows busy investors around the world to do so in the right way without sacrificing their precious time.”

– Yu Yamanaka, Founder & CEO at Libertypool.

What is Libertypool Blockchain Index (LPx)?

LPx is a platform that helps people to investors who

  • Do not have much time for investment but want to invest.
  • Do not have much knowledge to predict the market.
  • Want quality time to do things they love to do.
  • Have started investing.
  • Or anyone who is fascinated by crypto and want to invest.

Why LPx?

LPx was made with a vision to help people all over the world to come out of financial constraints. And with LPx, we are moving to achieve just that.

LPx is a secure, fast and easy way to invest in top-performing cryptocurrencies. From the beginning of 2017, LPx is up by around 1000%.

Libertypool manages your portfolio by diversifying it up to 30 top cryptocurrencies in the market. Diversifying your portfolio is very important when it comes to investing as it minimizes the risk of investment to a large extent. LPx also rebalances your portfolio every month which helps you to stay ahead in the market.

How does LPx figure out on what to invest?

We have partnered with the CCi30 index which helps us to find the right assets and weights to reject the entire cryptocurrency market with a confidence level of 99%. It provides us with the most accurate portrait of the crypto market than any other in the industry. With CCi30 and years of experience and data, we provide the best distribution of your portfolio.

CCi30 was created by an independent team of mathematicians, quants and fund managers lead by Igor Rivin, Whitehead Prize winner, 1998, Professor of Mathematics at Temple University and Regius Professor of Mathematics at St. Andrews University, and Carlo Scevola, Economist, Philanthropist and Founder of the international fiduciary firm CS&P.

How to start investing in LPx?

The best feature of LPx is that it has made investing in cryptocurrency easier than ever. You no longer have to go through a long process juggling between exchanges and looking at the charts the whole day. It is all now under the same platform. LPx is a one-stop solution for investing in cryptocurrency.

  • Step 1  Fund your portfolio by adding Bitcoins. We have chosen bitcoins so that it serves the customers from all around the globe. You can invest directly through bitcoin and not dollars. The minimum amount you require to invest is $500. Now the $500 is pretty less compared to the vast diversification you will get in your portfolio. By making it $500 we are making your portfolio just feasible.
  • Step 2  Wait for Libertypool to do all the calculations and rebalance your portfolio. If you like it press the invest button and all your assets are distributed among a diverse set of cryptocurrencies.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Saving time:

The biggest treasure we can have is of time. Time is more precious than any other commodity in the world. LPx saves you time and helps you to invest. It acts as a second brain for you while your mind is not into investment. LPx buys you quality time with things that add value to your life.

Relieving stress:

With LPx you know you are in safe hands. You do not have to follow the news every now and then to look at the price of your assets. Although time and again it is said how unhealthy it is to look at your portfolio several times a day people often neglect it when they are investing. When you know that we are looking after the news and charts the whole day to make your portfolio the best you do not have to be glued to the screen anymore.

Ease of investment:

Very often when the investment is based on some FIAT a lot of extra hassle comes along. The country you live in, exchange rates and so on add up to the expense of investment. Therefore we accept Bitcoins to make investment easier. With Bitcoins being universal it is now easy to invest in such a low-risk platform from any part of the world.

Making crypto investment safe:

With a diversified portfolio and rebalancing it every month, this is the safest way to invest. You do not have to worry about which coin to invest in nor you have to lose your sleep when the price of your coin goes down.

Libertypool had already launched a platform that allowed investors to come together to discuss investment and learn from the portfolios and experiences of pioneer investors. The platform was launched earlier this year.

With the launch of LPx, Libertypool aims to reach a point where investors do not have to think twice before investing in cryptocurrency.


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