MappedSwap Supporters Eligible To Receive More Than 800K MST In April Along With Other Rewards In Promotional Campaign

The MappedSwap Protocol can be looked at as a fully decentralized, on-chain cross-margin trading swap exchange.
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At this point, it is becoming fairly obvious that cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain technologies are here to stay. As a matter of fact, the market’s value has reached more than $2 trillion with little to no signs of stopping down, and mainstream attention and acceptance is similarly increasing as well.

It should therefore come as no surprise that various projects in this sector often initiate promotional campaigns in order to reward their loyal customers and to continuously grow in this burgeoning space. With that being said, the MappedSwap’s promotional campaign, which will run from April 13th through May 12th, will also provide users with all kinds of rewards and incentives. As part of the campaign, the MappedSwap team intends to distribute more than 800,000 MST along with MST referral and staking rebates to their customers.

What to expect?

MappedSwap wishes to lower the barrier to entry for new users and referrers in order to earn MST, while simultaneously asking users to take advantage of the 10x margin trading capabilities in order to significantly boost trading and earning chances. If the users also wish to maximize individual income, they may also cast a broader net through recommendations by sharing their respective referral codes (which are unique to them) with their intended audiences.

Needless to say, this is a great opportunity for MappedSwap fans and supporters to improve their portfolios and earn a sizable amount of additional income. To that end, a key objective of the April initiative is to urge users to keep staking so as to earn additional MST. MST may be earned through trading, staking, or referral. If the transaction is successful, the user will get MST.

What is MappedSwap anyway?

The MappedSwap Protocol can be looked at as a fully decentralized, on-chain cross-margin trading swap exchange. It was built by utilizing the Eurus Blockchain, which is a Layer-1, decentralized, and secure inter-transfer network that was built on the Ethereum side-chain. With all of the recent success in this market, MappedSwap intends to leave a lasting impression through both the aforementioned campaign and its wide range of features and services.

Users also have the option to grow, earn, and swap via MappedSwap’s leading decentralized cryptocurrency trading framework. On MappedSwap, users can earn up to 80% of their capital as well as referral bonuses. If no referral code is available, all that is required is to stake or trade through MappedSwap to obtain one.

As a result, MappedSwap provides its customers with some much-needed freedom, along with an appealing selection of DEX-based features and services. MappedSwap was built while adhering to the highest technical needs and preferences within the decentralized exchange space, which actively helps it offer its clientele with new opportunities to earn more money.

Ultimately, is it worth it?

Some of the main MappedSwap selling points involve utilizing the difference through up to 10x loan to trade and then returning the loan within an hour which will also be before the loan interest would normally kick in, having one of the blockchain sector’s lowest slippage tolerances of less than 0.1%, a primary trading pair (BTC/USD) with a colossal 3 billion USD in liquidity, and lastly being able to take use of Eurus’s exceptionally quick 2-second transaction speeds.

But that’s not all, as new users will receive 0.1 EUN for free, which will cover just about 100 free transactions on Eurus networks. However, this is only applicable to new wallet addresses that are connected via MappedSwap, which allows users to trade and stake for free. There are also many additional intriguing incentives and opportunities available as a result of the campaigns, which are well worth investigating. Check out the official Twitter, Medium and Telegram channels for more information and regular updates.

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