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New Marketplace from EKSPA Project

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New Marketplace from EKSPA Project will Change the Logic of Direct Interaction Between Suppliers and Buyers in the eCommerce Market


Please Note: This is a Press Release

Today it is obvious that marketplaces are the future of the eCommerce market. After all, turning to a marketplace is the most convenient and the easiest way to buy anything on the Internet, because it is this kind of platforms that eliminates the buyers` need to independently visit many different websites, compare goods and their prices.

Such kind of platforms contains a lot of interesting features that make it easier to find the required product on the Internet. In the end, they save the buyer`s time, money and nerves, which certainly contributes to choosing them as a place to make an online purchase. Besides, they erase the territorial boundaries, because any user who has an access to the Internet can buy any product on one of these platforms and then only the delivery is left.

It is important to note that not only buyers, but also the other party of the transaction benefits from using marketplaces. That`s due to the fact that marketplace is not just a shop selling products with an extra charge, but the ecosystem, to which can connect large and small manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, contractors, etc. Connecting to such a platform is a way for them to get new customers and sell more products, while reducing the promotion costs.

EKSPA web platform is a new marketplace with a changed logic

There is no doubt that creating a marketplace is quite difficult and painstaking work that requires solving many tasks. The EKSPA project founders have decided not just to create one of the similar platforms, but also to launch a multilateral B2B web platform using the advantages of blockchain technology. The marketplace from the EKSPA project has a changed logic and differs from the existing websites in this industry mainly due to its blockchain-implemented functions, as well as due to the internal mechanism and the web platform concept itself. In addition, B2B interaction will become a feature of the platform, that is, the platform will unite suppliers, buyers in the person of sellers of goods, contractors and investors.

Working with EKSPA web application

Anyone who wants can access the platform. Within the multilingual cloud web application EKSPA, it will be possible to carry out multi-language search, organized on the “one”-“all” principle and to establish contacts, which are the platform fundamental functions. Neural network of the EKSPA app will help you better place proposals and optimizes the search. Besides, in the free use format participants will be able to place one proposal in the database per month, create one account, will be able to view the requests from other companies, they will be given a mini-site for the company within the application. Also, a photo bank of 1 GB, technical support, access to analytical tools and the basic amount of tokens charging for viewing advertising will be available for free too.

However, the web platform creators have provided the possibility of its paid use. Thus, the user will be able to transfer his account to the “Premium” category in his personal account, which, in turn, can also have the “Silver” or “Gold” status. Payment is made monthly in the platform tokens according to the rates presented in the Whitepaper. So, having a premium account, in addition to the basic (free) functions, the user will be able to place an unlimited number of proposals, have more than 10 accounts at the same time, organize exhibitions without restrictions on products, have a verification mark, receive investment from partners, use a much larger photo bank, enjoy personal support, organize auctions, use the functions of the contractor’s “Smart reputation” and “Green light” for the selection of new companies, to get a higher volume of charging tokens for watching adverts. The multi-signature in transactions and the ability to influence the application functionality will also be available in the “Gold” account.

If we talk about the web application “filling”, it will contain various functional modules for maximum ease of use. The prototype of the application interface is already presented at the project official website. Also, the project is distinguished by a working pre-alpha version, which can be tested by anyone who has registered on the site. You can already get acquainted with some platform functions within the prototype. As for the technical aspects of the application, they are described in Whitepaper, so anyone interested in this issue, will be able to study this information.

EKSPA platform token, its opportunities and terms of sale

As noted above, a lot of interesting opportunities will be implemented within the EKSPA platform with the use of the EKSPA token. It is worth noting that this token is used for payments within the platform, but it is not intended for purchases outside the application. However, the token with the beautiful name of Eksperium has its advantages, due to which it can attract investors attention. Since the platform will be an excellent source of target audience for advertisers, it will be possible to pay for advertising impressions inside the application with the help of the token, as well as get tokens as a reward for the viewed advertising. The opportunity to organize auctions, virtual exhibitions and news releases will also be implemented with using Eksperium. It will also be possible to purchase additional space to store proposals, to buy possibility of additional verification and investment from partners for the platform tokens.

At the moment, the project founders are holding a pre-ICO, where the token is presented for sale at the lowest price of $0.20. A limited amount of 4 500 000 tokens will be sold at this price. During the Pre-ICO, which will last until July 31, the token sale participants will be able to receive bonuses for the large amount of tokens purchased. 24 500 000 tokens were issued for sale within the two stages of the ICO, which is equivalent to 49% of the total issue. The token price during the first stage of the ICO (from 1 to 18 August) will be $0.30 and during the second stage (from 19 to 31 August) – $0.40. There is no minimum investment amount.

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