The crypto-gaming market has been steadily evolving, with a whole number of products being released regularly aiming to capture the good-fortune of CryptoKitties. The problem is that just because digital cats were a revolution, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a cloned version is going to be the next big hit.


Please Note: This is a Press Release

We believe that in order to make the next revolution on the market a HTML5 technology should be mixed with digital crypto wallets like MetaMask or Toshi. This allows for running a fully featured, graphically-rich game inside any web-browser, including those on mobile platforms along with secure management of game assets stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

The first game implementing this approach is the MegaCryptoPolis  — decentralized city builder strategy game launching this summer. This new and exciting platform will offer players from all over the world the opportunity to collectively build a mega city like never before.

The Game

Players acquire blocks of land on the decentralized city map, which will then allow them to construct a range of building types, such as: residential, production and commercial structures. These buildings will then begin to generate influence points, depending on what is built around their neighbourhood. For example, residential buildings near a commercial zone will produce much more points than a building that is close to a manufacturing facility. It’s just like it is in real life — the value of a property or land block more often than not, depends on location.


In it’s core, MegaCryptoPolis looks like a massive multiplayer Go game – just without limits.

Every block of land, along with buildings that are constructed on it, is an ERC-721 cryptо-tоken that can be transferred or traded like any other cryptocurrency on integrated and external marketplaces. When someone purchases a spare land block, a smart contract raises the price of the surrounding blocks of land. The initial cost for a single block will start from 0.015 ETH, with all blocks being hardcoded to rise up to 7.5 ETH once all neighboring blocks are sold.

Another great feature of the game gives players the ability to own and build Mega buildings. To be eligible, players must own at least 4 blocks of land beforehand. This will then grant you the ability to build huge Mega buildings such as skyscrapers, which will then multiply your influence within the game.

Game Assets

Players may even acquire whole districts — those are basically the older and larger siblings of blocks that feature on the game map. Acquiring districts will then give players a share of the profits from all blocks within it.

Lands distribution is planned for 21st May, 2018. Construction of buildings will start this summer. There is also an automated Bounty Campaign that allows getting a land block within the exclusive island — blocks will be distributed randomly among all users registered for campaign prior to the game starting.

We invite all participants to get involved and help us spread the word to receive valuable crypto-land-tokens.

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