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Introducing Nauticus ICO: Banking & eCommerce Using Blockchain Technology

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Nauticus markets itself as an “ethical global bank and transparent e-commerce” company. It relies on blockchain technology to improve both banking and e-commerce via a user-friendly interface that is efficient and designed for cryptocurrencies. The Nauticus Coin underpins everything, and the exchanges for fiat and cryptocurrencies will open in the middle of the year.


Where Is Nauticus, and What Experience Does the Team Have?

Nauticus Group is in Australia, where it is a fully registered company and governed by the Commonwealth of Australia’s regulations and laws. The office and full team are in Australia. The chief officers run multiple businesses in the country, most with at least eight years of experience.

What Is the International Exchange?

The international crypto and fiat currency exchange is the foundation platform for the Nauticus solutions for both e-commerce and banking. Once it launches in mid-2018, the exchange will make it possible to immediately trade the Nauticus Coin with six fiat currencies and 100 different cryptocurrencies. The fiat currencies include USD, AUD, EUR, JPY, ZAR, and HKD. There are plans to expand to include more than 300 cryptocurrencies and at least 16 fiat currencies as soon as the transaction volume makes this possible.


The exchange will be able to support up to a million transactions every second with low fees and exchange rates (with fees as small as 0.1 percent). The state-of-the-art security system has multiple encryptions, biometric authentication, and two-factor authentication for added security. For ease of use, there will be an optional simplified interface, and it will be integrated with the mobile app and Nauticus Wallet.

Those who want to take advantage of more advanced features can opt for the sophisticated interface instead. You can even design a robot to help with automated trading. Nauticus sees the potential for the exchange since there are just 170 competitors in the world, and each day, more than 100,000 new users sign up on exchanges.

What Is the Blockchain Mining Center?

At some point in 2019, Nauticus will launch another solution, the Blockchain Mining Center. This center will have an enormous server capacity that Nauticus users can take advantage of. It should allow for cheaper and faster transactions while generating as much as $31 million each year. Nauticus will partner with local governments to ensure economic growth and stability, and it will support infrastructure in developing countries. All revenue will be reinvested to help with future business development. This mining center will also be environmentally friendly to minimize the impact on the planet.


What Is the Worldwide Marketplace?

The planned Nauticus solution to be released in 2020 is the Worldwide eCommerce Platform. This will be a marketplace with ultra-low fees where sellers can list a wide range of services and goods. It will be powered by the Nauticus Exchange, including the payment systems and wallet, and use Nauticus Coin. It will also accept all major fiat and crypto currencies. Users will appreciate the secure and instant payment system and the simple mobile app.

The standard fees will be just 3 percent, a competitive rate compared to existing marketplaces. Users with the top reviews will have to pay fees as little as 0.1 percent. Those with the Nauticus Rewards program will get free transactions. For ethical consumption, the blockchain will verify the supply chain. Nauticus expects this solution to have a million users by the middle of 2020 and generate up to $13.7 million USD each year.

What About the Merchant Payments Platform?

Planned for 2021, Nauticus will release the Merchant Payments Platform, which is easy to use and low cost, working for businesses of any size. The platform will accept contactless PoS payments using ApplePay, AndroidPay, NFC, and QR. Merchants can accept whatever currencies they choose, both fiat and crypto. Payments will be settled quickly as opposed to once a month or week.


Merchants will be encouraged to combine this payment platform with a digital storefront within the Nauticus Marketplace. Additionally, the platform will provide analytics; work with the other solutions; and allow users to transfer funds to suppliers, banks, and more.

What Other Solutions Does Nauticus Have Planned?

In 2022, Nauticus plans to release the Global KYC Verification Solution and become a global leader in this type of Know Your Customer verification. Users will be able to control the data and information shared with biometric authorization. This KYC will prevent money laundering, theft, and terrorism financing while providing unique and secure identity verification. The solution will be free for users who have at least 1,000 coins in their Nauticus Rewards, and it includes the global credit scoring system.

Finally, an ICO Gateway will be available in 2023, establishing resources that new ICOs can use, such as codes; templates; legal and financial assistance; and consultants with specializations in media, HR, and marketing. This will also include an ICO register and a quality seal of approval ICOs can use.

How Can You Participate in the ICO?

Nauticus is having its own ICO in the very near future. The presale will have a 30 percent discount and begin March 18, lasting until March 30. During that time, the token purchase amount will be 500. The ICO will begin on March 31, lasting until May 18. The sale is divided into weeks with purchase amounts of 500 tokens. Until April 7, you get a 20 percent token bonus, which drops to 15 percent until April 14, 10 percent until April 21, and 5 percent until May 18.

ICO Details

There will also be bonuses for bulk purchases. Those who buy more than 100,000 NTS will get a 2 percent bonus in addition to the current promotion, and those who buy more than 250,000 will get an additional 5 percent tokens. During the ICO, you can contribute using Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or a direct money transfer.


While there are already other e-commerce and banking solutions that make use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, Nauticus is still a very relevant option and should prove useful. The most exciting part of the project is the specific timeline of solutions that give users and investors an idea of what to expect and when.

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