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New Order: Venture DAO Platform for The Multi-Chain DeFi Cosmos

New Order is generating the next wave of DeFi 2.0 by integrating multi-chain strategies, machine intelligence and new digital asset classes.
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On November 18th, the DeFi ecosystem witnessed the launch of NEW ORDER, a venture DAO platform that completely redefines the way assets in the multi-chain DeFi environment are being accumulated, formed and disbursed.

DAO stands for “decentralized autonomous organization”, by definition it is an open-source blockchain protocol, created and governed by its selected members and by specific rules. These rules or smart contracts automatically execute controlled actions without the need of authorization from any party.

The community of co-founding members at NEW ORDER DAO is deeply committed to help drive the DeFi ecosystem towards a new era in crypto finance. The team is convinced that the newly launched New Order Incubation DAO will become the largest treasury 100% governed by a DAO in the near future.

New Order is the first of its kind Incubation DAO on the DeFi ecosystem. It is conceived as a decentralized Y-Combinator for DeFi with the governance in the hands of community members.

This Incubation DAO will promote the development of L1 projects creating a more diverse market, by incubating venture DeFi projects that operate over New Order’s thesis of DeFi 2.0: machine intelligent, multi-chain and operating with further digital asset classes like NFTs, data tokens, etc.

New Order addresses the scaling limitations for most DAOs by creating multiple income entries through its incubated projects, products and services.

The revenue generated by this incubation program will be determined by critical asset diversification, towards becoming a strong risk-neutral treasury to help generate a long term value for the DAO community.

New Order’s Mission

Born in 2021, the Incubation Dao was created to provide founders and developers a venture partner willing to support more building than investing projects. New Order becomes a partner expressly inclined for sweat capital rather than venture capital, and would rather operate with permissionless DAOs over permissioned.

DeFi builders are currently needing a community like New Order, especially with the DeFi space so invaded with despicable investing operations like dumping or liquidity ‘rug-pulling’.

Builders also found themselves flooded by projects with extensive white papers, exquisite PR briefs and meters of texts in but little real time hands-on support and executing capabilities.

The Vision

The New Order community strongly supports the idea that the evolution of decentralized finance in the near future will only be feasible through values and human initiatives immersed in non-tribalism, collaborative, sustainably oriented and multi-chain.

The New Order team also believes and supports the idea that DeFi and Web3 should not be again a winner-take-all space like it happens in the internet today, instead, it should be a network of decentralized communities engaged together towards a cooperative capitalism based on an improved free internet.

New Order’s founders have developed their DAO project close to DeFi companies for the last several years, like Gitcoin and Token Engineering, gathering first hand experience by joining efforts with many OGs in the DeFi ambience.

New Order DAO also have extensively submitted the project for scrutiny with the academia environment, with special support from the Imperial College of London, the University of Toronto and the York University among others.

The co-founding team is presided by two renown blockchain advocates, Eden Dhaliwal with an NBA from Toronto University and Marek Laskowski, Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada.

Both entrepreneurs have in common an extensive experience in blockchain computing, decentralized finance and specifically the projects accelerator/incubation investment segment.

The New Order Incubation DAO raised $4 million in its launch phase.

New Order’s Business Model

The DeFi adoption is growing in spectacular scale, and more users are needing products, security and user experiences capable of co-existing in a ‘multi-protocol’ ecosystem.

Well, this New Order DAO is the rare multi-protocol ecosystem that finally permits DeFi users to access new multi-chain DeFi solutions and services. New Order acts as an ‘ecosystem-as-a-service’ for builders launching new projects.

The essential service New Order delivers is a ‘strategic’ incubation of developing DeFi projects from founders in Layer 1 chain. By adopting a ‘sub-DAO architecture’, New Order is obviously a decentralized organization enabling an improved support to the growing portfolio of incubating projects.

NEW ORDER’s service to the venture projects development fundamentally consists of two main benefit streams; a- funding opportunities: thanks to prominent partners and advisors

New Order specializes in DAO & VC fundraising, token issuances, and leveraging liquidity pools; and b- product advisory: by networking with industry leaders for experienced feedback on financial engineering in decentralized governance, also over security on smart contracts and platform structure.

New Order also deals with all the administrative and legal steps to go global.

The builders and founders participating in the New Order community will have access to a wider ecosystem of exchanges, developers, token listers and more.

New Order also grants its entrepreneurs an optimized visibility of their projects thanks to dedicated speaking opportunities, interviews, webinars and more (a thoughtful PR strategy). Finally, New Order also assists its users in finding and hiring local Web3 talent in Europe, North America and Asia.

Those DeFi-focused highly motivated entrepreneurs ready for their pre-seed incubation phase can rely on New Order to have all they need to launch the next-generation financial products.

New Order’s community members are primarily developers, strategists and founders of venture DeFi projects, and yield farmers. While New Order’s ecosystem partners, investors and mentors are primarily DeFi Protocols & DAOs, layer 1 networks, auditors, liquidity providers, venture capital and technical infrastructure.

These necessary relationships cultivated over time after sustained trustful behaviour have grown thanks to social media, hackathons, etc. These community interactions often result in hiring community members into some New Order’s incubated projects.

New Order’s Main Features

Governance Token

Holders of governance tokens will have the right to govern DAO operations, access accrued assets and revenue and manage treasury.

Also New Order’s native token holders will assist upcoming projects to provide liquidity. Holders will also benefit from the token accros apps of incubated projects and earn rewards and fees by participating in DAO vaults.
DApp marketplace

The DApp marketplace is the main revenue-generator for the New Order DAO. The team of developers at New Order DAO share a near future goal of launching chain-agnostic powerhouses connected by a meshed liquidity network, multiplying the revenue streams for New Order.

New Order’s Formula for Speed

New Order is a DAO with a growing number of participating stakeholders across different protocols and L1s. Being this a good thing, it also puts pressure on the need of providing an efficient, inclusive and scaling in speed governance solution.

New Order found in using a ‘SubDAO’ architecture the solution to the platform’s efficiency and speed challenge. The “SubDAO” architecture helps to further decentralize operations and streamlines different working groups.

The SubDAO architecture replaces the need of randomly selecting a multi-sig core team among the community members, instead it implements a community-elected key holders team. These elected members become leaders of different divisions within the DAO and eventually will climb up the ranks by building personal reputation.


In simple words, New Order is a permissionless Incubator DAO created to generate long-term value in the DeFi environment. Basically New Order builds and launches early stage financial protocols, apps, products, tools and infrastructure for the DeFi ecosystems.

These seed-phase projects all support New Order’s objective of enabling a cross chain DeFi ecosystem in the near future. New Order DAO is also constantly exploring new digital asset classes, like NFTs and data tokens, that surround promising DeFi markets developing.

It makes sense to all builders and founders to come through New Order’s Incubator DAO for the several reasons explained above. The White Paper gives a deeper understanding, so please click here to read it!

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Nicholas Say was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has traveled extensively, lived in Uruguay for many years, and currently resides in the Far East. His writing can be found all over the web, with special emphasis placed on realistic development, and the next generation of human technology.

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