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NinjaPromo: ICO Projects Handled with Care

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2018 is the year when blockchain finally turned into established industry that is widely accepted by both general audiences and most governments. The regulations get into proper shape, and people all across the world are ready to put trust and money into crypto-related projects, the number of which is growing every day, creating healthy competitive environment.

To survive in this environment, a business owner has to make sure that their project receives the attention it deserves. And that’s where NinjaPromo ICO marketing agency jumps into action.

Ninja Promo

Please Note: This is a Press Release

NinjaPromo provides a wide range of crypto marketing services which can cover ICOs from any standpoint, specializing on PPC advertising, Influencer marketing, Listings, more traditional PR and Community management. NinjaPromo’s team can also provide technical and legal support for the project.

80% of NinjaPromo clients, among which there are Unibright, Lucyd, INS, Paygine, Thrive and many others, chose to use our services again.

Let’s Dive In: How to Make a Successful ICO

NinjaPromo has strategies, tools and enthusiasm to support your project every step of the way, both on ICO and post-ICO stages, providing a broad spectrum of services in:

  • Community Management;
  • PR and Listings;
  • Influencer Marketing;
  • PPC Advertising;
  • Content Marketing and Management;
  • Social Media Marketing;
  • Design and Branding;
  • Technical Support;
  • ICO Legal.

To achieve the best results, NinjaPromo joins forces with your team, synchronizing activities and maximizing efforts to avoid unnecessary overlaps which inevitably lead to the waste of time and resources. Every detail of the marketing campaign, from major issues of strategy to smallest bit of content, is approved by the client, so that there are no misunderstandings or mistrust. And if there are any promising innovations or suitable trends emerging in the process, the team applies them to the client’s project.

Digital Marketing Is the Key

Quality marketing campaign is the key to success of any business, especially ICO, because without genuinely interested people even the greatest, most useful ideas would be lost in oblivion. NinjaPromo provides several solutions which could be used separately or as a complex.

We create publications in more than 250 multilingual mainstream and fintech-related, global and regional, outlets that we partner with. Plus, we can place your project on more than 80 ICO listing sites.

There are also more than 1000 influencers we can attract to aid you. NinjaPromo has the means to hype your project up in Telegram, Reddit and BitcoinTalk, as well as to provide proper marketing campaign on prominent platforms like Facebook and Google AdWords. We recognize how effective short and informative clips can be in swaying the public your way, so we can provide you with video introductions that will capture the attention of anyone who glances at them.

But NinjaPromo knows for a fact that there is no better promotion than the great word of mouth. And the best way to get it is through your community. We can introduce your project to audiences picked for your needs, engage them in project-related activities, and our team of ninja community managers keep your corners of the Internet active. Your audience is the most important element of your image, and we make sure they represent you in the best possible way.

Who We Are: ICO Marketing and Support Team

We are a small army of 35 ninjas who will care for your project and protect it at all costs. Our team includes skilled editors who provide content in the form of articles, press release, reviews, infographics, scripts and videos in 6 languages most used in global crypto communities – English, German, Chinese, French, Russian and Turkish.  They are accompanied by professional community managers who can ensure your groups stay active 24/7. Our creative designers have sharp eyes to make your brand look most representative of what you are. Our dedicated developers carefully overlook every technical issue that may arise, and on the other side our experienced legal advisors will consult you on regulations, jurisdictions and general rules of the cryptogame.

If you have a brilliant idea and you want to enter the ICO race – e-mail our NinjaPromo team to or simply contact us on Telegram @slava_ninja.

Important Note: There have been reports of scammers approaching companies via Telegram, LinkedIn and Other Social platforms purporting to represent Blockonomi and offer advertising offers. We will never approach anyone directly. Please always make contact with us via our contact page here.


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