Nocta ICO: Decentralized Platform for Organizing High-Class Sex Leisure

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Nocta brings a new function to the idea of decentralized platforms, specifically what the team refers to as “high-class leisure for adults.” With the platform, users around the world can comfortably and safely choose the services they want. This is the first premium platform designed for leisure sex in a safe, anonymous, and comfortable manner. Nocta will be able to capitalize on the adult entertainment industry, which has a global market capitalization of between $100 billion and $300 billion. As a platform to unite the market, Nocta believes their potential is huge.

Nocta Website

How Does Nocta Work?

When a user wants to find someone to enjoy leisure sex with, they visit Nocta using any internet browser they prefer. They can make an account to set up their unique username and password. Because of the decentralized system, there is complete anonymity at all times, so users don’t have to worry about anything, including social repercussions.

Once logged in, users can use the powerful search engine to find the partner they are looking for, with help from filters, such as location. After finding a potential partner, users can begin a fast chat. The user and “offerer” can then agree to meet following a request approval. Thanks to the strong feedback system, clients are assured of high-quality offerers. Following the service and release of payment, the user leaves feedback. The payment is automatically released to the offerer’s account, giving them the ability to easily withdraw the money and continue their business.

What Issues Does Nocta Resolve?

The team at Nocta sees the main problems with the current leisure sex market as being the closeness of this market and the high risk of low-quality service. It is also challenging for customers and service providers to get the benefits of social networks and the internet due to privacy concerns and more.

Nocta FAQ

Nocta realized that while there are websites that combine listings for things like hotels and airfare, there is nothing similar for the adult entertainment industry. Some cities do have their local websites, some even with reviews, but there is no indication you can trust these pages. Travelers have no way of currently knowing how to find quality services in their location.

What Concerns Does Nocta Address?

Based on the above issues, the main concerns of those seeking out and offering services are anonymity, security, and quality, all of which Nocta improves. Both service providers and customers prefer to keep their identity hidden, but since cash is not necessarily convenient, Nocta offers anonymity along with the ability to securely pay using digital currency.

Security is a primary concern for sex workers, as the intentions of a customer may not be what they appear. Nocta’s rating system and blockchain technology help alleviate this concern. Finally, customers can trust that they will receive quality service due to the ratings and reviews.

What Kind of Filters Does Nocta Have?

Nocta makes it easy to search the various offers to find exactly what a user is looking for. Just some of the filters include the type of service, location, and price range.

What Other Features Does Nocta Have?

In addition to the easy-to-use search function with filters to narrow down results, Nocta has other features that are designed to create a platform that will last for the long term and be convenient. Payments are secure and use the Nocta internal currency. Users can read about the available services and read or leave feedback.

Both sex workers and customers each have their personal cabinets. Users’ cabinets have information about the balance, easy access to replenish it, bookmarks for their preferred offerers, and even preset filters based on geolocation. The personal cabinet of the offerer is similar but adds personal settings where they can add media content, display prices, list their services and options, and more.

How Does Nocta Improve the Experience of Using a Local Agency?

The main alternative to Nocta is currently using a local agency or website to find a partner for leisure sex, but Nocta significantly improves upon this. Because the system uses the blockchain, it provides trust for both the service provider and the user. It is also free to use, available worldwide, and uses a rating system to ensure quality interactions.

What Does the NOCTA Token Do?

NOCTA is an ERC20 utility token that lets users access the platform as well as its extra function. Following the completion of the blockchain development process for Nocta, the NOCTA coins will be replaced 1:1 with the inner coin for the platform.

Nocta Token

How Will Nocta Make Money?

Nocta will monetize the platform in several ways. There will be some paid posts and articles on social networks and related media. It will also organize promotional events. On a regular basis, it will collect fees related to offering special statuses for workers’ accounts, as well as commissions.

What Does the Nocta Roadmap Look Like?

Nocta’s roadmap began in Q3 of 2017 with Stage A. This included developing the concept, doing deep market research, and forming the team. Stage B was in Q4 of 2017. It included the NOCTA token presale, the user experience and interface development, backend and frontend development, and the bounty campaign. Now in Stage C, Q1 of 2018 will include the platform demo run, the closed alpha test, and the main token distribution, which is currently in progress.

Nocta Roadmap

Stage D will take place in Q2 with complex development for the platform and blockchain and an online marketing campaign. In Stage E, Q3, it will release the wallet and do the testnet run. Stage F is in Q4 of 2018 and will include the mainnet run, the prerelease of the platform, the offline marketing campaign, and exchanging the NOCTA token with the NOCTA coin. Finally, Q1 of 2019 will see Stage X, the final release of the platform.


Nocta provides an innovative way to take advantage of blockchain technology by offering yet another service that has been overlooked so far. Theoretically, Nocta should improve trust in leisure sex interactions and make it easier to find a partner no matter whether you are in your hometown or traveling. The anonymity combined with blockchain security should appeal to both users and offerers.

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