Nominex Review: Crypto Exchange With Own NMX Token & Referral Program

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There are a lot of crypto exchanges to choose from. Nominex has a solid trading platform that allows trade in numerous token pairs. The token pairs are based on BTC, ETH, and USDT. Nominex clients also get access to instant deposits and top-notch security for any tokens on deposit with the exchange.

Nominex also offers its clients a way to gain from its referral program, which allows you to build a passive income from people who you refer to the exchange.

If you have been looking for a way to combine token trading with a passive online income, it would be a good idea to learn more about what Nominex has to offer. The platform is easy to use and gives crypto traders some great options for their business, or hobby.

Nominex has also created a great tokenomics system that will give away NMX tokens for free. The sooner you sign up for the platform, the more NMX tokens you are likely to receive.

Nominex Review

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Nominex Creates Opportunities

Nominex knows that there is a lot of competition in the crypto trading space, so it created an affiliate program that will help anyone who likes to trade cryptos to grow their online business. The company uses a binary tree affiliate structure for its affiliate program, and anyone who joins the exchange can take full advantage of an industry-leading bonus program.

Unlike many of the other affiliate programs that are out there, Nominex allows you to have unlimited people in your tree, which means that the returns from the time and effort you expend promoting the exchange isn’t going to be limited to a given level of possible users in your tree.

Nominex Referral

Building up a network of traders with the system that Nominex designed is simple. The company has created links that you can distribute, and start making a passive income from anyone who is in your tree. Unlike many other affiliate programs, Nominex allows you to make money from users that are both below you, and in other positions as well.

How the Affiliate Program Works

At its most basic level, the Nominex affiliate program is extremely simple. Once you sign up for an account, you will be given a referral link that you can send to anyone else who trades cryptocurrencies. If they join Nominex and start trading with that link, you will make a percentage of their trading fees, forever.

The binary tree structure is a little different from many other referral programs. When you decide to start building your affiliate network, you can add two people as your first affiliate level. Those two people can then add two more people, so at the second level, you would have 6 people in your tree (two in the first level, and four in the second).

The rewards that are offered change as the levels grow, and you can learn more about the specific ways that you will earn money with this program at the official affiliate program page, which you can access by clicking right here.

If you want to find a way to start earning money from your love of cryptos and trading, the Nominex affiliate program is a good option. There are many ways to attract people to the exchange, and gain more exposure for yourself as well.

Nominex Affiliate Program: Binary Tree Structure

Nominex affiliate binary tree is an organizational structure, where each affiliate member can have only two people on his first affiliate level forming left and right teams. The second level contains up to 4 members, third level – 8 and so on. Each next level has the capacity multiplied by 2 of the previous level capacity.

Affiliate Structure

The platform also 4 different bonus types:

  • Quick Start Bonus – Get 5 or 8% of the trading fees paid by your own referrals
  • Team Bonus – Get 25 USDT for each formed Trade Cycle
  • Leadership Bonus -Receive 10% from each Team Bonus which your own (direct) referrals get
  • Advancement bonus – Shoot for the stars, trade more, achieve ranks and get an extra bonus


How to: Build an Affiliate Network

You might be wondering how to get people into your affiliate network. The good news is that there are many ways to get noticed online, and they can all help you grow your online presence. Earning money with the Nominex affiliate program is a good way to start earning a passive income, and attract like-minded people to your media outlets.

If you like to write and want to spread the word about cryptos, blogging about cryptos might be a good way to start your online business. With the Nominex affiliate program you will have a way to create a passive income from your blog, and also build up your image as a token market guru.

The costs involved with starting up a blog are minimal, which makes blogging a great way to build up a following online. There is always a need for insightful commentary about the crypto markets, and once you have a reasonable amount of content on your blog, you can expand it into a website.

You can cash in on the proliferation of online video content by starting up a channel on YouTube and talking about crypto. There is a good chance that cryptocurrencies are going to be around for a while, and getting in with the Nominex affiliate program is a good way to monetize a format that can be difficult to make money with.

The Nominex affiliate program was designed to maximize the effort you put into building your tree, and you will be able to gain from the ‘spillover effect’, which is when the person above you (if there is one) builds their tree. It is rare for an affiliate program to reward you for lateral parts of the tree, but Nominex does so.

The token markets move fast, and you can get a following by sending out information as fast as the news sites publish it with Twitter. Most people have a hard time making money for their Tweets, but with the Nominex affiliate program, you can get paid to stay on top of the crypto markets.

Of course, all three of the ideas listed here can be used together, and totally work to help you establish a solid online presence. There are other ways to cash-in on your online persona too, and the Nominex affiliate program may be a gateway to a much larger passive income.

Nominex Features

A great affiliate program wouldn’t mean much if the crypto exchange behind it wasn’t great, and Nominex has created a platform that fits the needs of many token traders. Nominex offers unleveraged trading in many of the most popular token pairs, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more.

In addition to a wide range of supported tokens, Nominex has minimal KYC requirements, as it doesn’t support deposits or withdrawals in fiat currency. In order to replicate the value of fiat currency on its exchange, Nominex uses the USDT token, which is a stablecoin that derives its value via a peg to the US Dollar.


Hacking has always been an issue for crypto exchanges, but Nominex has taken measures to ensure the safety of its clients’ funds. As a centralized exchange, Nominex acts as custodian for client funds on the exchange, and 99% of those tokens are kept in cold storage, with multi-sig technology.

It makes sense to use an exchange that takes security seriously, and Nominex works to keep not only its clients’ tokens safe, but also protect their personal data and any other information that hackers could potentially target.


Nominex has a very innovative token distribution model. Instead of running an ICO, or selling tokens directly, the company will distribute its NMX tokens in a few different ways. First, the company will give away the tokens, for free.

The second phase will reward people who adopt the platform. Nominex will give NMX tokens away every day to the users that are trading on the platform.

NMX Tokens

The amount of tokens that are given away is fixed, so the sooner you start trading on the platform, the more likely you are to gain more tokens. As more people use Nominex, the fixed amount of NMX tokens will be spread thinner, and traders will receive less as a result of their activities.

Nominex also plans to do regular NMX token giveaways as well, although there is no word on when these may begin. For now, you can sign up for the exchange, and get updates on how to receive your NMX tokens.

The company offers traders a discount if they hold and pay for their trading fees with NMX tokens, which makes trading on Nominex even more attractive.

Nominex is an Innovative Platform

As a crypto trading platform, Nominex has created some new features that help crypto users build a passive income stream, and may drive the adoption of cryptos in the wider world. The affiliate program that Nominex designed will likely help to spread the world about tokens, and help people that create positive media grow their own brand.

The exchange that Nominex designed is fully featured and offers a range of token pairs to choose from. Instant deposits and withdrawals are another great feature of the company and should help people to build trust in the new exchange.

Nominex is just getting started and doesn’t offer features like leveraged trading, or fiat deposits, but if you are looking for a new exchange that has a great affiliate program, it is worth learning more about it or just signing up for a totally free trading account.

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