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One Game to ICO Decentralized, Self-Evolving, Simulation Gaming Platform

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God, Man, and Reality on the Blockchain – Computer simulation games have long been a platform that allow players godlike abilities in the creation of their own digital universe. Nonetheless, these platforms limit the users’ imaginations due to the restrictions imposed by the corporate developers who market and publish the games. Big tech companies hold the ultimate control over content on their virtual reality platforms.


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Enter blockchain and decentralized computer platforms. Players now have the power to create their own games, their own worlds, and their own rules unconstrained by the strictures imposed through the corporate developer hierarchy. The decentralized nature of the blockchain allows player self-governance and control. Gamers and players are now the developers.

This was the idea behind Decentraland, a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland held its initial coin offering (ICO) in early 2017, and has garnered considerable enthusiasm among investors, with a current market cap exceeding $100,000,000.

The decentralized gaming platform inspired former Google and Microsoft engineer Pu Shi to create One Game, which takes virtual reality gaming a step further into the future. One Game grants gamers self-governance power, but it also adds an innovative feature – it is a self-evolving platform. According to Shi, the One Game non-player characters (NPCs) and varied elements will cross breed and evolve over time. At first, this evolution will be minor: an NPC that shoots will breed with an NPC that swims to sire an NPC that shoots and swims.

Although the evolution will initially be somewhat mundane, the platform’s inherent flexibility combined with continuous gamer and developer play will facilitate the process and produce unexpected results. Future game versions could produce NPCs who cross the threshold between man and machine – the creation of digital consciousness indistinguishable from a human being.

The platform uses a Proof of Activity consensus mechanism based on player competitiveness and popularity. All One Game transactions and in-game purchases are made via the One Game Token (OGT), and players are rewarded with OGT based on the consensus mechanism.

Registration for OGT are now available through their website, and the ICO will take place in March. One Game’s recently published white paper can also be accessed via their website.

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