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Opera Browser Users Now Get Access To TRON Transactions and DApps

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Opera is sealing its crypto credentials by integrating the TRON wallet and range of DApps into its desktop and mobile web browser. 350 million Opera users will now have access to TRON alongside the existing integrations with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Opera is the first web browser to incorporate a cryptocurrency wallet, demonstrating its commitment to providing access to Web 3.0 for its user base.

Tron Opera

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The news means that more people will have easy access to cryptocurrencies and dApps via the Opera browser. Along with being able to send and receive TRX right in the browser, Opera users will also have access to the entire catalog of decentralized applications developed on the TRON platform. These include gambling, gaming, exchange, and trading dApps, among others.

TRON is proving to be a hit among blockchain users and developers. Last week, the TRON Foundation’s weekly DApp report confirmed that the platform now has over 600 DApps running on it, with nearly 40k average daily users and over 9.5 million transactions for the week. The Q3 report recently confirmed that TRON is second only to Ethereum as being the most popular DApp platform and is the largest blockchain network launched since 2017.

In a press release accompanying the announcement, TRON founder and CEO of Bittorrent stated:

“We are proud to connect the largest, active blockchain ecosystem to the best web browser ever built.”

A Browser with Privacy in Mind

Along with making TRON more accessible to Opera users, this newest integration could also see an influx of users to the web browser from cryptocurrency fans. Members of the cryptocurrency community are generally more privacy-minded than the average citizen. This mindset is evidenced by a general sense of disdain towards Facebook’s Libra plans, knowing the company’s reputation for harvesting user data.

Therefore, crypto users who are wary of Google’s approach to selling user data to advertisers may be attracted by the privacy features developed by Opera. Both desktop and mobile versions of Opera have built-in ad blockers and VPN, helping to prevent online tracking and reduce page loading times. And this doesn’t come at the expense of a glossy user interface. Opera has won a Red Dot Design Award and an IF Design Award for its Opera Touch mobile browser.

For crypto users, the integrated cryptocurrency wallet, now also featuring TRON, will also make crypto transactions more accessible. The wallet also supports non-fungible tokens such as Crypto Kitties.

TRON in the Headlines

It’s the second time this week TRON has hit the crypto media headlines. On Monday,, the development company behind the popular role-playing game EOS Knights, confirmed it would be moving the dApp game over to the TRON network by the end of this year. This came after TRON and agreed on a strategic partnership. According to reports, TRON offers more opportunities for expansion and development than rival blockchain EOS. After the migration, EOS Knights will be known as Knight Story.

Last week, speculation was rife that Justin Sun was behind the news that Circle had decided to spin off crypto exchange Poloniex to an Asian investment group. However, the TRON founder later appeared to refute the rumor in a tweet stating he “isn’t buying anything.”

On the other hand, Sun has been enthusiastically tweeting the news about the partnership and now the Opera integration. In the past, he’s also been known to tease big announcements in advance. Therefore, his denial of any involvement in the Poloniex sale seems entirely plausible.


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