Orbis ICO & Airdrop: Decentralized Bluetooth Communities

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Orbis aims to provide open, decentralized, global, and secure networks with Bluetooth communities in which anyone can participate. Orbis directly assists Bluetooth mesh development by making it more easily accessible to various third-party developers via digital infrastructure, systems management, logistics, crowd-gathered data, and the IoT. On the consumer side, Orbis applications will add a new level of functionality that simply is not possible with current apps based on Wi-Fi.

Orbis Token

Orbis currently has an ongoing token sale and airdrop.

What Is Bluetooth Mesh?

Bluetooth mesh networking is still a relatively new advancement, and the Orbis whitepaper quotes the official document. According to this, the mesh is a new type of network topology that was adopted in summer 2017 and is for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The Bluetooth mesh is seen as a major advancement and puts Bluetooth in a position where it can become the dominant wireless communications technology of a low-power nature. It should also work in a wide range of use cases and sectors, with examples such as industrial IoT and smart buildings.

What is Orbis

What Is the Goal of the Orbis Platform?

With Orbis, the team hopes to create a platform that uses the underlying development framework for commercial and consumer development with Bluetooth mesh networking. They will use the existing network and infrastructure, so developers have an easy deployment. The OBT (Orbis Token) will be a key part of this by initially rewarding developers for their successful releases, as well as rewarding consumers for participating.

What Are the Potential Use Cases and Market Sizes of Orbis?

The team behind Orbis took a look at some of the markets where there are use cases for the blockchain Bluetooth community, which are worth trillions combined. The IoT industry can use the Orbis app to manage supply chains, view live wait times, control lights, and more. This industry is valued at $157 billion. The daily BTC transaction volume is $2 billion, and the Orbis mesh network will be an alternative for sending and receiving crypto while offline. The funds simply stay in escrow until the matching transaction data gets uploaded.


The defense industry is worth $709 billion and can use mesh for reliable offline communications, even in landscapes that are undeveloped. Advertising, worth $558 billion, can see data for foot traffic and sponsored locations and use OBT to reward consumers. The telecommunications and wireless industry, worth $1.5 trillion, can use mesh messaging and internet sharing or sell mobile data in exchange for OBT. Orbis even provides a portable and robust solution to use in disaster relief situations.

What Is the Basic Functionality of OBT?

The Orbis token is an incentive that will encourage both developers and consumers to use the Orbis platform, leading to its growth. Developers will be minted new coins depending on the usage of their apps to coin cap. Consumers, on the other hand, get minted coins for their activity on mobile nodes via the OrbisWeb mobile app. In the future, everyone can use OBT to purchase products and paid apps via the OrbiStore.

What Are OrbisWeb and the OrbiStore?

OrbisWeb provides secure BLE connections coming from local networks that are globally connected with the internet. Developers can use the OrbisWeb network to create apps, use crowd-gathered data, replace digital infrastructure, or implement IoT technology.

The OrbiStore is a platform for applications that are open for third-party development. Developers can use the BLE network infrastructure but do not have to. All usage and downloads of the apps are done using NEO smart contracts.

Orbis OBT Airdrop Details

Some of the allocated OBT coins will be distributed via an airdrop that is currently in progress.

Orbis Airdrop

There is an allocation of 16.7 OBT per person, awarded to a maximum of 60,000 people. The airdrop is in partnership with Crypto Disrupt, and you perform simple actions to participate.

You only have to perform two of the following actions to receive your allocation of OBT. On Twitter: retweet @crypto_disrupt, follow @orbis_web, or follow @crypto_disrupt; on Telegram: join Crypto Disrupt or Orbis; on Reddit, subscribe to Orbis; or follow Orbis via Medium.

Token Sale Details

Orbis is also completing a traditional token sale. The presale has already ended. There were 121 contributors, who together raised $1.5 million USD, with 5 million OBT sold. The public token sale began March 3 and runs until March 31. There is a hard cap of $12 million USD with 40 million OBT to sell. Based on the contribution date, there are bonuses of 5, 15, and 25 percent. The initial price is 1 OBT for $0.24, and the tokens will be delivered a month after the token sale closes.

Token Sale Details

How Are OBT Distributed?

40 percent of the total tokens, or 40 million OBT, is to be distributed in the token sale. The company reserve is 35 percent, or 35 million OBT. The community receives 15 million OBT, or 15 percent, and shareholders and employees receive 10 percent, or 10 million OBT. The employee tokens have a 48-month vesting period that includes a 10 percent maximum withdrawal each quarter. Any withdrawal from the company reserve of more than 10 percent each quarter requires a public notice of at least two weeks.

What Does the Orbis Roadmap Look Like?

In Q4 of 2017, Orbis completed project planning, community engagement, the drafting and release of the whitepaper, and closed alpha testing for the Android OrbisWeb app. There were also partnerships and new advisors with crypto wallets, blockchain firms, and networking firms. Finally, the team completed the website, as well as capability scaling.


In addition to the current airdrop and the ICO that is about to begin, other plans for January through April of this year include listing and trading on exchanges, developing the OrbiStore, developing the blockchain OBT, and alpha testing for Android and iOS. It will also get more staff and work on community development, engagement via OBT rewards, industry and community conferences, community developer outreach, and establishing who will vet OrbiStore applications.


Orbis is positioned to take advantage of the relatively new technology of Bluetooth mesh, combining it with blockchain technology in a way that can assist a long list of industries with dozens of use cases. Orbis has already completed some development, and as the team grows, so should the platform.

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