Even as we witness the current market turmoil, outside interest in the blockchain space is far from diminishing; a growing number of retail and institutional investors alike are professing a keener interest long-term and the trend does not look to slow down any time soon. In our fledgling Wild West of a market this brings about a plethora of complications for both corporate and individual participants, relating to regulatory compliance and dishonest actors.

Rectifying this situation is the calling card and mission of the Verifer team, who utilising their vast previous experience in the investigations and verifications industry, combined with their innovative new crypto-focused platforms, promise to greatly ease these growing pains of the blockchain space.


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With a long history of verifications and investigations stretching back to 2012, Verifer (previously known as Global Spy) have gained vast experience and industry knowledge which puts them a cut above the rest in the blockchain space. Verifer’s speciality has always been providing thorough AML, KYC, PEP and other verifications for their clients, with a particular strength for investigations due to their experienced team of researchers. In 2017 Verifer processed over 2300 various compliance checks, and in 2018 alone already have orders for over 4000 verifications, becoming a market leader in Malta in the process. As regulations in the blockchain space are tightening and major players moving to already traditionally highly regulated areas such as Europe, Verifer is not blind to the opportunity and intends to ease the inherent regulatory burden with their superior, purpose-built verifications platform.

Verifer also understands that retail investors, of course, face their own range of challenges in the space- mainly relating to dishonest actors and a lack of investigative skills. The high number of scam ICOs are a huge burden for the space overall, as investors are often unable to perform effective due diligence enough to be able to identify the 90% dishonest projects; the industry is screaming out for an experienced, trustworthy entity for guidance. Verifer is boldly answering the call. By developing their innovative research and investigations marketplace, users will not only be able to acquire customised, professional investigations into desired blockchain projects, but will also have the opportunity to monetise this research like never before seen in the industry (with 50% of the resulting revenue being distributed directly to the original purchaser)- all securely carried out through their efficient and transparent blockchain-based platform.

Verifer’s mission is clear: to utilise their wealth of industry experience and knowledge to make the blockchain industry more compliant, transparent and beneficial for all actors involved. The vast experience and expertise of the team in the verifications and investigations space have enabled them to at once identify the crucial burdens for both retail and corporate actors in the blockchain space, and provide effective solutions in the form of purpose-built platforms to tackle these problems head-on. Verifer’s aim is to not only empower actors in the space by ensuring legal compliance and thorough investigation, but also to offer opportunities to participants never before seen in the industry; by allowing the monetisation of purchased investigative reports, and by building a verification platform able to process unseen volumes, Verifer are enabling greater possibilities in the space for individual and corporate actors alike.


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