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Outspoken Cryptocurrency “StopBezos” to Launch

Developers Take on Billionaires with Cryptocurrency Movement
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Sep. 2, 2021 – StopBezos announced that it will soon be deploying its token contract on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and will soon be available on PancakeSwap. The currency is the first movement-oriented token geared toward taking on billionaires and to do so via cryptocurrency.

The CEO of StopBezos, Jalal Alp said, “We are the first movement-oriented token to take billionaires head on. Join us. Join us in restoring rights to the working people. Join us in decentralizing the governance of a company. Join us in creating a better universe.”

STOPBEZOS is the native token of StopBezos. It’s community-based, with a goal of “stopping juggernauts and helping hard-working people.” StopBezos enables charitable contributions, and a “Worker Fund” has been established by the company.

The movement is also planning a series of large-scale events with token holders and supporters, all eventually leading to an entirely new system that allows one to stake traditional shares for a return in $STOPBEZOS token. This stake pool allows for governance, which is executed through community polling, a revolutionary move that encapsulates the close-knit nature of the crypto sphere.

StopBezos has published their smart contract source code and to promote transparency, there will be a fixed supply with no minting of new $STOPBEZOS. Anti-whale mechanics are in place to limit maximum acquisitions for every holder and all transactions are safe and secure. The cryptocurrency incorporates a variety of unique features, including advanced tokenomics, charitable causes, frictionless yields and liquidity generation. Token transfers have a programmed burn on each transaction, with hyper-deflationary buyback and an auto-burn by reflection mechanism included. Investors will be able to buy, sell or get rewarded for holding. Each transaction donates a small amount to help workers and their families.

The new cryptocurrency will be rolled out in a five-phase process that will ultimately see the digital currency available on multiple platforms. The upcoming launch of StopBezos represents a first in cryptocurrency history due to the founder’s stated intention.

Asked where the cryptocurrency is ultimately headed, the CEO said “To Jupiter. To give control back to workers and the community. To StopBezos.”

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StopBezos is a cryptocurrency movement and community initiative championed by their native token, $STOPBEZOS. StopBezos is dedicated to restoring the rights of employees at large corporations, providing charitable contributions to worker funds and decentralizing the traditional governance of large-scale businesses.

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