Coinbase Ethereum Classic

Coinbase to Add Ethereum Classic, Ripple XRP Fans Fuming

Major exchange Coinbase has just announced that they will soon be offering Ethereum Classic services including buying and selling for fiat currency. A number of respondents on Twitter seem confused and furious that Ripple's XRP was not chosen. Ethereum Classic...

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Bitcoin Blackmail

“I Know Your Secret” – Alleged Hacker Demands Bitcoin Payment in Blackmail Letter

Another Bitcoin-based blackmail attempt has been discovered and was reported by ABC7 News in San Francisco last week. The potential victim received a letter in the mail demanding bitcoin in exchange for silence on alleged improprieties. But according to the...

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Deep Red

Deep Red: $24 Billion Evaporates From Cryptocurrency Market In One Day

According to data from, with few exceptions (like Litecoin Cash), essentially every single asset on the top 100 list has dropped by between 5.5% and 24%. Bitcoin itself saw a drop to below $7000, and Bitcoin Cash fell below...

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How to Mine Komodo

How to Mine Komodo Coin (KMD): Complete Beginner’s Guide

Komodo is an decentralized platform, with very unique features. Komodo is the main token used on BarterDex. This is a decentralized exchange using Atomic Swaps and ZK-SNARKS privacy. Komodo also offers a Decentralized ICO platform for coins that want to...

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Komodo Coin Guide

Beginner’s Guide to Komodo: Privacy Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Platform

Komodo Platform (KMD) is a privacy-centric coin that promises to be a faster, safer, and ultimately decentralized cryptocurrency with its own established ecosystem. Komodo’s very private development team stresses the concept of freedom with their platform, from the standpoint of...

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Bitcoin ETF

Van Eck CEO: We’re Closer Than Ever To Making a Bitcoin ETF

Van Eck CEO Jan van Eck just spoke with CNBC about his company's third attempt to launch the world's first bitcoin ETF. The company's prior two attempts were both shot down by the SEC for various reasons, but van Eck...

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Obelisk Could Make Open Source ASICs, Universal ASICs to Follow?

The threat of mining centralization is a common topic. But what is the solution? So far, most answers have been either to switch to proof-of-stake, or regularly change algorithms to resist ASIC developments. Some have even said that ASIC resistance...

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Cryptocurrency Margin Trading Guide

Cryptocurrency Trading: What is Margin Trading ?

For those brave investors who feel that the wild volatility in the crypto market just isn’t exciting enough, many exchanges offer the option of margin trading. Margin trading uses leverage to produce theoretically huge gains, but there is also the...

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Blockchain & Energy

Tokenizing the Energy Supply: Trading Power on the Blockchain

When Bitcoin first announced its arrival nine years ago, we thought we were getting a cool, online digital currency. What we actually got was the first glimpse at a technology which would come to revolutionize the post-millennium world. As groundbreaking...

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SEC Bitcoin

SEC: Bitcoin Not a Security, But Most ICOs Are

Is Bitcoin a security? What about most ICOs today? That was the question posed by CNBC in an interview with SEC Chairman Jay Clayton. In the interview, the chairman stated in no uncertain terms that currencies like bitcoin are not...

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Press Releases


ZAN Coin Announces Launch Of ICO Backed By Groundbreaking Cryptocurrency Payment Processing Solution

ZAN Coin Announces Launch Of ICO Backed By Groundbreaking Cryptocurrency Payment Processing Solution That Will Streamline Crypto Transactions Please Note: This is a Press Release ZAN Coin is bringing IT consulting and development closer together by streamlining the payment process...

/ June 22, 2018 / 0 Comments competition Launches Viral Campaign To Raise Awareness of Upcoming Exchange & Offers 90 Complementary Holidays Plus 100,000 USD

Lugano Switzerland, June 22, 2018, has launched a viral campaign offering participants the opportunity to win a VIP, fully paid holiday to Cyprus plus the top prize of a luxury trip around the world worth $100,000. This competition launches...

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A Sharing Economy Approach to Investments

In 2010, cryptocurrency was used to purchase goods for the first time. The programmer Laszlo wanted pizza, and he wanted to pay with Bitcoin. So, he did; in exchange for 10,000 Bitcoins, Laszlo had his pizza and ate it, too....

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New Site: CreditCoin Fast and Easy Crypto Purchases

Cryptocurrency is undeniably here to stay so why not make it possible for everyone to participate in the easiest, most streamlined way. CreditCoin allows users to buy buy up to €5,000 (approximately $5,800 USD) worth of bitcoin and altcoins within...

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Liquid8’ Private Sale Starts in 5 Days

The Decentralized P2P Multi-Functional Platform Is Launching Their TGE Next Wednesday The start of private sale round for Liquid8 (LQ8) is set for Wednesday, 27th June 2018, and it will run for 45 days. The token generation event will aim...

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Dacxi ICO

New $trillion Category of Exchange

Truly game-changing revelations in the world of crypto are a dime a dozen. But Dacxi, a global crypto-exchange company, have developed a truly innovative ecosystem, designed to solve the mainstream adoption problem. And we don’t say that lightly. Please Note:...

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